Summer with Carly Pt. 02

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I left this chapter mostly complete several years ago when I moved on to other work. Please read the first chapter if this is of interest. I hope you enjoy and really hope someone read the first one several years ago and has a bit of nostalgia for this entry.


I woke up the next morning groggy and sore from the previous day’s hard work. I stumbled out of bed and headed towards the bathroom which was between Carly’s room and my own. I couldn’t resist taking the few extra steps towards her room.

The sun leapt across the floor from her slightly open door. I inched carefully down the hall expecting to be grabbed by my uncle, the police, or Father DiCiccio from my church back home at any moment. However, the pull to Carly was simply too strong to resist.

The door was cracked open a few inches with the opening pointed right at her bed. I smiled to myself as I saw how splayed out she slept with sheets and pillows thrown every which way on her bed. Her back was to me, with a bare leg crawling its way out of the sheet. One beautiful, gorgeous, tiny foot was hanging off of the bed.

The loose boxers I had worn to bed were no help as the combination of morning and Carly’s bare leg were causing my cock to harden. The tip was poking out the bottom and lifting the fabric with it. I looked around like a thief ensuring no one was around to see me in this predicament. The only sound I could hear was my Aunt moving a few dishes around in the kitchen below.

I reached down in an attempt to reign myself back into my boxers, but ended up letting my hand linger too long. I lightly brushed the underside and “He” almost made me lose my balance jumping to attention. I leaned against the wall continuing to spy on Carly in all her cluttered, bare legged glory.

As I tried to tuck my cock back into my shorts, Carly rolled over in bed onto her stomach with her face now pointing squarely in my direction. I heard her groan a bit as she stretched two bare legs behind her. The combination of stretching and her thin cotton shorts allowed me a perfect view of her muscular thighs and tight ass.

I tried again to compose myself as my brain was screaming at me to get out of the hallway before someone came along. It was too late. I took one more look towards Carly and made direct eye contact with her. Her questioning look was understandable as she awoke to find me standing outside her door with my hand stuffing myself back in my boxers.

In typical Carly fashion, she winked and gave me a sly smile. She pushed her head back under the nearest pillow and slowly slid her knees higher on the bed. Her thighs slid apart giving me a great shot of the thin fabric outlining her smooth lips. I saw two small, red painted fingernails appear from between her legs as they slid into view rubbing her mound.

“JAKE” Aunt Karen yelled. I jumped backwards my feet slipping on the hardwood floors. I must have looked like a cartoon character as my feet spun without traction trying to push myself back towards the bathroom. I fell into the bathroom slamming the door with my foot.

My heart was in my throat and my vision was blurry. It was a good thirty seconds before my brain caught up to my ears. “JAKE… you better get down here quick if you want to eat breakfast before John puts you to work!”

Any thoughts of relieving my urges that morning went out the window when my Aunt called me to breakfast. I was through breakfast and an hour into my work in the field before my heart slowed enough to take deep breaths. I was a shy guy that liked to live in front of his computer. My ticker was not ready for this.

I spent the morning learning how to operate the irrigation system in the field. It wasn’t overly complex, but the enormous moving contraption demanded respect. Uncle John was going to be assisting other farmers over the next few weeks and he wanted to make sure I could handle one of his more time consuming tasks.

At times, I could get a good look at the shop, but I didn’t see Carly. After last night, I went to bed tired but couldn’t stop thinking of the possibilities over the summer. Were we going to continue finding opportunities to do that again? Did she want to take things further? We’re we going to become close or just play around? I pushed those thoughts down, but my anxiety was turning them into beach balls in a swimming pool. The harder I pushed them down, the more forcefully they popped back up.

I eventually made a run to the store on the four wheeler when fresh stuff was ready to take down. As usual, Carly was able to melt away any concerns almost immediately. I could hear dance music coming from the store when I was still a hundred yards away.

I hopped off the four wheeler and peered into the doorway. Carly clearly lived by the phrase “dance like no one is watching”. She was bouncing around barefoot behind the counter with her hands in the air swishing back and forth. She’d returned to jean shorts today, but these were rolled fairly tight around her muscular thighs instead of being cutoffs. A black Led illegal bahis Zeppelin t-shirt hung tightly over her large breasts, but flowed loosely everywhere else.

I stood in the doorway with an almost painfully large grin as I watched Carly bounce side to side. Her technical proficiency was sorely lacking, but she more than made up for it in enthusiasm. The music was unrecognizable to me, but I had to admit it provided an attractive beat.

When Carly noticed I was standing in the doorway, she bounced over to me with a cheery grin and pulled me out into the otherwise empty store. Without a word she went back into her pattern of hip shaking, spinning, and bouncing. I halfheartedly joined in trying my best to not look foolish. Carly would have none of that.

Carly grabbed my hips and started shaking me back and forth in time to the music. Before I knew it she had me bouncing around the store with her. I did my best to keep from stepping on her bare feet, but I otherwise stayed with her fairly well. When she jumped, I jumped. When she spun, I spun. It wasn’t long before we were bouncing off of each other and laughing. By the time the song wound down to nothing, we were both a little out of breath.

Her ipod must have been on shuffle as the next song was an 80 year old polar opposite. I heard familiar opening notes of a horn section followed by a smooth clarinet. Carly looked a little embarrassed. “I’ll skip this one” she said as she stepped back towards the counter.

I reached out and grabbed her arm a little more forcefully than I’d intended. Carly looked back with a slightly reddened face and a look of surprise. “I think I like this one. ” I translated the opening lines from the French in which they were sung “Hold me close and hold me fast, the magic spell you cast…”

Carly’s eyes widened. “Who the hell are you?” she said smiling through her open mouthed shock.

I answered by pulling Carly close to me. I took her hand and wrapped my arm around her. It was a little challenging to get my arm underneath hers due to the height difference, but I was ok leaning a bit. “I took French the last few years, mon petit chou. La Vie En Rose was played during a couple of the food days.” While I had taken French, I didn’t want to admit I’d actually learned the song from a video game.

“You are just full of surprises aren’t you Jake?” she said as she pulled herself in close to me. Her head rested against my chest as we slowly turned in circles. As the little sparrow of France crooned on about living life while in love, I created one of the most vivid memories of my life.

I took in the dusty smell of the parking lot, the earthy smell of the produce, and the baby powder smell of Carly’s perfume. I cataloged them all in a special file cabinet of my brain. I would always be able to feel the soft warmth of her pressed into me and see the damp cement of where Carly had watered the display cases earlier in the day. We turned and shuffled to the soft strumming beat. The minutes of the song wrote hours into my memory.

Eventually Edith sang the last line and the band hit the final note. When I pulled back to look at Carly her eyes were moist at the edges. She gave me a huge hug and started to say something when a car pulled up to the open store front. She smiled gently and said “Tonight…” followed by a pause. “I can’t wait to see you tonight. I owe you a special moment.” I started to reply but Carly put her finger up to shush me. She shook her head and cryptically said “Let it breathe a bit. We can be ourselves tonight.”

She turned casually to the arriving customers and bounded towards them after running off the CD player. I sighed deeply and headed out the side door. I walked dreamily up the road toward the house. I was almost to the house before I yet again remembered I had ridden the four wheeler to the store. I laughed at myself and turned to float back down the road.

The hours ticked by sluggishly as I awaited the evening. I dreamily worked through a few cleaning chores thankful that none involved the farm equipment. The brief dance and feeling of Carly’s soft body should have had a warning label to avoid operating heavy machinery while under the influence. Whenever I interacted with my aunt and uncle, I had to mentally slap the drunken smile from my face.

Carly’s poker face wasn’t the best either. As she entered the house at the end of the day and ate dinner with the family, her normal boisterous tone and energetic mannerisms were suspiciously subdued. She avoided eye contact with me and maintained conversations with the minimum word count possible. While she may have thought she was throwing anyone off the scent of our impending rendezvous, she was more like a drunk trying to convince a police officer they were sober enough to drive from the comfort of their back on the sidewalk.

After dinner I popped in the shower to rinse off the day. I plodded back to my room tired from a long day, but the anxious feeling in my chest still burned. I needed to be near Carly. I put on a pair of shorts illegal bahis siteleri and plopped down on the bed to figure out my next move. Of course, being the Casanova I am, I immediately fell asleep.

I woke to a darkened room. I heard someone speaking, but it took a few minutes to shake off the grogginess. A shape was crouched in my window backlit by a high moon. “Wake up you dope!” Carly’s whispered voice called. I managed to mumble a response, but it wasn’t much of one. “Wake up, I’ve been knocking on the wall for like 10 minutes now” she chided.

Finally understanding the situation, I hopped off the bed and made my way to her figure in the window. Like our initial experience, everything took on a blue hue in the bright moonlight. I wasn’t sure how to respond to her as I approached. Carly made it easy as she grabbed me in her arms and leaned into me for balance. After the momentary embrace and a quick finger to her lips to shush me, she quickly bound out onto the roof and headed toward her room.

Within moments, we were kneeling on a rug next to her bed. She was wearing her usual sleep shorts with a tank top that barely covered her assets. Her brown curly hair was pulled back into the loose playful ponytail I loved.

We faced each other in the moonlight, neither of us sure what the first step should be. We’d quickly skipped through a lot of relationship steps to get here so there was no organic build through nervous, tentative private moments.

“Me first, or you first?” she whispered. “I was kind of thinking me first. You know? You get kind of, uh, messy when it’s you, ya know?” she trailed off. She looked away a bit, anxiously biting her lower lip.

“Well, let’s get something clear first.” I whispered back. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Carly relaxed and laughed quietly. “Sorry. I should have explained. I was thinking all day about doing something special, like going down on you, but being the strong woman I am, I was also thinking about you doing the same for me”

Her words trailed off at the end as if she wasn’t so sure I would find that a great idea. I tried to explain that it may have been the most wonderful idea since the invention of microwave pizza rolls, but all I could manage was to sit there with my mouth opening and closing without sound. I must have looked like a goldfish at feeding time. Eventually I accomplished the Herculean task of nodding as my brain tried to reset all of its tripped breakers.

Carly tentatively leaned in towards me and caressed my hips just above the waistband of my shorts. I leaned further towards her and tugged at the bottom of her tank top. We traded tentative, inexperienced kisses as I pulled her tank top up over her head. There was an awkward moment as we continued to kiss with me holding her top above our heads unable to figure out the geometry necessary to uncoil our arms.

Eventually we dropped the top behind us and had our first mostly nude embrace. Her soft, warm breasts felt like silk against my bare chest. My cock pressed through the fabric of my shorts and into her just below those breasts. Each movement as we kissed shifted my member against her causing exquisite pleasure and increasing growth.

“Should we get on the bed?” I whispered.

She shook her head. “No, that things louder than hell if you really get moving” she whispered back. At the time that answer passed unquestioned, but would distress me later.

Carly pulled me down to the ground with her. I was on top of her feeling immense amounts of skin to skin contact. Our legs, our arms, our chests all mashed together to create a sense of warmth I could have only imagined previously. I could feel the heat of her center against my crotch. All at once I could feel the risk of the situation as a hunger took over me. I could finally understand how others took such risks when it came to sex. Feeling my hardened member only two thin layers of fabric away from the ultimate destination shut my brain off from any future related consequences.

I pulled my lips from Carly’s and slid my face down to her massive breasts. I kissed, licked, and sucked the soft skin all around her breasts. She used her hands to press those breasts against my face, enveloping me in their velvety texture. Carly was inhaling sharply and letting out long exhales as she tried to remain quiet. She briefly lost her battle when I took one of her small nipples into my mouth. A sharp grunt escaped her when I sucked it into my mouth and swirled my tongue. A whisper-moaned “oh hell yeah” escaped her lips.

I certainly wasn’t experienced in this area, but I had taken to watching instructional videos as part of my online routine. I had watched several videos by an older pornstar which gave intricate details on how to pleasure a woman. I applied the same “French kiss” advice to Carly’s nipples that the video had suggested for a woman’s clit. The reaction from Carly let me know I was on the right track. Her fingers gently ran through my hair as I alternated between her nipples and the soft canlı bahis siteleri skin underneath her breasts.

Carly’s breath quickened as I kissed farther down her tummy to the band of her shorts. I used both hands to slide fingers inside the elastic at each side of her hips. I was both savoring the experience and waiting her approval. That so many relationship building steps were skipped in moments along the way made me hesitant to move forward. I whispered a questioning “Ok?”.

She responded with a definitive double nod of her head. In the minimal bluish light I could see her eyes were closed and she was biting down hard on her lower lip. Carly raised her hips slightly as I pulled both her shorts down. The task of pulling her shorts completely off was made more difficult as her hips continued to rise and fall both rhythmically and involuntarily.

Finally getting the soft cotton shorts past her even softer little feet, I leaned back in between her legs and rested my cheek on her silky left thigh. Only inches from her most private lips, I took a moment to examine as best I could in the dim light. A small, neatly trimmed tuft of hair sat on the top of her mound, but the rest was as bare as the thigh I rested against. Her puffy outer lips were broken apart slightly by tiny inner lips which held a barely seen clitoral hood. I could feel the heat as I breathed in her salty sweet scent. I leaned in to kiss tentatively down her inner thigh towards that heat.

I’m not sure if I was taking too long admiring or my kisses were too tentative, but I felt Carly stiffen under my touch. She nervously whispered “if everything ok? I mean, it’s ok if you don’t want to keep going.”

Her sudden anxiety was surprising to me. I hadn’t thought of how vulnerable and exposed she was as I dove into her most private place. If I were to reject her in some way at this point I could only imagine how devastating that could be.

I wasn’t much of a romantic wordsmith at the time, so I did my best to dispel her concerns. “Carly, I couldn’t stop now if a meteor hit me,” I replied in my most confident, yet quiet voice. I could tell it worked as she choked off a quick giggle and allowed her thighs to open even further.

I placed hesitant kisses on her smooth outer labia which elicited gentle moans from Carly. A long, drawn out version of her catch phrase escaped her. “Ohhhhhh…hellllll…yeah” she breathed as her hips pushed towards my face. In the blue light I looked up to see her back arch as she cupped her pale breasts. Another memory etched.

I ran my hands up the outside of her thighs and grabbed her hips to pull her into me. My tongue parted her lips giving me my first coppery taste of her. Carly breathed out am impossibly long sigh as she tried to remain as quiet as possible. Small whimpers escaped as I ran my tongue up the full length of her opening. Carly’s hips pulled her feet into the air involuntarily when I reached her clit.

Following the numerous training videos I had only dreamed of implementing, I pressed my tongue against her clit and held it there. I mentally counted to ten like the nerdy neophyte I was. Her body froze as I left the wet pressure on her most sensitive spot. Her quick breaths told me I was on the right track.

I alternated between the long licks and even longer pauses at her clit several times. Her body responded with her hips rocking during the licks and freezing during the pauses. I was so revved up I had to roll on to my side to avoid even the slight pressure of the carpet on my hardened member setting me off.

I curled my left hand under her leg to rest on the soft skin of her tummy, enjoying the warm comfort. I pulled my right hand back underneath her to slide a finger inside her silky folds. She whispered my name several times as I implemented the “come here” motion with my finger on where the videos said her gspot would be. Her small feet rested on my shoulders as I switch to smaller licks up and down her clit. I could feel her toes curl whenever I applied more pressure with my finger or tongue.

I was trying to maintain a slow pace to build her impending orgasm, but my excitement and inexperience pushed me quickly through my carefully studied steps. A second finger slid easily into her dripping slit. I continued the back and forth of fingers pulling against that special spot inside her and the quick licks up and down her clit. Whenever Carly’s carefully stifled moans became too quick or too deep, I’d pause for a few precious moments to avoid taking her over the edge.

I kept this up for several minutes as I enjoyed hearing alternated whispers of my name and her endearing catch phrase. I eventually felt her body shift and her abs tighten as she lifted her top half from the carpet. A hand first caressed the side of my face and then gripped my hair. She whispered the magic words, “Oh please, Jake baby, oh please.”

I took the hint and went in for the kill. I froze my fingers inside of her on the special spot and began a deep French kiss of her hardened nub. She switched from whimpers to grunts as I sucked her clit into my mouth. Her toes curled so tightly on my shoulders I could feel the skin pinch. She curled her body even further up towards me as I suckled her clit with my tongue pressed against the base.

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