She Admits She Wants It Ch. 01

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If this story seems familiar to some of you, it’s because it is. It’s a reworked version of an earlier submitted story. After taking some much needed criticism and putting it to good use, I believe I’m presenting a much higher quality story for your pleasure. Enjoy, and feel free to let me know how I can better please your palate.


Heather woke from her light sleep, stretching leisurely and kicked the sheet off of her. Realizing she was bound by her wrists, but not tightly, she had enough slack in her bindings to scratch a small itch on her shoulder. Interesting. The ties that bound her were not tight on her wrists; loose, but tightly knotted and too small to slip over her hands. Not that she wanted to but trying anyway, she couldn’t undo them. Knowing him, he had something special in mind.

Chris was the adventurous one, but deferred to her more mundane sexual wishes. She loved sex with him; he was good in bed, always pleased her, not pouting when she didn’t feel like it. He’d like to do a lot more than she allowed but understood that a lot of her reluctance was her upbringing. He didn’t yet know about the people in the alley behind the bakery. That would be for later. They were all she’d thought of for days.

He came into the room wearing only a pair of shorts. Leaning over the bed, kissing her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth, swirling it around, she was suddenly overcome with thoughts of his tongue swirling around her clit. It was a direct assault. Not only did he kiss her, his left hand pinched her nipple, making it hard while his other hand reached lower. A frisson of excitement ran up her spine and she arched, opening her legs, allowing him access to her slit. He inserted a finger into her, already wet and slick, and rubbed the slightly rough pad of his thumb over her hardening clitoris.

“You want anything from the kitchen, Heathe?”

“Maybe just a pair of scissors. No fair that you get to touch me and I have to lie here and just take it.”

“Nice try. Not yet, though.”

“So, what have I woken up to?”

“Be patient and you’ll see.”

He padded from the room and she could hear him in the kitchen getting one of the canned drinks he dearly loved. It seemed to take a long time to grab a can.

Aah, what a time to get an itch, and what a place to get it. Her pussy started out itching, but now it was something more and she realized that he had had something on his thumb, some sort of arousal gel, because her clit became hot, blood throbbing in her pussy. There was no immediate relief for her. Being tied, she couldn’t reach down and touch herself, but had to wait for him to return. When he finally did, after what seemed like hours but was only minutes, she was on fire. Rubbing her legs together had spread the gel down where it mixed with her own juices, making her even wetter and finally running down the crack of her ass onto the bed. Her entire nether region was aflame, her heart pounding with desire and no relief in sight. Standing over her with a grin that caused his one dimple to show, he watched her writhing on the bed attempting some relief. Her thighs furiously rubbing together and all that happened was his cock got hard.

“You like that? I figured you would after you told me how that cooling gel for your waxing made your skin tingle. I don’t think this was its intended purpose, but it works for me!”

“How long do you intend to stand there watching me suffer? C’mon, Chris, come fuck me.”

“I will, just enjoying the show for a bit. All that frantic thigh rubbing is making your tits bounce around so nicely.”

Kissing her again, only brushing his lips against her this time, he then took a nipple in his mouth. The other ruched up into a nub, which he rubbed and rolled between his fingers. While his ministrations did distract her from the heat coursing through her body, it also intensified it, making her ache to have him touch, lick, or fuck her. She rubbed her foot against the crotch of his shorts, feeling his hard length under the material.

“You know, I could be humping you instead of the air. Come lick this stuff off and fuck me.”

“Oh, I am going to fuck you, don’t worry about that. Get up on your knees. I want to see your ass in the air. I love to watch that full moon rise.”

Making a show of it, she rolled onto her stomach and slowly rose to her knees, her legs apart, pointing her ass in his direction, wiggling it provocatively.

She was surprised he didn’t want to eat her since that was one of his favorite things to do. He loved to kneel on the floor next to the bed, spread her legs over his shoulders and lave her waxed pubis until she was sopping wet with erotik film izle his saliva and her own juice. He would put two thick fingers in her tight pussy, curling them upward to massage her G spot while he sucked her clit until she bucked and writhed. Her fingers buried in his hair, guiding his face, she would cum with an intensity that defied her normally cool exterior. He would then fuck her mercilessly, his body rhythmic above her quaking form while she came again either repeatedly or in one long orgasm. Tonight, though, he wanted to fuck her doggy style, which was fine, too.

When she felt his warm breath passing over her rear, her excitement grew. When goosebumps rose on her flesh, he rubbed his warm hands over her, soothing them down, then continued blowing across her skin, moving closer.

“Mmmm, you are going to eat my pussy. I thought I was just in for a good ramming.”

“Don’t worry, you’re going to get both, just not like you expect. You’re going to like it, I promise.”

She was even more surprised when he made one long pass from bottom to top, ending on her puckered hole. She remembered the first time he touched her asshole; it was the most amazing feeling, but no good Catholic girl would ever ask for that so she didn’t mention it again. The first time she let him fuck her in the ass, she got herself ready with a few drinks. Not enough to pass out, but more than enough to temporarily disable any inhibitions she had.

He’d gladly rode her, making her hot and wet, then turned her over, lubed her up, and reamed her ass. She loved it, considering that he did it the right way, taking his time until he finally got his cock crammed up her tight hole. Once he had it in and she was ready, he fucked her until she moaned and cried out for him to do it harder, at one point even reaching down to rub her own engorged clit. That sent her completely over the edge, making her scream while having the most intense orgasm ever.

“Chris? What are you doing?”

“Giving you what you know you want. We both know you won’t ask, so I’m not going to make you. I’m just going to make you feel good.”

That memory was a little blurry, and short; basically just images and feelings because she was so caught up in the moment. Now was different. Now was crystal clear, she was fully aware of what was about to happen. She trusted him, she loved him and she knew he was right: she really did want it.

Since the first time, she would occasionally let him touch her there, lick her there, never fuck her there, just because she couldn’t bring herself to ask for it or admit that she loved to have his hardness pounding away at her tight hole. It was her own fault that she did without that which she wanted. Tonight, though, he wasn’t asking, knowing that she really wanted it as much as he wanted her to have it. He started tonguing her ass, alternating between soft and firm, while reaching under to rub her clit and dip a finger into her wetness.

Damn. She sometimes dreamed a lot, talking in her sleep, even bolting out of the bed to take care of dreamed of tasks. Had she mentioned the people in the alley? Had she said something in her sleep about what she saw, and now he was rolling with it?

“You taste so good, all of you. I want to feel your ass sucking my dick dry.”

Hearing him talk excited her, made her want him to fuck her more than she already did. The gel was wearing off, but just the bit of added heat heightened her senses. She heard the sucking and smacking sounds he made as he licked her ass and the squishing of his finger in and out of her wet pussy. Her eyes closed, she thought of the smells and sounds from days before. Breath exhaling, menthol from the gel, flesh on flesh contact, all swirled together.

She felt him shift, and then felt the coldness of the lube dripping down her crack. The cold liquid made her jump, and at the same time, he buried a finger in her ass. The small amount of discomfort at having his finger thrust into her pucker was far outweighed by the incredible feeling of having something inside her. She vowed that she would try harder to be more open about her ass, no pun intended, because it felt so good. He slowly fucked her ass with his finger, reaching down to rub her clit just enough to remind her that it was still there. Once he felt her loosen around his finger, he inserted another, adding a bit more lube to ensure that she stayed wet enough. She didn’t want to tell him that the second finger was too much for fear that he would stop; it felt so huge to have two fingers buried in her, but she wanted more. She soon got it when he added a third, lightly thrusting to get her used to the fullness film izle since he fully intended to plow her ass until she screamed with pleasure.

“You’re so tight, Heathe. I can’t wait to bury my cock in your asshole instead of my fingers.”

He rotated and spun his fingers slowly, spreading the tight ring of muscle. He reached under her and pinched her nipples with his other hand and brushed kisses on her asscheeks while fingerfucking her. She was bordering on cumming, her breath coming shorter, but he wasn’t ready for her to do that yet. He didn’t want her to finish until it was with his dick inside her, shooting his hot load in her rear. He took his fingers out, and began licking her loosened hole again, watching it close up a bit. He tongued her ass, making his tongue pointy and firm, fucking her ass with it. The slightly rough texture, and the wriggling felt incredible, making her not want him to stop, His mouth was directly over her, getting the maximum amount of his tongue into her rosebud as he could. He reached a finger into her pussy and she could feel both appendages rubbing against each other on either side of the wall separating her two openings. It was almost too much and she never wished for something inside her ass as much as she did right now.

“I want to cum, please fuck me.”

She said it so quietly, he hardly heard her.

“Not yet. I have more for you. I want you to cum with me fucking your ass.”

He turned her over on her back, and spread her legs. He began kissing her inner thighs, every now and then blowing his warm breath over her aching slit. Occasionally he gave her clit a quick nip; she was too close to cumming for comfort but not close enough for relief. While still giving her minimal mouth attention, he began rubbing his finger down her crack again, this time very gently pressing it in and out of her ass. He wanted her so wound up that she would beg for his hard cock up her tight hole. He started a rhythm: rub, rub, push, rub, rub, push.

She moaned a rhythm of her own, while biting her lip and waiting for release. He added a thumb in her dripping pussy, and then began fucking both of her holes with his hand. Sitting back, he decided to try to make her cum with just his fingers. Or not. He wasn’t sure yet. He flicked and rolled her nipples, watching the blush of her excitement pass over her body. She couldn’t help but roll her hips to match his pace, hoping for some contact with her aching clitoris to make her cum. Whether it was good or bad that it didn’t happen, she wasn’t sure. She was heaving her chest at him, whispering, “harder”, and in response he pinched her nipples until they darkened with both blood and arousal. Then it came: her declaration.

“I want you to fuck my asshole. Please, please, Chris, fuck my ass.”

Shocked to hear it, he pressed on.

“You want me to fuck your ass? Tell me again”

“I want you to fuck my ass. Please. Spread my cheeks and bury your cock in my hole and shoot it full of your hot load.”

Wow. No idea where that came from…

Giving her nipples a final pinch and removing his sodden fingers from both of her holes, he grabbed her hips and flipped her over. Without delay, he placed his cock at the pulsing, slightly open hole and thrust inside of her. With one stroke, his hard shaft was encased in her. He worried for a second that he had hurt her until he heard her let her breath out in the most contented moan he could imagine. Having fingered and licked the lube all the way into her ass made it silky smooth, having used only one finger last left her tight enough to feel like a velvet vice around his dick. Before he could move, he felt her tighten her ass around his dick and moan softly. Then again:

“Fuck it, fuck that asshole.”

He had intended to start slow, bringing her to a long-lasting orgasm, after having loosened her up a bit. Instead, he pushed her up the bed with his weight, all the while with his dick buried in her, his balls grinding against her pussy and clit. Grabbing the headboard for leverage, he pulled back until only the tip of the head was still in her ass. Then he fucked her. He fucked her so hard that the clock fell off the nightstand. He reamed her asshole. He made her tell him how much she loved to feel his cock spreading her asshole wide open. She did so, between the grunts and groans and random mumblings. He slowed only long enough to grab the lube and shoot some over his hot dick, never stopping, wanting to be sure he could fuck that ass and have some leftover for next time.

When he felt her orgasm approach, he pulled out, deciding that he wanted to make her wait. The sudden emptiness in her ass was unwelcome, seks filmi izle and she turned to look at him.

“I want you to fill my ass with your load. I want your cum dripping from my stretched asshole.”

“I know you do, but I have more for you. Don’t worry, my dick will still be here for you.”

Unbelievably, he’d opened some floodgate in her, but she was going to wait because that’s what he wanted. Right now was not the time to ask questions about what was going through her mind. Watching her ass close slightly for a bit, the lube seeping out, he quickly went to wash himself off. When he came back, she’d flipped onto her back and he began fucking her drenched pussy. She came almost immediately, tightening up around him. He reached down and stroked her clit while her pussy pulsed, until she was covered with a fine sheen of sweat and had finished convulsing with her orgasm.

“Now I’m going to shoot your ass full of my hot cum.”

He grabbed his pocketknife off the nightstand, and cut her cords.

Once he had her freed, she stretched her legs over her head, her vulva swollen, her asshole presented to him, then grabbed both of her cheeks and pulled them apart.

“Look at it, look at what you did. Now fuck it, fuck it! Fuck my ass!”

Who the hell was this? Unbelievable!

He pulled her to the edge of the bed so that he could stand up, decided that he didn’t need any more lube since she was dripping from both holes, placed himself once again at her tightened opening, and filled her ass with his dick. She gasped, then gasped again when he told her that now he was going to shoot her full while she came again, and that she was going to help. Pulling her so that her ass was hanging over the side of the bed and her legs were splayed almost completely flat, he began pounding her pucker. He stroked long and hard, making sure she felt every inch of him. She was so tight that the friction made her asshole feel like a ring of fire. His balls slapped under her ass, each smack matching the one of his hips driving against her asscheeks. Her tits bounced and jiggled in a slightly circular motion with his pounding.

“Pinch your nipples.”

He wasn’t asking. He wanted to watch her touch herself again. She didn’t hesitate, whatever barrier he’d broken through still down.

“Rub your clitoris. “

She did, and he felt her spasm.

“Rub it harder.”

He fucked her harder, ordering her to alternate between her nipples and her clit. When he felt her spasm again, tighter and longer, he told her to pinch both of her nipples at the same time and he reached down and stroked her clit. The combination of him buried in her ever tightening asshole, her swollen clit being rubbed and her nipples being pinched did her in. She panted, gasped, and finally screamed her orgasm. When she began bucking, he left her clit, grabbed her hips, gave a final stroke, and came, his pulsing cock emptying into her rear.

She felt his load, hotter than she thought it could be, shooting inside her ass. She felt each spurt, hitting her insides, and it made her orgasm peak again. Random thoughts passed through her head: him spanking her, fucking her pussy with a vibrator, fucking her pussy with a vibe while he fucked her ass, lying on the bed fingering herself while he watched… she’d never wanted those things before but maybe opening her ass opened new worlds.

He moved to lay on the bed, spent in more ways than one. She decided that she wanted to hold his cum in her ass for a bit. Her asshole hurt, but in the same way that a good workout makes muscles burn. Her pussy felt wide open and her clit was just a swollen mass.

Left alone with her thoughts, she had to figure out how to approach him about all of this. Knowing he would wonder what the hell happened today, she had to take time to put her thoughts together. She would tell him about the couple she’d seen in the alley, the couple who were doing all the things she’d wanted to do but hadn’t until now. That was for another day, another time when they were not in bed, when it couldn’t color their own actions any more than it already had. She wanted what she saw, now it was just going about how to get it without completely freaking him out.

She wanted him to fuck her ass again. She wanted him to fuck her ass and spank her at the same time, making her cheeks as swollen and red as her rosy puckered hole surely was. When the urge to pee overcame her, she finally got up and went to the bathroom. She felt him dripping out of her, and instead of being disgusted by it, she was happy. Happy that her man wanted her to feel every bit of pleasure he could give her. He was sleeping when she came back to bed. She let him sleep, knowing that his dick would be hard for every orifice she had again, and in very short order, and that every hole she had was ready and willing to be filled with whatever he wanted.

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