The Beginning

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My name is Michael and I’m 5 foot 6, weighing around 132 pounds. I’ve got an athletic body as I work out 3 times a week plus I join the Taekwondo club. My girlfriend Christina is half a foot shorter than I am and she weighs nearly 90 pounds. She goes for jogging and swimming thus keeping herself in shape. She has fine 36C tits that really defy gravity. To top that are her two sensitive brown nipples that stand out like the tip of pencils at the slightest arousal. She also has a beautiful ass that cries for attention. I can never refrain myself from touching it whenever I can. Being Asians, we both have black hair and pearl black eyes. Christina’s lips are full and slightly pout, just begging to be kissed.

After getting formalities out of the way, I’d like to let you know a bit about Christina. When we first started dating, she was very traditional and reserved about sex or anything related to it. Being Asian and all, this was our culture and it was no surprise. Unbeknownst by her, I was on a mission to change her into a whole different person; in other words, opening her up. She was a hottie, there was no doubt about that. Almost every guy in my school has tried to get their hands under her well reserved clothing that hides her assets. Always seen in shirts and no shorter than knee length skirts. Even dressed in such a way she caught the eyes of many. However, I was lucky enough to be her boyfriend.

So we started to date and frequently we would go over to my place to study as my place has room and privacy. There’s plenty of room in the attic which I converted into a study/entertainment/hangout place for me and my friends. This was where we studied together each day after school. At the beginning she just wore her shirt and skirt, and we sat opposite of each other on the study table and discussed about homework. Then I coaxed her and let her know how beautiful she was and that she shouldn’t hide her beauty. But every time she would reply, “You’re just flattering me… that’s not the truth…”

Well, after a couple of weeks, she started donning herself differently as I observed. She shocked me by coming out of the washroom one day as we were at my place ready to begin studying, changed out of her school things. She told me she needed to use the washroom but how was I to know that she has secretly brought along some clothes to change in her school bag. She came out wearing a light yellow sundress with flower patterns on it. And it didn’t even reached her knees, an improvement for her at any rate. A string around the waist tied to her back made sure the sundress clung tightly around her shapely figure. The dress also had a V-neckline that showed a hint of her globes. She was blushing while standing there waiting for my reaction. I was stunned at her beauty and sudden change. But I also knew my plans were in place.

“You look stunning in that dress!” I said to her, “What’s the occasion?”

“Oh nothing… I just felt like a change of attire… It’s more comfortable this way,” was her reply. I just nodded in agreement.

To add to the shock, she took the chair and sat right next to me as we studied. I could smell her heavenly and intoxicating fragrance. I slowly and carefully put my arm around her waist and letting it settle on her lap. She sat with her legs crossed causing her dress to end up at mid-thigh. I could feel her soft skin under my fingers. It was my first touch of her. Throughout the study I softly caress her tight and pendik escort I could almost hear her let slip a little moan of pleasure. To say the least I think we both didn’t pay much attention to our studies that day.

Her sundress attire continued for a while and I kept letting her know of my thoughts about her clothes. It was a feast for my eyes. Further more, we were getting closer and more intimate with every study session. Now we sit side by side instead of opposite of each other and I would let my hands wrap around her and touch her sensually.

Then again she shocked me by a change of attire. This time I almost fell out of my chair. The day before we were practically in an embrace as my arms were wrapped around her while we were reading our respective books placed on the table. I would draw circles on her arm and every now and then peck her on her neck, shoulder and even as far as her cheek. At the start she would turn around and playfully hit me and frown at me. Then after a while she showed no signs of retaliation. Her body language even told me she liked it. Then she asked me about what clothes I like girls to wear. So I started with a few that were popular nowadays and were to my liking.

“Erm… spaghetti straps, halter tops, singlet, tubes, even shirts…”

“Do you think…” she asked me nervously, “do you think I would look good in any of those that you mentioned?” She was blushing again.

“You? I think you would look good in anything! Honest! You’ve got a killer body and I can’t think of anything that could make you look ugly” I was telling the honest truth.

She seemed to be in deep thought after that. I know what she was thinking now. Lo and behold, standing before me she was wearing a white halter top tied around her neck and has quite a neckline. It was also short, showing a fair bit of her flat stomach. To match that she had the shortest skirt I’d ever seen her in. It was a light blue, silk, mid thigh tight skirt and it was stunning on her. My jaw must have dropped to the floor because she was chuckling at my reaction.

She came over to the table to grab the history book she planned to read and went over to the couch. My eyes were following her every move, not even blinking. When she came over, I thought I caught a hint of black spots on her chest. Then when she took her book and turned around, I was even more in a state of shock. The top she was wearing had all but a string at the back of it keeping it together. And she was not wearing a bra. Settling herself comfortable on the couch, she opened her book and started reading. I was still staring at her then. She chuckled and asked me,” Aren’t you coming over to join me?” patting on the space next to her. I didn’t need a second invitation.

Sitting behind her I wrapped my arms around her and in that position they were right under her beautiful breasts. I could feel their softness as her chests moves up and down on every breath. At that position I could smell her fragrant hair and her body. I could feel the smoothness of her soft skin. I couldn’t resists planting a kiss on her exposed back. She sighed and that was my cue. I started to kiss all over her back. Some light pecks while others wet kisses. I could feel her body moving with my each kiss and I was so into it that I didn’t even realize that she had dropped her book.

She has her eyes closed and was fully enjoying my attention. Her moans of pleasure were getting louder and louder. maltepe escort I kissed all over her back, her shoulders, her neck, slowly advancing towards my final destination—her lips. My fingers lightly traced her face while pulling her face towards me. I then lightly pecked on her lips at first, causing her to stir from her pleasure. She looked into my eyes and I could see the desire burning inside of her. This time I kissed her harder than the last time, making sure she felt my kiss. Then I went in for it and started to French kiss her. She immediately responded by wrapping her arms around me and opening her mouth to me. Out tongues playfully teased with each other. We kept kissing and kissing, tasting each other’s saliva, teasing each others tongue and it become more and more urgent. I let my hands roam around her back, touching her smooth skin, caressing her. Then I made a daring move, I pulled lightly on the knot that tied was tied around her back. Slowly but surely it loosened. Until finally it was untied and I let my hands caress her freely without any obstruction. She seemed even more pleased at this as she moaned with my every touch.

By now our position has changed with me on the bottom and her on top of me. I had a raging hard on and normally it would grow up to a length of 7 inches but it felts as tough it was much longer today. I know she could feel it as she started grinding her lower half on me. After something like eternity we finally broke apart for a breath of air. She sat up, straddling me and slowly and teasingly she began to touch her breasts. Her motions every now and then would cause the loose end of her top to ride up, giving me a peek of her gorgeous tits. She then slowly untied the remaining string around her neck that was holding the top up. After untying it she held her arms crossed in front of her chest. Her top was resting on her arms now and I was treated to a magnificent view of cleavage as she pushed them up in her pose. She then slowly revealed her gorgeous 36C titites. I was shell shocked! I just stared at them open-mouth, stunned. She then started to trace her fingers around her brown nipples that were poking out like erasers.

I got back to my senses and immediately started licking and sucking on those fabulous globes. She acknowledge my work with her sexy moans. I traced circles around her nipples, teasing her a bit until she could take no more and grabbed my head, mashing it into her soft cleavage. I was in heaven. I kept kissing her boobs and her lips… couldn’t make up my mind on which one the better. On the other hand, she had started stroking my cock through my shorts. I was moaning myself with her soft touch. She then came off me and took off my clothing urgently, leaving me naked on the couch. She then took a moment to asses the piece of meat in front of her, before starting her attack. She started by kissing me deeply again but before I could kiss her back she was on to my face, my neck, my chest, my nipples and all the way down. I was in heaven and I never felt anything like it. It was as if she was finally released from her “prison” and was getting all she can get. Before long, she was face to face with my 7 inch dick. She gave a soft peck on the head of it. Then softly and carefully she used one hand to stroke the entire length of it. Over and over again she stroked until pre-cum came oozing out of the top. She looked at it and without hesitation she licked it up. Then she went kartal escort to work. Immediately she took the entire length of my dick into her mouth and kept sucking and sucking for all its worth. As if she was milking the nectar out of it. Although she was a beginner but she sure has the skills of a pro. Maybe she was born with it. Either way, I was the lucky guy to sample all of this.

With her wonderful mouth plus her continuous stroking, I couldn’t held back any longer and I had the most intense orgasm I have ever had. I came so hard I must have produced a gallon of sperm. The white stuff kept pumping out of me uncontrollably. When the first wave hit the back of her throat she instantly backed away but that only cause her to be showered by my cum. Her face, hair, tits were all covered in my cum and she was a sight to behold.

But her hunger was yet to be fulfilled. She scooped up some of the cum on her tits and sucked her finger clean. Swallowing every drop that was in her mouth. Then she stood up and bent over exposing her butt to me, and it answered my question. There wasn’t anything underneath her skirt and I was enjoying an unobstructed view of her beautiful pussy. It was all wet and moist, puffy and red, all ready to be fucked. She then unzipped her skirt and threw it across the room. By now my dick was in full salute again. She had a sexy, devilish smile on her as she straddled my cock. Slowly she lowered herself onto my and it was the most wonderful feeling I’ve ever felt in my entire life. Her pussy was wet, moist, very tight and very smooth. It was tightly wrapped around my member, threatening never to release it but who cares as it felt extraordinary.

At first she took it slow as she was still a virgin, she slowly moved up and down, impaled on my rod. I started fondling her tits and kissing her sensitive nipples to heighten her senses. Before this she was moaning but by now she had no reserves and she was mouthing out obscenities that you would never expect to hear from her.

“Aahhhh… This feels sooooo fucking good! I love your cock! Yes! Yes! Yes! Your cock is tearing my pussy apart! Urrrgghh!!! Fuck me! Fuck me! Yeeeesssssss…”

Sensing that she was ready to up a notch, I started pumping as well, determined to provide her with the equal amount, if not better, of pleasure she gave me a moment ago.

“Yes Mike! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Stick your cock up my virgin pussy! Take my cherry! I’m yours! All yours!!! Eat me!!!”

How could I say no to that? Without pulling my cock out of her tight pussy, we changed into a doggy style, on my lead. And then I started fucking her brains out with long, slow strokes and hard and fast ones, cycling between the two. And it was driving her mad!

“Yes! Fuck me! Yes Aaaarrrrrggghhh!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt! I need your cock! Yes! Yes! Don’t you dare stop fucking me! My pussy is all yours! Yeeeeessss!!! Make me cum Michael! Make you slut cum!”

I didn’t need anymore encouragement. I started to fuck her hard non stop and she was begging for more. I kept it up until I felt her body shuddered in an earth shattering orgasm and she let out a moan of extreme pleasure. Then she plopped onto the couch, totally wasted. I sat down on the floor so that I could face her and wipe the sweat of her forehead while giving her a kiss. Her eyes were full of gratitude and pleasure.

“Thank you Michael. That was the most memorable feeling that I’ve even felt. It was wonderful. Promise me we’ll do it again… and…” she started blushing again, “…and as often as we can… okay? I love you.”

I just smile and kissed her on the lips. “I love you too.”

It was the beginning of our sexual adventures.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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