The Decision

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August Ames

Lois. She got better with age. Like wine. And I like wine.

I watched her moving her hands up and down my shaft. Her mouth and tongue teasing the head. I was hard as a diamond. She slowly dropped her hips onto my cock. Her pussy swallowing my cock. Our daughters on either side of us sleeping peacefully. Lois rode me slowly and quietly, not wanting to wake the girls. She came after a little bit and crawled off. She went off to shower.

As I laid there looking at my girls, I stroked my cock. I was close to cumming and stopped just short. I got up and walked into the bathroom. Lois was just getting out of the shower. She dropped onto the floor and suck my cock. I came almost immediately. She swallowed as much as she could, and the rest fell onto her chest. We both got into the shower and got cleaned up. As we dressed the girls got up and headed off to clean up for the day. Not a word from either of them.

I went to work and suffered through a long day. Several meetings and just busy work. I just wanted to go home and relax.

I left at 5 and drove the long was home. I needed to clear my head. I was buried in thoughts of sexual activity and for whatever reason, I felt I needed to end all of it except with Bonnie. I knew Jessie would be upset and Lois mad, but it needed to be done.

I arrived home and found the 3 of them in the kitchen laughing and making dinner. I joined in and we ate and laughed for a couple hours. The food was great and the company fabulous. We cleaned up and mess and went into the living room. Bonnie went off to change the baby and I followed. I told her my thoughts. She was shocked. I explained my side and asked for hers. “We all love you, if we would all marry you.” Bonnie pleaded for me not end it.

“Hey Baby, where is your mother?” I asked casually.

“She is gone until Monday. Visiting family.” Bonnie said.

“What is the plan this weekend?”

Jessie said she had no plans and Bonnie was getting the baby’s room ready.

Jessie asked if I would take her to get her baby furniture out of storage since that day was fast approaching.

“Happy to help, baby. What time do you want to leave?”

She said she was ready and wanted to go right away. I grabbed the keys and we headed out.

The car door barely closed, and Jessie said she was horny and wanted to suck my cock. We drove to the storage unit and went inside. I flipped on the light and closed the door. She had my cock out fast. She put the head in her mouth and stroked my shaft.

“I want all your cum. I am going to swallow it all. I have been working my deepthroat skills. Wanna see?”

I watched in amazement as she slid my cock into her throat. Only a little gag. Her nose was on my belly. She held me there for a minute and then pushed me out of her throat. Gasping for air she took me deep again. This went on for a while before I could feel myself on the verge.

“I am going to cum soon Jessie, please don’t stop!” I moaned, almost drooling.

She backed off and jerked my cock. Suddenly she buried my cock in her throat and I started pumping. I fucked her throat furiously and unloaded into her. What a feeling. She inhaled every drop. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and looked at her. She was grinning ear to ear.

We loaded everything up into the truck and went home. I rested my hand on her thigh occasionally running my hand to her pussy. I could feel the heat but being so close to having the baby I didn’t press it. When we got home, we found Bonnie feeding the baby. She was a great mom. I was lucky to have great women to have as moms for my children. illegal bahis She got the baby fed and changed and put him down for a nap.

I went into the bedroom and changed shirts. Bonnie called from the kitchen and I went to see what she needed. When I entered the kitchen, she was on a chair trying to reach something from the top shelf.

“Get down from there!” You are in no shape to do that, I said.

I put my hands on her waist and helped her down. She thanked me and slapped my ass as I walked away. I grinned and called her a tease. She turned around and lifted her dress up and exposed her big round ass to me.

“Want some”? she asked seductively.

“Only a fool would say no to that!” and I walked to her.

I unbuttoned my jeans and my cock jumped out.

“Nice lipstick. Looks like Jessie’s.”

I laughed realizing I still had red lipstick on my shaft.

Bonnie cleaned up my cock and turned around and bent over.

“Like my ass? I want you to fuck my ass hard!” Bonnie demanded.

I searched a drawer and found some lube. I covered my cock and massaged some into her waiting ass.

I pushed my cock in slowly and till she relaxed enough I could work at a good rhythm. Once I got going, I pounded her pretty hard. She was moaning with each thrust.

“Fuck my ass Tim, fuck it hard!!” I fucked her beautiful thick ass for what seemed an hour. She stroked her clit and came several times.

Just as I was getting ready to cum, her phone rang. Without missing a beat, she answered. It was her daughter, Cyndi.

I heard her ask her mom what she was doing.

Bonnie answered, “getting my asshole impaled by cock.” And then she went on describing what was happening to her. I had slowed while she was talking so she could talk somewhat with out too much problem.

She stopped talking for a minute and held her phone up. It was Cyndi, on video chat. She was using a dildo fucking herself.

“Cum in my moms ass Tim, fuck her with that fucking pole!”

I was fucking Bonnie hard again watching Cyndi masturbate. Cyndi had a powerful orgasm and squirted, and she came. That put me over the top and I emptied the contents of my balls into Bonnie’s ass.

Once I was done cumming, Bonnie said bye to Cyndi and Cyndi licked her dildo and said goodbye to me.

“Well, that was unexpected,” I said to Bonnie.

She laughed and wanted to have some fun. I wasn’t complaining at all.

Bonnie stood up and turned towards me. The front of her dress was soaked with milk.

“I need to shower Tim. Want to join me?”

I needed one to and was hoping for another go around with my beautiful lady. And she did not disappoint. She got the shower ready and got the steam going. She put her foot up on the seat in the shower and presented her pussy. I slid my hand between her legs, and she was soaked. He juices were running down her legs.

I tried to push my cock into her, but the shower was too small. I go tout and sat on the toilet. She mounted me so she could control penetration and speed. She rode and rocked on my cock. I could feel her getting close. Her moaning was getting quicker and quicker. As she started to cum, I pushed into her as deep as I could and shot my load into her. Both spent, we got back in the shower and got cleaned up.

With the sun setting, I went onto the deck and sat there drinking a beer. Bonnie came out and joined me, soaking in the final rays of the sun. She was glowing. Damn lucky is what I am.

“I know what we have is odd and some will say wrong, Tim. But I love you and all we have. We are all illegal bahis siteleri very lucky.”

“Love you too baby. We will live our lives and be happy. All of us. That is all that matters.” I meant it.

Bonnie got up and went off to check on the baby and then to bed. She was exhausted and due any day. She told me she needed a break until after the baby. I understood and had no issues. I could focus on Jessie and Lois.

The next day Jessie popped in for a quick visit and helped her mother with some baby stuff for the both of them.

Jessie’s yoga pants were tight and her shirt barely covering her belly. I was getting hard watching them.

“Jessie, help your dad. The poor guy is about to burst.”

Jessie turned around and saw I was sitting there with my cock out masturbating. She sat across from me and took off her shirt and bra. He tits were magnificent. Nipples and areola were dark. Nipples large and ready for milking. I started to get up, but Jessie demanded I stay sitting.

“You are going to cum just watching me Daddy. Sit back and relax.”

She was massaging her tits, rubbing the nipples between her fingers. The milk was oozing from her nipples. I stroked furiously, wanting to suck her nipples. She stood up and stood over me, squirting milk on my cock. It was warm and thick.

“I’m going to cum Jessie.”

She sat down and I stood up. I aimed my cock at her chest and face and exploded. I covered her in semen. When I finished, she took my cock in her mouth and cleaned me up.

Bonnie was just watching, and I knew she was hot. I could see her wetness. We had a deal. Nothing until the baby.

Jessie didn’t have deal tho and went to her mother. She kissed her deeply, her hands massaging her mother breasts. Quickly they were eating each other. The sight of 2 beautiful pregnant women was too much. Orgasms overtook each of them.

I moved behind Jessie and rubbing my once again growing cock on her wet pussy. Once firm enough, I entered her. She moaned with the extra feeling of cock. Bonnie licked Jessie’s clit fast and sucked it hard. I was lost in lust and fucked Jessie like a man possessed. Jessie had reached a point of no return, she started to cum, my cock impaling her pussy and her mom sucking her swollen clit. I pulled out and shot my load on Jessie’s back and ass. My cum dripping down the crack of her ass onto her mom’s face.

I left them together wrapped in each other’s arms. They slept peacefully for about 2 hours.

It was now early afternoon and Jessie was gone. Bonnie was in the recliner relaxing. I took the baby and we left so mom could get some rest. A couple hours later we came home. Bonnie thanked me for the quiet time and took the baby.

We sat at the table as the bay ate some snacks. “Cyndi is coming for a visit next weekend. Is that OK with you?”

“That is fine. What is the occasion?”

“She is moving closer to us because she got a job here. She needs a place to stay for a couple weeks until she gets her own place.”

“Works for me. Whatever is needed.”

The first few days went by slowly. On Wednesday, I got a call from Lois.

“I’m back and want to get together. You “up” for it?”

I laughed and told her to come over later tonight.

I got home to an empty house. There was a note on the table from Bonnie saying she went to a movie with Jessie.

Lois showed up about 45 minutes later. She was in jeans and a button-down shirt. She looked delicious. I invited her in, and we sat on the couch.

We were never much for small talk and leaned in and kissed her. canlı bahis siteleri She met my kiss with equal passion. My hands were all over her. I groped her tits and moved my hand to her crotch. The heat was intense. She stood up and took off her clothes. I did the same. I could smell how wet she was. It was intoxicating.

She pushed me onto the couch and grabbed my cock. Both hands were pumping my cock as her mouth expertly worked the head. I pushed her off my cock and traded positions with her. I crawled between her thick thighs aimed my throbbing cock at her hole. I slid into her like a hot knife through butter. I hadn’t been this deep in a woman for a while. She looked at me like a wild animal.


I had her splayed wide open. I was hammering her pussy with everything I had. Lois came several times. Each time, stronger than the previous. I was close but did not want it to end. I closed my eyes and fucked her more. I pulled out and rolled her over and fucked her doggie. Her glorious ass bouncing with each stroke. I fucked her until I couldn’t hold out any more. I buried my cock in her pussy and pulled her hips back into mine. I filled her with cum. Squirt after squirt, deep into her. She was on fire.

“Don’t stop Tim, keep fucking me.”

I pulled my cock out of her hole and it sounded like someone slurping a straw. How I was still hard was beyond me. All I knew was this lady was in heat. I buried my face in her pussy. I cleaned up every drop of her juices and mine. I got her off 2 more times. I flopped onto the floor and she crawled on top of me reverse cowgirl. The sight of my cock in her was mesmerizing. She rode me and had 2 more orgasms.

I was numb. My cock was hard but I was like a machine. No feeling , just action. I was sweating, she was sweating, her pussy was like a river. I pulled out of her pussy and poised my cock at her ass. She moaned in some disagreement but moan with pleasure when I pushed my monster in her ass.


Suddenly I came out of my sex trance. I had been unaware of my surrounding, hyper focused on Lois.

Standing there was Cyndi. Her eyes were big.

“Grandma! Are you OK?”

Lois looked at her and did not move. My cock was planted firmly in her ass.

“Yes dear. I feel great.”

“You were making noises like you were dying. I was scared. You didn’t even say anything when I called your names.”

“How long have you been there Cyndi?” I asked?

“Long enough, 15 minutes maybe.”

She had seen her grandmother’s ass get destroyed.

I was not about to get left high and dry.

“Lois, I need to cum. Care if I finish?”

With no objections from Lois I started pumping again. I watched Cyndi stand there amazed at her grandma getting reamed. Finally, I reached my point and started to cum. I pulled out of Lois’ ass and started to squirt. I covered her back. 2 or 3 of the first squirts managed to hit Cyndi who was about 4 feet away. She didn’t even move. When I was done, we both got up and dressed quickly.

“Cyndi, why are you here so early. I though Friday was the day?” Lois asked.

I caught an earlier flight. I though I would surprise you guys, buy I guess I was the one surprised.

Lois laughed and apologized for Cyndi having to see the encounter.

Cyndi smiled and said after we realized she was there and all was ok, she was quite aroused.

“Good I said. You are next!”

Lois took Cyndi to her room and came back a few minutes later.

“I think we made quite an impression on her. Probably quite a shock to see her granny getting ass fucked by a telephone pole.”

“Maybe, but over the next couple of weeks, she will get her share of sex also. From all of us!”

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