Sandy’s Halloween Surprise

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This is my first submission to Lit. I was convinced by Sandy, my friend, lover and inspiration, whom I met in one of the forum rooms three years ago, to finally send in a story. So this is one of the stories I have written for her, about her. I hope you enjoy.


Sandy surveyed the carnage. The entire downstairs was strewn with the remnants from the party, like a bomb had detonated in the fridge. Half full cups of liqueur, plates smeared with guacamole and BBQ sauce, empty beer and wine bottles. But she had drank way too much to even attempt to start cleaning. The disaster would have to wait until morning.

The annual Halloween costume party rotated between the office staff’s homes. This was the first time for Sandy and her husband Devon to host and she had gone all out with the decorations. Her talent for decorating was evident everywhere you looked, from the graveyard scene, to the Halloween city to the full size zombies with the frightening facial makeup. The results received rave reviews from her coworkers. But her costume received far more attention than the decorations, some wanted, some unwanted. Shy and reserved at work, her costumes had typically been Comicon like.

But upon Devon’s insistence she went out of the box with her Victoria Secrets French maid’s outfit. The bustier revealed a little more of her voluptuous breasts than she had anticipated. And the panties were no more than a glorified thong. She was too self-conscious to wear the panties so she settled on some tight fitting black Lycra shorts that highlighted her curvy butt. Devon went with his favorite Darth Vader outfit including the voice resonator that when he spoke, sounded like the foreboding Star Wars villain. Sandy received a number of cat calls and whistles. Even a couple of female friends kidded her about her “awakening”. But it was the attention from Frankenstein, who she knew was Kevin, her boss, and from Don Juan, who she thought was a coworkers husband but wasn’t quite sure, that made the evening interesting.

An inebriated Frankenstein had tried to kiss her in the kitchen as she was plating a new serving of ribs. But he was so drunk his attempt was fairly feeble and Sandy easily dodged him. She was pretty sure there would be plenty of embarrassed apologies Monday morning at the office. However Don Juan was far more assertive in his advances. Once in the dining room his arm had brushed against her breast as he passed by. Initially she had thought it was incidental, but later as she bent over to pick up some trash, he had walked up behind her and pressed himself against her backside.

At first she thought it was Devon and she had pressed back against him. But Sandy was shocked when she looked over her shoulder to see Don Juan smiling back at her. She immediately stood up and spun around. He then reached out and grabbed both of her tits in his hands and began squeezing them. Her reaction was swift and decisive, a slap that landed square on his cheek. But he just smiled and walked away. Devon abruptly appeared in the doorway and said through his Darth Vader voice machine “We need more wings!” Typical Devon, late and oblivious. But the rest of the evening was uneventful.

Sandy and Devon had been married for 15 years. They had met through some mutual friends and hit it off immediately. Sandy was 5 feet 4 inches tall, beautiful wavy auburn hair and hazel eyes. Her breasts were full with overly sensitive nipples, so sensitive in fact that she could often orgasm from Devon just sucking on them. But her best asset was her ass. Round and curvy, she still turned heads when wearing tight pants. Devon was average everything; 5 feet 9 inches tall, 165 pounds with short blonde hair. His best feature was his bedroom blue eyes that could still cause Sandy to melt when he looked at her. They had only been dating for six months when he proposed and she quickly accepted.

Sandy and Devon were very inexperienced sexually, both had had only one other lover, so their lovemaking had always been fairly vanilla. Devon seemed to be satisfied with the status quo but Sandy had become somewhat disenchanted with their sex life. Part of the problem was Devon had a fairly small penis, about five inches long. She found that his smaller size, while in the beginning was adequate, over time had become insufficient for her to achieve an orgasm. Their routine evolved into Devon performing oral sex on her until she came, then Devon moving up and inserting his manhood, thrusting madly until he in turn came. Their sessions had become so mundane sometimes Sandy’s orgasm was not much more than a quiver.

Devon became aware of the lack of intensity of her orgasms and asked her about it. Sandy knew that a conversation about this issue would probably hurt Devon’s manly pride, but she had to do something or go insane. So she explained to him in a very caring way the problem. Unexpectedly his response was not of an indigent nature, but one of loving spirit, truly concerned that his was not satisfying erotik film izle her sexual needs. Shockingly his resolution to the problem was revealed a month later.

Sandy had come home from work to find candles and roses, wine and steak, low lights and soft music. Surprised from the scene, she began to question him but he swiftly hushed her.

“This is my special night for you. Now change into something comfortable and let’s have dinner.” He then kissed her, an infrequent passionate kiss that weakened her knees.

They had eaten dinner, playing footsie like a couple of teenagers. They drank wine. They danced, bodies swaying and rubbing against one another to the soft jazz sounds. They had kissed, more of the impassioned, fervid kisses from earlier in the evening. They had gone upstairs to their room where Devon stripped her of all her clothes slowly and sensually. A piece of fabric removed, then kisses and licks to replace the discarded article. Once completely naked, he had laid her on the bed and kissed and licked every inch of her body until she was a quivering mass of nerves and emotions. The oral sex he performed was far more ardent than usual and he brought her to a screaming, shuddering orgasm.

He had slid up her body and Sandy assumed the standard. Devon would insert his penis and pump her until he reached his gratification. All of the excitement that had been building throughout the evening suddenly emptied from her like water draining from a sink. But instead of mounting her, he kissed her, the remnants of her orgasm lingering on his lips.

He then pulled away and whispered in her ear, “I have a surprise for you.” He rolled over and reached under the bed to reveal a shiny silver box.

“This is for us,” he spoke. Opening the box he uncovered what looked to be a dildo, approximately eight inches long and five inches around. Devon handed her the toy and to her amazement the phallus was hollow.

“What is this?” she asked as she continued to examine the object.

“This is called a penis extension,” he stated uncomfortably, not sure what her reaction would be. “It acts as a glove, fitting over my penis to make me larger. Hopefully this will help satisfy you physically.”

“Devon, you do not need anything like this to …” but she was cut off in mid-sentence.

“Baby, I realize my size does not allow you to climax when I make love to you. I know you need something larger to satisfy you. Perhaps this will allow me to pleasure you. Please, let’s give it a try.”

His words heartened her. While she was unsure of the contraption, she was sure of his intentions. At this moment she felt more love for her man than she had in a long while. “OK baby, let’s give it a try.”

Like a kid on Christmas morning he leapt from the bed and ran to the bathroom. In a minute he reappeared, the apparatus proudly jutting from where his penis would normally be. He walked to the bed to push her legs apart, then knelt down and again began licking her pussy again. Sandy wasn’t exactly sure why, but her juices immediately began to flow as he tongued her labia. Was her excitement out of love or out of lust? She wasn’t certain, but she knew she was insanely aroused.

“Now Devon, I want you inside me now!” she begged.

Excited by her words, Devon moved to his knees between her legs, his surrogate cock lined up to the entrance to her cunt. Grabbing the base, he moved the head up and down her crease, coating it with her juices.

“Are you ready?” he panted, his arousal matching hers.

“Yes baby, I’m ready for you. Give it to me now!”

Adjusting the angle he pressed the rounded head into her dripping folds. Making sure to go slow so as not to hurt her, he pushed the first two inches into her molten cavern.

“Oh gawd Devon” she gasped.

“Did I hurt you” he asked with much concern.

“No, no, it feels incredible. Can you push a little more inside?”

His ego racing, he arched his back and drove about half of the sheath into her. Sandy’s muffled squeal declared her approval. Devon began slowly thrusting back and forth as Sandy’s passion rose. She wrapped her legs around his back with her heels tucked under his butt cheeks.

“More!” she demanded. Devon pressed a little harder, then felt her hands grab his butt cheeks. With her hands and her heels she abruptly wrenched Devon’s ass forward causing the substitute cock to slam completely into her pussy. Her scream caused Devon to stop and start to pull out fearing he had hurt her. But Sandy babbled “No no no no, don’t stop!”

He resumed his cautious thrusting, but Sandy’s hands and heels urged him deeper, faster. He raised his head to see the most erogenous site he had ever seen. Sandy’s face was a mask of hunger, her eyes clouded over, her mouth agape. The image propelled his ego into overdrive as he began a rhythmic assault on her pussy. He knew her body and could tell she was racing towards another climax.

He was certain when she looked film izle squarely into his eyes, into his soul, and demanded “Fuck me Devon, fuck me harder!” Having never seen this side of his wife, Devon began furiously pounding into her cunt, each thrust punctuated by a grunt from her.

It wasn’t long before she exclaimed “Oh fuck baby, I’m going to cum!” She arched her back entirely off the bed as the head of the sleeve hit her cervix, igniting an orgasm so intense Sandy nearly passed out. She lurched and humped as her juices gushed from her, soaking the bed. Then she went limp causing Devon to stop his movements.

Catching her breath she whimpered “Take it off. I want to feel just your cock inside me!” Devon pulled from her, and quickly removed the extender. His cock was as hard as he could ever remember. Rolling back over, he aligned his cock to the entrance of her moistness. Again Sandy reached behind him and decisively jerked his entirety into her.

“Oh yes baby, fuck me again. Fill me with your cum!” Sandy had never been a vocal lover and Devon relished in this new side of her. He began pounding viciously into cunt, the heat and the wetness from her earlier orgasm making it feel like he was fucking an oven. He knew he couldn’t last much longer as he felt his balls begin to boil in their confines. As he felt the first spurt of cum jet from his cock, he grabbed her hips and pulled himself all the way in, then howled as the remainder of his sperm erupted deep within her. And unexpectantly enough, Sandy’s third orgasm of the night accompanied his. This was the first time in years she had cum from Devon just fucking her.

That night had redefined their lovemaking for the next couple of years. Initially the extender was the answer to her cravings. Larger and thicker meant fuller and deeper, and she loved that feeling. But what had begun as new and exciting eventually became another repetitive routine. Devon would fuck her with the extension then quickly remove it and hump her until he came. While she orgasmed nearly every time, the intensity had waned considerably. She longed for something new, something exciting, something edgy.

About a year ago she had stumbled on a website called Literotica and some of the stories had both shocked and stimulated her. She could still remember the first time she read a story about a woman who was tied up and forced to do things by her husband. Sandy’s panties were so wet when she finished reading she had to change them before Devon discovered them. She nearly raped him when they got into bed. Then there were the anal sex stories, her favorites. She didn’t know exactly what it was about anal that turned her on so much. They had never experimented with it before but the stories were so intriguing that one night after Devon had fallen asleep she had squeezed some lotion onto her finger and rubbed it around her little star.

The sensations were electric, like someone had attached a cord directly from her dark hole to her clit. If simply touching that spot was so arousing, she wondered what inserting her finger might do. Lining the tip of her finger at her entrance, Sandy slowly started pressing her digit inside. The feelings were glorious and she urged her finger deeper until it met resistance. Pressing a little harder gave no advancement. So she pushed harder and her finger popped past her sphincter muscle, two knuckles deep in her ass. Her body lurched off the bed as a huge groan escaped her lips. Unfortunately for Sandy her ministrations woke Devon.

“What did you say baby”?

Sandy could barely speak as she quickly slipped her finger from its warm confines. “Nothing, just go back to sleep” was all she could muster. He rolled over and immediately began snoring. Sandy didn’t sleep the rest of the night.

In the following months she quite often thought of that night. It wasn’t that she was obsessed, however the sensations she felt that night continued to haunt her. She would occasionally slip her finger in that dark passage when Devon was out. Rotating the digit around, exploring her depths. The feelings it created were staggering, blurring the lines between improper and acceptable; between perverse and conventional; between right and wrong. Her mind was a thesaurus of emotions but her body was single-minded, so absorbed with the craving that simply touching her star was inadequate. She wanted, no needed to experience more.

So she decided to approach Devon with her dilemma. She remembered the first time how opening up to him about her dissatisfaction with their love making had resulted in a great solution. So perhaps the same approach might be successful again. She decided one night after a passionate session of love making, fueled by her images of Devon inserting a finger in her ass as he fucked her, to approach him.

“Devon, I have a question for you. Have you ever been interested in anal sex?” The reaction from Devon was just the opposite of her hopes.

“Anal sex? No way would I ever do seks filmi izle that. What in the world made you think of that?”

Her heart crushed, she merely uttered “Never mind. I overheard a couple of the girls at work discussing it and I was just wondering.”

“Only a slut would want to do that!” he declared.

After the last straggler from the party had departed, Sandy stumbled up the stairs, making her way to the bathroom. Her maid’s outfit had become very uncomfortable with the bustier cutting into her breasts and the tight shorts making her butt cheeks hot and sweaty. Once inside the bathroom she began removing her outfit. She couldn’t wait to slip between the cool sheets so she quickly put on her skimpy pajamas. Walking into the bedroom she was surprised to find the bed empty with the antique brass table light lit. The small lamp illuminated just the bed and left the remainder of the room in darkness. She had not seen Devon for quite some time so she was puzzled to not to find him in the bed snoring.

She sensed more than heard the movement behind her. Arms enveloped her body cupping her breasts firmly. Something hard was being pressed against her butt. “You are mine for the night,” Darth Vader claimed.

“Devon, stop. I’m not in the mood,” she retorted.

“Enough slave, you are mine tonight!” he restated and squeezed her breasts harder.

“Stop it Devon. Enough!”

“Shut up bitch!” the voice through the resonator commanded, the force in it startling her. The hands that were mauling her tits now pulled her arms behind her back, then pushed her roughly onto the bed. Sandy attempted to free herself, but Devon’s strength prevailed. She felt something being wrapped tightly around her wrists. Really pissed now, Sandy attempted to kick Devon but her attempt glanced harmlessly off his thigh.

“You are going to pay for that bitch!” Darth Vader growled through the mask.

She didn’t anticipate the crack of a hand across her right butt cheek, then the subsequent swat on he left cheek. She screamed, then began shouting obscenities at Devon. In mid-sentence something was stuffed into her mouth silencing her ranting. Then the room went black as something soft was stretched across her eyes and tied behind her head.

“That should finally shut you up!” the menacing voice growled. Then two more stinging swats on her ass. “And that is for trying to kick me.” Sandy’s scream was muzzled by the gag and the Star Wars monster just laughed. She felt the pajama top being jerked from beneath her. One of the seams raked across her right nipple, the pain eliciting another muzzled scream. Then she felt the panties being ripped from body, the cool breeze a stark contrast to the heat generated by the spankings. Then her ass exploded as if a thousand bees had just stung her flesh. She was unsure of what the object that struck her cheeks was, but the pain was ten times more painful than the previous swats. Tears welled in her eyes as the object met her flesh three more times.

“And that is for acting like such a tease tonight” the voice growled.

As she laid face down on the bed a lascivious thought occurred to her. Was Devon actually taking control? In her darkest, late night fantasies she imagined Devon taking her like some of the women in the Literotica stories, but she never imagined he would ever actually do it. And he had never spanked her or even been remotely rough with her. Had he gone into her computer and researched the topics she had been surfing? Or had his Halloween alter ego somehow penetrated her mind and uncovered her fantasies? Whatever the reason, just the thought made the heat from her paddled ass begin to radiate around to her loins. She could feel the dew begin to accumulate on her flower. She felt her hands being untied, then pulled above her head. Both her wrists were retied and her arms were pulled taut, almost to the point of discomfort. Had Devon just bound her to the bed?

Sandy felt something warm at the entrance to her pussy, then felt a rough finger shoved into her damp cavity.

“Ah ha, I thought so. Miss prim and proper likes being spanked!” Vader triumphantly exclaimed. The finger began moving back and forth as Sandy half-heartedly attempted to escape. A second finger joined the first, her sopping cunt accepted it like a long lost friend. Faster and faster the hand moved as it caused Sandy’s passion to intensify more and more. She no longer fought against the assault rather she spread her legs wider to allow the trespasser greater access.

“Just like the slut I knew you were. Is my little slave going to cum for me?”

That seemed to be a rhetorical question as Sandy’s orgasm stampeded towards fruition. Her hips reached like grappling hooks to grasp each thrust, her back arched completely off the bed. Then the explosion, her mind and body shattering into tiny shards of light as she lost control. She felt her juices gushing from her pussy down her legs to pool on the sheets.

In a semi-delirious state, Sandy could feel Devon move between her legs. Her clouded brain shrieked “take me” but her limp body was drained. She attempted to tell him to give her a little time but the gag prevented any communication.

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