The Two Sisters Pt. 01

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©by fantasywriter.

Translated from my german original story in co-operation with lordodie.

Chapter 1: Prehistory

Two sisters, Anita, 21 years old and Birgit, an 18 years old teenager, were talking one evening about sex.

In recent years the sisters didn’t get together so much anymore, because Anita had gone away from home right after her high school graduation three years ago to start studying medicine at a distant university. Now Birgit had finished school and maybe wanted to study too, but she did not quite know what profession, so her parents suggested she could visit her elder sister for a few weeks, join the university as a guest and then make her decision.

A few days after Birgit had arrived at her sister’s, the two girls sat with a bottle of white wine in Anita’s living room during the evening and talked about very intimate subjects.

Anita asked Birgit if she had ever slept with a boy. Birgit said clearly I have had some guys,you know that. Until recently I had a boyfriend, but he betrayed me after a party. Right now I’m single, but that will hopefully change soon. I miss the sex very much, she admitted under a broad grin.

Anita asked her sister what she preferd during sex. Birgit said that she loves to be licked and that she’ll let prefers doggy style. From that she orgasms pretty quickly.

I see, doggy … Anita said. Have you already tried anal? No, Birgit admitted.

Anita said that she had already missed very much. Birgit said that she had thought about it, but she was pretty scared of her anal defloration.

Anita asked Birgit if she has ever been to the gynecologist. Not lately, Birgit said.

Anita said that she often goes to one particular gynecologist; were other special treatments also take place. What kind of special treatments Birgit asked curiously.

Let yourself be surprised, Anita said.

Chapter 2: Birgits defloration

So both went to the doctor two days later.

Arriving at the Reception of the large and spacious practice Anita enrolled Birgit to the special treatment. Birgit was quite surprised that the receptionist seemed to know her sister so well because she knew Anita’s name, asked her about her health, who she brought with her and what for a treatment she wishes, since today is not her regular appointment day.

Anita introduced her sister, and said that today Birgit wanted to get some treatments. The receptionist introduced the two girls to the doctor.

After a short wait, the doctor received the two in his office.

The doctor was very familiar to Anita and asked what kind of special treatment her sister would like.

Anita explained to him that Birgit was still an anal virgin, and that she had no experience with anal sex yet. She should be deflowered anally and maybe give her an enema before some other medical games. Enema? Birgit it felt a little queasy.

The doctor turned back to Birgit and told her that she should undress except for her bra and panties.

Birgit hesitated a bit, but Anita encouraged her and helped her to undress. The doctor said to Birgit that he wants to examine her first. Go over to the scale so that we can determine your weight.

So please take off your bra. Anita helped Birgit and told her that she must not be afraid since the doctor would deal with her very carefully.

The doctor came and palpated her small, firm breasts, which caused her nipples to harden. Then he recorded her pulse and blood pressure before he asked Birgit to take off her panties and to bend forward over the couch. Birgit asked what he was doing there. Anita said that he would examine her anus. The doctor put on a examination glove and put some lubricant on Brigit’s anus. Birgit wanted to straighten up again but Anita pushed her back down and told her to stay down. The doctor massaged the lube in for a long time and then penetrated Birgit’s anus slowly and carefully with his finger to check whether she could be anally deflowered easily.

Birgit groaned slightly and wanted to rebel but Anita held her down.

Ok, the doctor said, we will now go over to the examination room. There was a gynecological examination chair and a nurse was already waiting. The doctor told Anita that she could undress too. The doctor asked Birgit to sit down on the gyno chair. Birgit sat down. The nurse took her legs and put them into the stirrups. The nurse then pushed the leg supports far apart so the doctor would have a good look at Birgit’s vagina. The doctor told the nurse that she should shave Birgit at first.

Anita was fully undressed now and stood next to Birgit. The nurse shaved Birgit’s pubic hair and despite the unfamiliar situation Birgit got hot. Well, the doctor said, now we administer a small cleansing enema. Birgit did not want to get one because she was afraid. The doctor said that he could show it to her first by giving an enema to Anita. So he asked Anita if she would agree. Anita said with a grin that she had been looking forward to.

The nurse asked Anita illegal bahis to bend over so she could prepare her anus for the enema.

Anita did not have to be told twice . She immediately leaned forward so that her ass was easily accessible. The nurse took a examination glove and some lube and began lube her sweet ass; easily penetrating her anus with two fingers. The doctor prepared the enema.

Birgit watched her sister from close up. The doctor told Anita she should lie down on the gynecological examination chair now. The nurse took her legs and pushed them far up and far apart so that the doctor could push the enema tube deep into her bowels.

Anita moaned as the doctor let the enema flow slowly into her ass. Anita moaned louder and louder, her pussy was all wet. Her vaginal lips were swollen right now and open so that you could see her little peehole.

Anita told her sister that she should not be afraid and that the enema will make her really horny. Then the whole enema was into Anita’s sweet ass. The nurse pulled out a tray under the chair and Anita was allowed to drain. A strong gush of water she spilled her gut contents into the bowl. The doctor asked Anita if she would also like a bladder cleansing. She said that she would find this extra hot.

Birgit asked what a bladder cleansing was. The doctor told her that there would be a tube inserted through Anita’s urethra into her bladder. The nurse now strapped Anita’s legs tightly to the chair and pressed them further apart so that the vagina was opened as far as possible. The doctor took the catheter out of its package and the nurse pushed the labia far apart so the doctor had good access to the urethra.

He inserted the catheter into her peehole until some urine ran out of the catheter; the nurse caught the pee in a glass. Anita moaned delightfully. Now the doctor secured the catheter a in her bladder with a small balloon at its end with a syringe. Then he took a large syringe and pushed the cleansing fluid slowly into her empty bladder. Anita was no doubt horny; her pussy juice was seeping out of her pussy.

The doctor pumped three full injections into Anita before she had enough fluid in her bladder. Birgit had watched attentively. The syringes contained 250 ml of liquid each, which seemed to her an enormous amount. Well, thought Birgit, this really isn’t my sisters first time to get a bladder cleansing! The doctor let the air out of the balloon and slowly pulled the catheter out of her.

Anita groaned and immediately emptied her bladder in a strong jet.

The nurse now took a vibrator and put it in Anita’s pussy and brought her to climax. The doctor said to Birgit you’re next, no need to be afraid. Birgit was told to lie down on the chair but she still hesitated .

The nurse and Anita finally laid her down and strapped her legs tight to the chair. The nurse also spread her legs wide apart. The doctor asked Anita what he should administer first. Anita said that he should empty her bladder first. Birgit didn’t want this but Anita told the doctor that he should insert the catheter. He took a much thinner catheters than the one he had used on Anita. Birgit calmed down somewhat.

The nurse opened the labia quite far and Birgit’s little pisshole stood out provocatively so that the doctor could insert the tube into her urethra. He told Anita that she should hold out the glass so that not a drop was lost. Slowly it began to dribble out of the tube, the doctor pushed the tube further in and then a nice stream came out of Birgit’s bladder. Birgit moaned loudly. Anita asked her Sister what she felt, Birgit said softly with a blush on her face that she liked it. Birgit’s pussy was again really moist.

Then Brigit’s first enema was ready. The nurse massaged her clitoris and Birgit began to moan. Now the doctor took the catheter and shoved it into Birgit’s ass. She moaned slightly as the catheter penetrated her bowels deeper and deeper. Anita held Brigit’s small ass cheeks far apart so the doctor had proper access to Birgit’s butt. When the tube had disappeared into her, the doctor opened the clamp and the mild water slowly filled Birgit’s intestines. First, she found it quite uncomfortable, but the slow flow and the heat of the water let her relax. Well, it’s not that bad, she thought.

The doctor said to the nurse: We will now remove the hose so she can empty the first enema before we insert it again. The doctor pulled the tube out of her and the nurse unbuckled her legs. Birgit, please squat now above this vessel and push everything out.

Birgit pressed and everything rushed out of her guts. The nurse said she should now bend forward so she could see if her rectum is empty. She put on an examination gloves and penetrated her little anus gently with a finger. Birgit groaned again. The doctor said that Birgit would now receive her next enema in a different position.

The doctor instructed the nurse to prepare the other chair so that he could insert an enema tube again.

This chair actually illegal bahis siteleri looked more like a frame, it had two padded rests for knees and lower legs on which they can be fixed by leather straps. Additional padded supports for the arms were attached, also with leather straps and a short platform for the upper body.

The nurse and Anita brought Birgit to this frame. She had to kneel on it and bend her upper body forward.

The nurse adjusted the rests to Birgit’s height, strapped her legs to the rests and shackled her upper body and arms. Birgit now had no chance to resist this procedure. Well, thought Birgit, at least this is my favorite position…

Now her legs were spread apart and the upper body was moved down, giving the doctor free access to Birgit’s anus. The doctor told the nurse that she should now take a longer hose so that it can be inserted deeply into Birgit’s gut.

Anita prepared Birgit’s butt. She took a syringe filled with lubricant and with a slight pressure she injected the fluid in Birgit’s rectum. Birgit slightly moaned.

Now the doctor came with the hose and put it into her bowels;it was about 40 cm long.With gentle motion he inserted the tube. Birgit struggled a bit but she had no option to resist.

When the whole length of the tube was inserted the assistant opened the clamp. Birgit’s labia were again really swollen and showed how wet she was. Anita and the assistant noticed this also; they smiled at each other.

The nurse caressed Birgit’s vagina and her clitoris. After Birgit had taken about 1.5 liters of water in her gut the doctor told the nurse to untie her so that she can empty herself.

Again Birgit had to squat over a vessel and let everything out. This sight of Birgit expelling her enema made Anita so horny that she immediately wanted a deep enema too. The doctor told her that she should go to the gemological chair and get prepared. Her legs were then spread nicely so the doctor had good access to her butt.

Anita’s vagina was wide open now and the nurse put a vibrator into her. Birgit watched this game curiously.

Anita was spread on the gyno chair. The nurse fucked her lovely shaved pussy and massaged her clitoris. Anita began to moan and Birgit noticed that Anita obviously liked to be massaged by the assistant.

Now the doctor approached the examination chair. He put on examination gloves and asked the assistant to coat Anita anus with a little lubricant. The nurse did this with obvious enjoyment; under her coat her nipples erected significantly. The doctor now penetrated Anita with a finger in her ass while she moaned slightly. The doctor said that he will give her only a small enema and afterwards she would be strapped on the same kneeing-frame like Birgit.

The nurse handed the doctor a filled enema syringe. It had a capacity of 500ml of liquid and had a 8cm long, thick needle with a rounded head so that it can be easily inserted.

He pushed the syringe into her sweet butt while Anita moaned slightly, then he pushed the plunger of the syringe down so that the liquid flow into Anita’s intestines.

He pulled the syringe out of her butt and the nurse handed him the second enema syringe. He just as quickly inserted the second one into her anus and injected the next 500ml.

When Anita had taken all the fluid, her bottom was sealed with a plug so that the cleaning liquid could work in for a while.

After ten minutes the retention time was over and Anita was allowed to empty herself.

The doctor told the nurse she should fix Anita on the kneeing-frame so that he could administer the high-volume enema.

Anita went to the frame and knelt on the two rests that were still fairly close together. She leaned forward on the padded rest so that her bottom was stretched out properly.

The nurse then tied her legs, arms and torso down like she did to Birgit before so Anita could not move anymore. Then she fetched a carriage with a long hose that was ready to be inserted in her horny butt. Now she rolled another IV pole from which hung a enema bag with 3 liters of liquid. The doctor told the nurse that Birgit should also put on examination gloves.

The doctor spread Anita’s legs until it already hurt her a little. He shifted the front part of the frame further down so that her bottom was perfectly accessible. Then he asked Birgit to put some lube on Anita’s bottom. Birgit took the lubricant and dipped her finger in it.

As she lubricated her sisters sweet ass, the doctor said she should poke a finger in from time to time. Birgit hesitated a little but the doctor helped her put her fingers deep into Anita’s anus.

Then the doctor took a anal speculum and inserted it. He opened the speculum pretty wide, Birgit thought, but her sister took it without any reaction. Birgit was now able to look deep into the bowels of her sister.

He then took a thick, 80 cm long enema tube and put it into Anita’s anus. With carefully rotating and sliding movements he led the tube deeper canlı bahis siteleri into her bowels. Anita sighed quietly. The doctor told the nurse that she should play with Anita’s breasts a little bit so she would be a little distracted. Finally, the full length of the tube was inserted in her intestine. The doctor removed the speculum and inflated the two balloons of the double-bardex catheter to seal Anita’s rectum.

Then he connected the hose to the irrigator and opened the clamp. The water flowed deep into her gut and Anita began to moan lustfully. She obviously enjoyed the enema. After the whole 3 liters had flown into her slim body, the doctor slowly removed the tube out of her little hole.

The nurse untied Anita and she was allowed to empty.

Well, the doctor said, now we can start Birgit’s anal deflowering. Anita said that Birgit should be strapped down to the gyno chair so that she could not resist.

The doctor agreed.

Anita and the nurse strapped Birgit to the gyno chair. Birgit was a little scared.

Anita told her she should lie down on the chair, there would be no need to be afraid, they would do it very carefully and she’d already seen how the nurse had pushed her fingers into her own ass. Birgit, would you also like this treatment? Anita encouraged her.

The nurse now tied Birgit legs firmly into the stirrups and Anita fixed the arms. Then her legs were opened very wide so her anus was easily acessible. Anita said that she wanted to be the first to penetrate Birgit’s anus. The nurse sat between Birgit’s wide open legs and gently ran her tongue over her lips. Birgit started to moan and get aroused. You could even see some little droplets of her juice oozing from her vagina.

While the nurse was busy with Birgit’s vagina, Anita chose two small anal dilators that would not be uncomfortable the first time.

The nurse told the doctor that Birgit was now ready. Anita told Birgit that we want to deflower your little anus now. We will make it very gently with a thin anal dilator. The nurse will hold your butt cheeks apart and I will put it in your ass.

The nurse opened Birgit’s ass cheeks and Anita inserted the dilator slowly and carefully. Birgit made a face but after a few back-and-forth movements of the dilator she began to moan. Anita changed the dilator after some time and Birgit realized that this one was a little thicker. Nonetheless, the first awkward feeling was blown away and Birgit enjoyed the nurse’s fingers on her clit and her finger in her vagina. Not long thereafter, Birgit had her first anal orgasm.

Chapter 3: Birgits Follow-up treatments

Later that day at home both girls spoke about their experience and Birgit finally admitted that she had liked her special treatment very much. First, it had been rather embarrassing. She also found the procedures to be quite perverse, but she had also noticed how much pleasure she felt during the treatments.

Birgit asked Anita how she had found out about this clinic, and how she came to the idea of being treated that way. Anita said she had experimented with anal quite early and found it very pleasurable. Her first boyfriend here was also an anal fetishist and had readily and frequently played with her ass. Her studies of course also include lectures on proctology and that there are enemas and so on. She was always aroused, Anita admitted. However, she was also afraid of her first time anal sex and went to this doctor because he is proctologist and she wanted to have professional advice.

How such advice is done Birgit had just experienced, Anita said with a grin., After 3 visits in which her anus was dilated and prepared she had had anal sex for the first time and it was beautiful. I’ve never had a stronger orgasm, Anita said.

Even then, Anita continued to go to the doctor and finally started a kind of training that lead her more often to this clinic.

Do you want to go there again, Anita asked. With pleasure, Birgit said sheepishly.

Three days later, the girls showed up for Birgit’s second treatment. Her ass should be opened a bit more and get used to penetration. Birgit also was secretly hoping for such a great orgasm as last time.

This time, she didn’t have any feelings of shame anymore and her sister did not need to intervene to prevent her from rejecting the treatments.

Again, enemas were administered to her. This time she got a high enema twice; the second time even with two liters of warm water. The enormous pressure in her body made her feel very horny. Also treatments on her sister were done. Birgit wondered again how much her sister could stand as it didn’t seem to be unpleasant for her. Birgit was particularly impressed when her sister took a high enema with 3 liters of water and then didn’t expelled immediately, but got an – in Birgit’s opinion – huge plug pushed into her anus and kept the large enema in for a long time; until the end of their treatments.

Birgit made the third visit to the clinic on her own. She wanted to be stretched a little more so that she could take a real cock easily. She also wanted to get a bladder cleansing. To see her sister moaning with lust during the last two times Anita’s bladder was filled had made her curious to experience this treatment for herself.

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