Movie Night

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Movie Night
It’s about 10pm spring Thursday night. I pull into this Adult Theater in TN. Not many cars in the parking lot but was still early. I stroll around through the book store watching who goes in the theater. A few single guys, three male couples and two mix couples entered within 30 min.

I go in the theater down this hallway pass a few vending machines. On the right there is arcade booths on the left some glory hole booths. Didn’t see anything that caught my eye. Halfway down the hall there is a male gay theater, empty. Next there is female gay theater with only one mix couple. The last theater was the straight porn. There was a few people in there. So I sat down in the BIG leather loveseat and watched the movie. One of the mix couples were masturbating with each other. Every time someone would stop and watch they would stop and watch the movie. So I had a good seat for watching them play. Shortly they left and so did a few others. I finished the movie and walked to the male gay theater. Sat up front and watched a very intense scene with two hot guys. WOW made my cock and balls tingle.

This guy sits just off to the side of my seat, just enough I can see kaçak bahis him but he can not really see me. He pulls his cock out and plays with it. Another guy walks in and sits beside him and they talk a bit. This mix couple sits on the other side of the theater and he plays with her tits. I am rubbing my cock through my shorts watching both side of me. VERY NICE!

They all leave, just me in the front row rubbing my cock. Well I thought I was alone, sitting behind me was this guy. He leans over the loveseat and says are you ever going to pull the cock out? I look back and make eye contact with him. It’s dark but his eyes were locked on me as mine were on him. He sits down besides me and asks if he can rub some. I say sure and recline my seat back as he rubs my cock and balls through my shorts.

He ask if he can pull my shorts down. I told him NO! Then I stood up and stripped completely NAKED in the front row of the theater. He grabs my ass and pulls me forward. As he sucks my balls and jacking my cock. My head falls backwards, arms are dangling behind me I nthe full light of the movie. The only thing keeping me from falling backwards was him sucking and casino oyna jacking me. I was like floating in bliss pleasure. Opened my eyes and saw this guy sitting in the second row watching me as he played with himself. I look at him, look down at this guy making me feel great, look back up at him and smile.

I then see this hot blonde walk-in. She sits over to the side loveseat watching me get sucked. He pulls his head away from my cock says DAM YOUR HOT. Spins me around and buries his face in my ass. OH FUCK! THAT FELLS SO GOOD! I look over at the blonde and she is rubbing her tits spreading her legs open and closed. I lick my lips, arched my back and stroke my cock all while I watch her. He spins me around facing him, pulls me into his face. I am now standing up on the loveseat watching the guy in the next roll jack off and the blonde gets up and walks over to us in the front roll. Without a word she spreads my ass pushes me forward and runs her tongue in my ass. The guy in the next row is looking at me as I lick my lips. He stands up and I swallow his cock. FUCK!!!! This is awesome blonde woman eating my ass, this guy sucking my cock and I’m sucking another canlı casino siteleri man cock.

By this time there is about 10 people standing around and watching the 4 of us. I spin around grab the guys cock that was sucking me and sat on his cock. I ran it deep in my ass. I then motion the other guy to stand on the loveseat and face fuck me. Then I motion to the blonde to ride my cock. OH YEA this is FUCKING HOT. All these people watching us fuck each other.

The guy fucking my face jerks and twist pulling out and cuming all over my face. The blonde is fucking my cock hard. I am pounding her just as hard the other guy is pounding my ass. She screams and moans and thrashes all over me. Poor guy on the bottom is getting worked hard my me and her. She stands up fingers her sloppy pussy and rubs it all over my lips and face. Dam I would love more of that pussy but she leaves. Now it’s just me getting rammed in the ASS. Most of the people watching are gone. I turn and face him as I drain his cock of his man juice with my ASS.

I can feel his HOT man juice fill my ass full. Making my cock throb and balls tingle. I start jacking my cock while he thrashes my ass making me cum all over his chest. I rub against his chest smearing my cum all over the two us. I stand up in front to the movie screen and say “Best Fucking Show Ever”.

Need to return to this theater in TN and have another live show.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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