Sahara’s First Ch. 02

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Part 2 — Master Demands a Third

I looked up at him adoringly and let his soft cock slip out of my mouth. “I love you, Master Derrick.”

Derrick laughed and eased my head back to his groin. “Just keep sucking, my little minx. I want to fuck you again as soon as your talented lips and mouth get me hard again. I want fuck you ’til you can’t stand or walk. I’m going to make you into that perfect little dirty whore you’ve begged me for.”

I grinned and spoke softly as I slurped that soft dick back into my mouth. “Yes, Master Derrick.”

My master did fuck me ’til I was sore; over and over, again and again that night he fucked me. I fell asleep twice and he woke me by ramming his thick hard cock into me both times. I learned how to ride him, he taught me about doggie fucking, and three or four other interesting positions. My favourite was what he called sixty-nine; feeling his lips and tongue on me while I was sucking him was amazingly delicious. I knew I was lucky though ’cause Derrick let me suck his cock as much as I wanted- even as we fell asleep.

Derrick took total control over me that weekend. He told me when I could eat, what I could wear, when and how long I could sleep. Best of all, I learned quickly with just a look from my master when he wanted to be sucked off or when he just wanted me to submit to another thorough fucking. I learned how to mix his favourite drinks, what foods he liked and how he liked it so I could order delivery for us. I learned to serve him and I loved every minute of it.

After lunch on Saturday, Derrick put his arm around my waist and kissed me deeply, pushing his tongue into my throat. He played with my titties and jabbed two of his thick fingers into my cunt. I was moaning and writhing against him, thrusting my hips against his hand. He sat me on the edge of the dining room table and leaned over to start licking and sucking my pussy.

“Mmm, my nasty wet whore, you’re always so wet- dripping little cunt.” My master paused to tell me what he thought of what he was seeing and tasting. “Talk to me, my slut.”

I was learning how to talk dirty for him. “Lick my tight wet cunt, Master Derrick. Oh, yeah- bite my clit- ah!” I squealed and wiggled. “Suck my clit- yeah, just like that.

“Drive your big fingers into my hot wet pussy- oh- ah-” He was finger fucking me so hard now my titties were bouncing. “Fuck me with your fingers, just like that, Master Derrick. Fuck me harder, oh- yeah, faster. Ah- yeah, yeah, yeah-“

Derrick had stood up when he’d started to finger fuck me. He was smiling at me hotly. “You’re such a dirty whore, Savanah. Wet little cunt. You want this don’t you, my slut?”

“Yes, oh- yes, Master. Ah- pump your man fingers into me harder- oh, yeah- ah, yes. Make it hurt, Master.”

He did fuck his fingers into me harder and faster, making me squeal and writhe. Derrick grabbed one of my nipples and pinched and twisted viciously. I came, wetting his hand with my girl-cum. Before I had fully recovered from the orgasm, Derrick pulled me off the table and pushed me onto my knees. I was still trembling as I reached for his zipper and freed his thick hard cock from his pants. Still struggling to catch my breath, I started sucking on his cock. My master thrust his cock into my mouth.

“Do a better job of cock sucking than that, Whore!” Derrick spoke in a harsh demanding tone. “Be the dirty little slut I know you are, suck!”

I dove onto his long throbbing shaft, gagging myself and sucking as hard and fast as I could. My fingers gripped his ass as my head bobbed furiously. I sucked on his cock, tasting generous doses of his pre-cum, for a long long time loving every delicious moment. Derrick moaned and stroked my head affectionately. My master’s pleased response thrilled me so that I went down on him even more frantically. Derrick chuckled as his breathing changed becoming more erratic. He started groaning and thrusting his cock into my mouth again and again. Without warning, my master shot off his load into my hot wet mouth.

He stood in front of me as I cleaned all the cum from his cock, gazing up at him adoringly. Derrick smiled down at me affectionately. “I can’t wait to share my dirty little slut with all my friends. A few more weeks of training- once I’ve stretched out that tight little ass of yours- and you’ll be a the perfect little party favour.”

“I’ll do anything for you, Master Derrick.”

“I know you will, my slut.”

Derrick kept me naked most of the time that weekend, when I went swimming, when we ate, when we just sat watching TV. I was always naked. Later that afternoon when I was in the pool, he nodded at me and I’d jumped outta the pool. “Sit on my cock and ride like the whore you are.”

I giggled as I started to sit down on his thick pulsing cock then gasped at the harsh burning feeling of mounting him when my cunt wasn’t wet from having my master play with me first. My tight little cunt was remarkably dry even though I’d just gotten outta the pool, and I was swollen from pendik escort all the amazingly abusive fucking I’d endured that weekend. Derrick grabbed my hips and rammed me down onto his wide pulsing dick as he thrust his body up into me viciously. When I squealed from the initial sharp pain, he just smiled at me narrowly as he kept pounding. “Ride me, slut! Fuck me hard and fast; I know how much you want to be my dirty little whore.”

His commanding tone and degrading words always made me hot and wet; I started riding him fast and hard. Derrick slapped my bare ass as I bounced on his lap humping him eagerly; he grabbed my titties and played with them roughly. As he pinched and pulled and squeezed my nipples, and started sucking and biting; I squealed and cried out in delight, cumming from the playful sensuous abuse. Derrick had drained his balls in my tight little cunt so many times that he could fuck me for a long time before he had a climax. My master was seeing to it that I was obedient and well-trained in taking cock any way he wanted. Before he came, Derrick had me suck his cock for a long long time, and then he sent me to my room.

Alone in my room, I crawled into my bed since I was exhausted. Before I fell asleep, I decided to call Melanie. I told her all about what Derrick and I were doing. I bragged about the many different ways we’d fucked, that Derrick loved what a dirty slut I was. I told my friend that I was learning how to be the best sex toy Derrick had ever had. My master had told me that I was youngest cunt he’d fucked since he was in college. I told Melanie that Derrick had promised to share me with all his rich important friends. Melanie was so angry and jealous that she was begging me to convince my master to fuck her too.

At first, I thought of how happy Derrick would be that I’d found another young girl to fuck him, but then, I started to worry that my master might want my friend more than me. Melanie was a natural blond with a dainty slender body like a ballet dancer; she was one of a very few girls who could make me feel big and almost clumsy. I didn’t want her to take even a moment of Derrick’s attention away from me. As I was deciding whether to agree to what Melanie wanted, Derrick walked into my bedroom. He sat on the edge of my bed and just nodded. I smiled up at him happily and told Melanie that Derrick wanted to meet her and probably fuck her as soon as she could get to my house.

As tired as I thought I was, when Derrick started stroking his hands over my ass and hips I felt hot and wet and excited again. He rubbed his fingers over and around my tight ass pucker.

“I’ve been neglecting part of your training my little slut. Where is that vibrator I brought you last week?”

I felt my heart race at the thought of what my master might have in mind, but he held me down as I started to reach for my best toy. “Just tell me where it is, Sahara. Stay where you are- in fact put a couple pillows under your hips and spread your legs for me. Show me that tight little ass-hole.”

“It’s right in that drawer beside your knee, Master Derrick. Are you going to put it in my butt hole now?” I was as excited as I was scared. I must have spoken almost timidly when I asked him my worried question as I quickly moved to get into the position he wanted me in. “I’m scared, Master- Will it really hurt?”

Derrick chuckled at my youthful concern as he stroked one hand over the wand and the other over my firm round ass cheeks. “Don’t worry, my dirty slut, it won’t cause any permanent damage.”

He had supplied me with a few tubes of lube and he used one to coat the slick surface of vibrator then he coated my butt hole. I giggled and squirmed the first time I felt his finger probe my puckered hole. Even my master chuckled and smiled at me fondly; he seemed to watch me closely as he continued probing then slowly pushed the tip of his finger into my ass-hole. I gasped and clenched my butt cheeks. Derrick used his free hand to slap my ass sharply once, twice, three times.

“Relax, Whore!” He pressed his finger deeper into my tightly clenched pucker making me cry out and beg him to stop. Derrick did stop. In fact he stood and moved away from the bed. “Do you want me to leave now, Slut? You’ve decided you’d rather not serve me after all, I see?”

“NO! Derrick, No! Please stay- please!” I was on my knees in front him; any discomfort I had felt when he had tried to stick his thick man-finger into my tight virgin ass-hole was gone. All I wanted was to keep learning from him, to keep being his dirty slut- his favourite sex toy.

“Please Derrick, I’m sorry, Master. Please don’t go- I need you, Master Derrick, please keep using me as your dirty slut. I’ll do anything, I promise. Please-“

He leaned over me and spoke in an almost menacing tone. “If you ever- ever- tell me to stop again- I will leave and you will get no more of my special lessons. Do you understand, Sahara?” I nodded vigorously and clutched at his hand. I had been bragging so proudly to my friend, Melanie, escort pendik about how Derrick was training me; I bit my lip anxiously as tears flowed down my cheeks, thinking that she would come over later and my master would be gone. “I promise, Master, I will never ever say ‘stop’ again. Please Master, please- I’ll do anything you say. Please keep teaching me how to be your special dirty slut.”

“Get back on the bed; lie the way you were before you made me so angry.” Derrick handed me the vibrator. “I was going to play with you and tease you the first time I used your sexy tight little ass-hole.”

“Oh, please, Master Derrick, please-” I tried to give him back my favourite toy.

“Put it in your ass-hole, Sahara.”

“I love you Master, please do it for me. Please-“

“Put that vibrator in your ass-hole, now Sahara.” He leaned over me with is fists on the edge of the bed. “I will leave now if I have to ask you again.”

I was scared and hurt and embarrassed that my Master had to scold me so harshly for my disobedience. I looked away shamefully sniffling tearfully as I reached back to place the tip of the toy against my butt pucker.

“Look at me, Sahara!” I felt myself blush as I met his angry disappointed glare. “I was going to treat you so special, like my own very precious dirty slut-”

I pushed the tip of the toy into my ass-hole and felt my ass cheeks clench; I bit my bottom lip and made myself relax as I kept pushing the slick plastic wand deeper into my hole. It hadn’t gone in very far when it seemed to get stuck and I couldn’t get to go any deeper. “I think it’s stuck, Master, please help me.”

He sighed impatiently as he shook his head at me. “You will do this yourself and think about how good it would have been if you’d let me use you, Sahara. Just pull it out, rub it around your hole to get more of the lube on it, then stick it back in.”

Derrick smiled coldly as he watched me. “That could have been my hands on you, my fingers rubbing lube around your sexy tight pucker. But- you told me to stop, so I did.”

“I’ll never say it again, Master. Please help me, please-” I had pulled the toy from my butt-hole and, as Derrick had instructed, I had coated it with more lube from around my hole. I was just starting to work the toy back into my tight pucker when I noticed Derrick’s smile soften.

“I wish it was you, Master. I wish you were the one who was rubbing my hole; your hands and fingers working on my ass.” I sighed with delight as I rubbed my own butt and played with the tight hole that was resisting such deep penetration. I smiled at Derrick softly. “I love you, Master. I promise I will never say ‘stop’ again- ever. I love the way you use me and teach me and fuck me. I’ll do anything to be your special dirty slut- anything.”

“I’m glad you’ve learned your lesson, My Slut.” Derrick kissed my cheek gently and chuckled with that sexy pervy smile on his face. “I do like the way you’re fucking yourself with your favourite toy.”

He leaned back and watched me for a few moments. While I’d been working the sleek plastic wand into my ass-hole, I’d been dreaming that Derrick was guiding the toy into me deeper and deeper and deeper. I’m not ever sure when it had started to feel so good, just that it did and I wanted more and faster and harder. So, when Derrick said what he did, I was really surprised. I was really fucking myself and loving it.

“I’ll just help you get that a little deeper, shall I?” My master moved onto the bed beside me and put his hand over mine to guide me. I felt his other hand caress between my legs and rub lightly over my pussy then he shoved two of his big man-fingers into my cunt all at once. I felt the vibrator plunge inches deeper as my master turned the vibration on the highest setting.

The climax that slammed into my body was almost painful- it felt so good. I was crying and writhing all over the bed as Derrick kept fucking both my holes- my cunt with his long thick fingers and my ass with the long sleek wand. Part of me knew I was still being punished as my master kept fucking me and fucking me and fucking me. He was making me take all the fucking he could force into my body all at once. As much as I cried out, I never said ‘stop’ or ‘no’ or ‘don’t.’ All I said was ‘yes’ or ‘please’ or ‘more, master.’

I’m not sure when it happened, but suddenly I was on my back with my master’s thick hard cock pumping into my mouth. All my holes were filled now. Derrick had held the vibrator deep in my ass and had plunged his fingers back into my cunt as soon as his dick was lodged deep in my throat. I tried to suck him- to show him that I could be the best dirty little slut ever- but I was still thrashing around the bed as my master kept fucking me in all my holes. The taste of his thick hot cum in the back of my throat made me swallow and suck him as hard as I could.

Derrick was panting and breathless as the climax shook his body. He stopped fucking me with his hands and the vibrator and just leaned his head on pendik escort bayan my belly as he caught his breath. The slick wand was still vibrating in my ass hole vigorously and his two big man fingers were still deep in my hot wet cunt. I continued to suck my master’s softening cock and writhe beneath him as he recovered.

“Good Christ- Sahara, my dirty little cock whore, you are a greedy slut to be sure.” Derrick pulled his wonderfully thick fingers from my sloppy cunt. He moved away from me so that I could no longer suck his beautiful soft dick. The vibrator continued to hum deliciously in my tight ass hole.

He smiled at me indulgently when we heard the front door chimes ring. “That should your dear friend- What is her name?”


My master looked at me narrowly. “Are you jealous already, my special slut? That someone else might take my full attention away from you?”


Derrick laughed out loud as he smacked my ass in a sharp playful way. “Let’s go let pretty Melanie in, shall we? I’m eager for her to join our games.

“I’d like you leave your special toy right where it is, I’d like you show Melanie what a dirty little whore you’ve eagerly become.” Derrick helped me to stand up without letting the vibrator slip too far from its well-anchored position deep in my ass hole. “Wouldn’t it be perfect if your sluttish example lead Melanie to become the cock whore you are?”

My master checked the vibrator and shoved it firmly back into my aching bowels; it felt even deeper than it had before. I gasped as Derrick resumed the maximum level of vibration again. He kissed me hard as he made these adjustments. “You don’t mind having your favourite toy deep in your ass, do you, my special dirty slut?”

“I love every thing you do to me, Master Derrick; I love you.”

“I love what a delightful little cock whore you are, Sahara.” Derrick slapped my still-burning ass as I walked to the front door. My body ached from moving around so much with the long sleek vibrator deep inside me. My master spanked my ass harder when we heard the front door chime again.

“I’m sure you can walk a little faster, Slut. Let’s not leave Melanie standing outside waiting.”

I opened the door to my best friend and some-time rival with a happy smile on my face. “Hi Melanie; I’m so glad you could come. This is my master and my lover, Derrick.”

“Good afternoon, pretty Melanie.” Derrick smiled and extended his hand. “Please come in, Mr. Fitzroy told me to use what was his as mine. I’m using his delightful home — and his dirty whore daughter — as my own.”

Melanie looked shocked — almost scared as she looked from Derrick to me and back again. I giggled and she looked at me again. “Are you really doing all those nasty sex things you told me about?”

“Of course I am, Melanie!” I turned and gazed at Derrick adoringly. “My master is the best teacher and I’m learning everything I can from him about how to be a man’s perfect dirty little slut.

“And- I’m the best cock whore he’s ever had, right Master Derrick?”

“Yes, you are, my precious little slut.” Derrick smiled at me warmly then nodded at Melanie. “I think you’d best train your friend on the appropriate dress code for the weekend.”

I giggled again and realized why Melanie had been so shocked initially. Derrick and I were both naked. “You have to take your cloths off, silly. Master Derrick says we have to be naked this weekend.”

“Naked!” Melanie gasped and held one hand to her chest and the other to the front of her jeans.

“If you don’t want to take your cloths off, Melanie, you should probably just leave. Derrick is the master and we have to do what he says.”

“I’m sure you can treat your friend nicer than that, Whore, when you ask her to follow house rules?” Derrick had his hand behind my back, with his fingers playing almost idly with the vibrator in my delightfully burning ass hole. He kissed my neck fondly and roughly pinched my right tittie playfully.

“Oh, yes- of course! I’m sorry, Master.” I smiled meekly at Derrick then turned a soft smile toward Melanie. “I’m sorry, Melanie. We really want you to stay. Maybe you’d like to just take your t-shirt and jeans off? Panties and bra will be okay to start with, won’t they, Master?”

“As long as Melanie is comfortable, you can help her get comfortable can’t you, my dirty little slut?” Derrick looked at Melanie and smiled in that sexy-pervy way of his.

“Sahara told me that you and her have played with each other, haven’t you, Melanie? I just want to watch you play with each other, if that’s all you’re comfortable with for now.”

I giggled at Melanie when she blushed. I stepped closer to her and put my hands on her firm stomach and softly flaring hip; I kissed her softly. Melanie was slow to respond at first but soon I had my hands in her t-shirt and was playing gently with her swelling nipples. “You know how much I love your titties, Mel? And you like playing with mine too, don’t you?”

Melanie sighed into my mouth as she whispered a quick reply before returning my kiss and grabbing my titties. “You know I do, Sahara-” She hesitated only briefly when her hand stroked over Derrick’s as she fondled my full round breasts.

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