MasterPC Ch. 09

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Master PC 9: David’s Dilemma

David Donaldson considered himself the most fortunate of men in all ways but one. He had lots of money, a very lucrative consulting business, a sexy assistant whom he was pretty sure he could have as a lover anytime he wanted, and a piece of techno-magic that gave him virtually god-like powers not only over people but even the physical universe in his vicinity. He was good looking, athletic, and well hung. His natural ebullience, volubility, and charm made him the life of any party and a threat to bed pretty much any woman he happened to fancy, or so he thought — he hadn’t attempted to bed EVERY woman he fancied.

So you might have been surprised to see him sitting at his desk one morning looking rather glum. He was surprised. This state of affairs was not normal. Earlier in his life he’d been afflicted with dysthymia, a chronic form of depression, but with the help of the MasterPC he banished that problem for good… Or so he thought.

What he hadn’t counted on was meeting his soul mate after a long and stable marriage. Kathleen O’Brien had walked into his office and pointed a gun at him. It was love at first sight. What happened later that day (and night) was a tryst for the history books. David and Kathleen had fallen in love and it was more than physical attraction. But, David was a married man with no intention of leaving his wife. Given his propensity for breaking his marital vows one has to wonder that he would find it so difficult to just walk away. The answer in this case is “it’s complicated.”

What we have here is two conflicting sets of facts. On the one hand David is not a total cad. He does, in fact, feel a great deal of affection toward his wife. They produced two wonderful children who grew up to be responsible adults and assets to their community. On the other hand, he knew that his wife was NOT the love of his life. David knew this because he had a very clear memory of when he was 20 years old and dating the woman he later married. She made him feel comfortable. She made him fried chicken (and it was great) and chocolate cake. She was a good kisser. David, at that point, hadn’t had much success with women. This one paid attention to him and thought he was funny. She, as I said, made him comfortable.

One night he happened to be thinking out loud (something he later learned never to do in his wife’s presence) and he muttered something about spending the rest of his life like this. “Like this” at the time was freshly fed on the aforementioned fried chicken lying on the couch with his head in her lap. She took this for a marriage proposal. He was too embarrassed to say it wasn’t. Ten months later they were married. And they’d stayed that way.

Fast forward 36 years. The kids were grown and gone — not far but not in the house — and it was just the two of them. Losing weight and getting into shape had improved their sex life but that wasn’t really what it was about any more. Once he laid eyes on Kathleen he knew that life, as he had known it, was over. He’d been struck by lightning, to borrow a metaphor from Mario Puzo. Kathleen was on his mind all the time. She was the reason he hadn’t seduced his new assistant even though she gave every indication that she was perfectly willing to be seduced. In fact he’d been getting a vibe from her suggesting that if he didn’t act soon she’d be a little put out. Her clothing choices had been getting more and more daring. He suspected that she no longer wore a bra or panties to the office. B.K. (before Kathleen) he would have just called her into his private office, thrown her onto his leather sofa, and fucked her brains out. Julia was (nonverbally) begging for it. David was the first man in quite a while that she hadn’t been able to bed once she’d decided it was illegal bahis going to happen.

Since David had met Kathleen they’d been in frequent (and heated) communication. He felt like a schoolboy with his first crush. She acted the same. Whenever he travelled to Madison she joined him in his hotel room or at her house for another round of mind blowing sex. But it was more than that. She understood him. They had interests in common. They read the same books (not all the same books, but enough). She shared his passion for old film noir and the collected works of J.R.R.Tolkein. She liked gin. She was his intellectual equal. She was perfect. And, yet, he could not just walk away from his wife and family.

This situation pretty much covers the definition of dilemma. Kathleen understood his angst but her patience was limited. In his darkest moments, David fantasized firing up the MasterPC and giving his family and the entire community the belief that he’d died in a plane crash in Brazil. THAT disgusted him. He didn’t e-mail or call Kathleen for an entire week after having that thought. He considered getting some counseling. His on-line friends thought he was nuts — the men anyway; the women had a slightly different take.

So, here he was at his desk early one morning (he’d come in early but when he got to work he didn’t remember why) looking thoroughly down in the dumps when Julia, his assistant walked in. She was wearing a micro-mini skirt (and believe me no other woman her age could have made it look that good) of black leather. She had a cream colored blouse with lots of ruffles and a leather vest that matched the skirt. Her hose were sheer and black. She was wearing high heeled pumps. Her hair and makeup were immaculate. Her perfume was seductive yet subtle. Her smile said “I’m going to fuck you today whether you like it or not.”

“Why so glum, boss? Someone shoot your dog?”

“Hmmm? Oh, hi Julia,” he said noticing her for the first time and then doing a double take.

Julia walked into David’s private office and closed the door behind her. Then she walked over to where he was sitting and grabbed his chair, turning it so that he faced her. He inhaled her perfume and something else…ah, yes, a woman in heat. His cock responded even if his heart wasn’t in it. The cock wants what it wants.

Julia climbed onto his lap, straddling him with her knees on either side of his thighs. It was a fairly substantial leather executive chair (David liked his creature comforts) so there was plenty of room. At that point David made his first big discovery of the day — Julia really had gone commando. Her stockings stopped high on her thighs and from then on it was skin all the way to the bottom of her blouse. Discovery number two was the Brazilian wax job on Julia’s cookie.

She was looking at him eye to eye. “I think someone needs to be cheered up and old Julia knows just what to do,” she said, grinning. “There’s a rumor going around that you have some rather significant equipment in your pants, David, and I’m just wondering why I haven’t gotten to sample it yet. Don’t you think I’m sexy?”

“Julia, if you were any sexier you’d be illegal,” David managed to croak.

Julia reached down and put her hand on the bulge in his Palm Beach gabardines. “Oh, my goodness. Is that a telephone pole in your pants or are you happy to see me?”

“I’m always happy to see you, Julia,” David said, evenly.

“Well, I think you need to see more of me,” Julia said, jumping off his chair and standing in front of him. She never took her eyes off of his as she began unbuttoning her blouse. When she had shrugged it from her shoulders along with the vest he got a good look at her magnificent tits for the first time. He was sure they were manufactured tits, but whatever illegal bahis siteleri doctor had done it was the Michael-freakin-angelo of plastic surgeons. They were big. They were round. Each was topped with a deep reddish brown nipple centered in a perfectly formed areola of the same color. The nipples were standing at attention, stiffly erect. Everything about them was perfect. They were like the old Lucky Strike cigarettes — “so round, so firm, so fully packed.”

She turned around and started wriggling out of her skirt, revealing more and more of her wonderfully heart shaped ass as the scrap of leather worked its way down her hips and onto the floor. She looked back at him from over her shoulder, her hands on her hips, and smiled. Then she turned to face him clad only in her stockings and high heels. She was a walking wet dream. She was a porn star. She was in his private office and the door was closed and locked. She left David no choice. Actually, David’s cock, which was in charge at the moment, ignored any “choices” which his brain might have wanted to make.

David stood up and stepped to her. He swept her into his arms and kissed her. That’s actually understating it by quite a bit. He possessed her mouth with his. He took her breath away. He surprised her with his passion and the fierce quality of his expression. Julia started removing his tie and shirt. He helped. In moments he was naked. She stared at his cock, rampant, throbbing; the head an angry red color. It was a fearsome looking weapon and it made her pussy drool. Julia’s body shuddered with anticipation. Her late husband had been hung like a horse and she’d gotten used to a big dick. It had been a while since she’d seen one in the flesh.

“hmmmm….” She said. “I think I know where THAT goes.”

“I’ll bet I know where it goes too,” David said taking her in his arms again, pressing his hard cock into her belly enjoying the feeling of her tits crushed against his chest. In her heels she was almost as tall as he was. This made for better kissing angles. He kissed her again hard and fiercely then spun her around and pushed her over the edge of his desk. She squealed in delight and thrust her ass out toward him spreading her legs as she did so. Her pussy, framed by those beautiful legs and her awesome ass, was winking and drooling its invitation to his cock.

“Fuck me,” she snarled her voice distorted by lust, “put that big cock right up my wet, hot, cunt you bastard! You’ve made me wait for it and now you’re gonna give it to me!”

David said nothing. He fisted his equipment and aimed it at the target. He spit on his hand and covered the head of his cock with saliva. With a mighty shove he drove it home in one go, knocking Julia’s breath out. When she got her breath back, she screamed and David once again blessed his foresight in having extra sound proofing put into his suite of offices.

David immediately began methodically fucking Julia’s well prepared quim. He wasn’t using super speed or anything like that but his rhythm was steady and vigorous and Julia had nothing to complain about in his pace or the force of his thrusts. His heavy ball sack was swinging up and slapping the top of Julia’s slit spanking her clit and giving her jolts of pleasure on every stroke. About two minutes in she started her first orgasm — this surprised her because she hadn’t cum that fast with a man (and only a few women) in her life. Then David started spanking her first on the left cheek and then on the right. The sound of his palm striking her tender ass flesh was loud in the room as were Julia’s yelps of pain and pleasure.

“Oh my god…you’re making me cum…you…are…making…me…cum!”

These were Julia’s last coherent words for some time. For his part, David was enjoying canlı bahis siteleri the warm wet confines of Julia’s pussy but his heart wasn’t in it. The only woman he really wanted to fuck these days was Kathleen and, come to think of it, he didn’t want to fuck her as much as he wanted to make love to her. She’d told him the same thing the last time they’d spoken on the phone. David’s dick, however, suffered from none of his moral ambivalence and was enjoying its intimate contact with Julia’s complimentary parts.

David had a hold of Julia’s hips and he was using his grip to pull her harder and harder onto his cock making her grunt with each stroke. He was pummeling her now, pounding her pussy into mush, forcing orgasm after orgasm on her as she screamed her pleasure and lust to the otherwise quiet room. Sensing that she was nearing the end of her endurance, and noting that the clock on his desk indicated that they’d been fucking for twenty minutes, David released his mental orgasm control and ejaculated a copious amount of his precious bodily fluids into Julia’s now very well fucked pussy.

When he had finished he pulled out and sat down on his office chair, noting that it wasn’t much fun to sit on leather with a sweaty ass. Julia stayed where she was, sprawled out face down over his desk, her legs spread, pussy gaping, leaking a steady stream of his white, creamy, seminal fluid. Her pussy lips were an angry red color and very swollen, as was her clitoral hood. Her ass was bright pink where he’d slapped it — he hadn’t slapped her all that hard. Her chest was heaving as she fought to catch her breath.

“What did you do to me,” she whispered, gasping.

“Julia, that’s called fucking. We can do that pretty much any time you like provided there are no customers waiting in the outer office and we aren’t expecting anyone to drop by,” David said in a very matter of fact way; the sort of voice you might use to order a cup of chili at Wendy’s.

Julia finally stood up, collected her clothing, and staggered into the bathroom. David had spent a lot of money on the office and it was equipped with a nice big bathroom including a shower stall (big enough for two people) and a bidet. He heard water running as Julia cleaned up then a few moments of silence before she walked out still looking a little woozy from her recent bout of desk-top-mambo.

“Did you do this with your last assistant?”

“Julia I don’t usually kiss and tell, but if you must know, no we didn’t. We usually used the sofa,” David said, indicating the leather sofa against the far wall of his office, “and usually I fucked her ass for afters.”

“Next time, let’s try that.”

“I like the way you think.”

“David, let’s get something straight. I like you. I like my job. I like sex. I’m not looking to fall in love. You don’t need to worry about me asking you for any emotional commitments. I’ve had enough of that to last a lifetime. You’re very attractive and I like men with big cocks. I don’t’ want to date you or have you take me out to dinner or buy me flowers. I just want to fuck you once in a while. Is that OK?”

“Perfect. If you dress like that very often you can expect to get all the fucking you can handle.”

“I’ll keep it in mind.”

“Perhaps you can go with me on my next road trip and we can spend a little more time getting to know each other,” David said, smiling, his melancholy mood having lifted for the moment. Julia knew, with her woman’s intuition, that something was bothering her boss and she would not rest until she knew what it was.

David knew what was bothering him but his tryst with Julia hadn’t brought him any closer to a solution. On the other hand, his cock felt pretty good about the way the day had gone so far and it wasn’t even ten thirty yet. Julia went out to her desk to get some work done. David looked at his computer screen and sighed. He went into the bathroom and cleaned up, then put his clothes back on and started looking for more customers in his state’s Capitol…

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