Marsha, Marsha, Marsha

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My wife was out of town and our friend Marsha was coming over to pick up some dressed. Of all her friends, Marsha was by far the most wild and sexy. Marsha is a very sexy and playful woman with red hair and bright green eyes and a big smile. Her very white skin was dotted with freckles. She had very long athletic legs that supported her wide hips and a very round ass. My attention had always been on her 38 B cup tits topped with big round nipples. It looked like she had big round rockets pointing from her chest. When she did wear a bra, it was not padded so her hard nipples were always on display.

In the almost two year of know Marsha she had always been a flirt and a tease and I always played along. Having her in the house dressing and undressing with my wife gone had me wondering what would happen.

Hey sweetie ready for a fashion show, she said when I opened the door. Oh yes baby you better believe it

In the bedroom I showed Marsha the dressed and said I would wait in the living room for her to show them for me. Before you go sweetie, could you unzip me please? Turning around Marsha lifted her hair showing the top of the zipper on her dress. I grabbed the zipper and slowly pulled it down all the way to the top of her ass. As usual she was not wearing a bra and the sight of her naked back was very sexy.

The first few dresses Marsha tried on were great. She would spin and flip up her skirt a little almost showing me everything. In one low cut blue dress I told her if she leaned forward, her breast might show. Marsha leaned over and said like this. I could see down between her hanging breast. You like that don’t you she said. She looked great in everything and I was getting hard just watching her dance and prance.

She put on the last dress, which was a little purple silk thing that looked more like a slip. So, is this dress showing too much skin? she asked. Well I can see your nipples but no panty lines. She giggled and said you have to have on panties to have panty lines. So, you can prove to me right now that you are a real redhead, I said with a big smile. Slowly she started to lift up the dress until I could almost see her bush then she let go and let it drop down. How about you show me yours and I will show you mine, she said with a very sexy smile. I stood up from the chair, pulled off my shirt, and then dropped my pants. Oh my, she giggled looking at my half-hard cock. Now your turn I said walking toward her. Reaching out I grabbed to straps illegal bahis of the dress and pulled them upward. Like a curtain, the dress started to rise showing her wonderful body including her well-trimmed red bush and big hard nipples.

I was now fully hard and filled with desire. Looking each other in the eye, she said I have wanted this for a long time. Her hand touched my cock and then started playing with it as my arms reached around her. We started kissing with passion as our lust for the other overflowed. Pulling her body tight next to me, I started kissing down her neck. Oh god yes I want you so bad she moaned as I started moving down her neck to her breast. Her chest pushed outward to me and I grabbed a breast in each hand holding them firm. Gently and slowly I licked one nipple and then the other. MMMMM Marsha likes, she said moaning. Well is Marsha ready to have her sweet little red pussy licked, I asked? Oh yes please, she responded.

Letting go of her breast, I had her sit on the couch with her ass on the edge and her legs spread. Moving between her legs, I admired her pussy. Lovely lips and shaved with the only hair being a small patch above her slit. Oh Marsha you have to most lovely pussy I have ever seen, I said. Thank you, she said looking shy and playful. I started kissing the lips, which made her moan softly. Then I gently licked the lips starting at the bottom and working my way up. Gently brushing just the very top of her clit. OOHHH yes she moaned as her body quivered. Using my fingers to spread her lips apart, I started licking circles around her clit. She started playing with her breast as I continued licking around her clit. Oh god that feels so good, she said. Slowly I pressed my middle finger in her hole. OOOHHH SSSHHHIIITTT, she cried out as I started sucking hard on her clit as my middle finger started fucking her hole. Her legs wrapped around me as I continued working on her pussy. Looking up I could see her eyes were closed and she was pinching her nipples and pulling them around making her tits shake. With her body starting to shake, she cried out real loud Oh fuck yyyeeaa. Marsha was cumming so I continued my work on her clit but added a finger to fuck her hole. OH OH OH AAAAHHHH she screamed out with a powerful climax.

Ready to take a ride Marsha, I asked grabbing her hips. Looking at me with a big smile, she said, only if it is a ride on your cock. Moving to the floor on my back, Marsha straddled me grabbing my cock and slowly illegal bahis siteleri sliding down. Oh god you feel so good in me she moaned. Her pussy felt so nice and tight that I moaned oh yes Marsha so fucking good to be in you. Sitting on my cock, she wiggled from side to side. I hope this ride has lots of bumps she said with a giggle.

I reached up and pulled her toward me. Get your big tits down here for me to suck on while you ride, I said. Marsha leaned forward supporting herself with her arms locked on each side of my head. Both of her tits were in easy access of my mouth so I sucked on one and then the other. Reaching behind her, I grab an ass cheek in each hand and start working with her to slide her up and down on my cock. OOHH Marsha likes your cock in her pussy, she said ridding me. It struck me as funny that she was referring to herself in the third person during sex. She had never done this before. It was a good thing because it kept me from cumming.

Marsha like ridding my cock doesn’t Marsha, I said playing her game. Marsha fucking loves your cock, she said bouncing up and down. I decided to keep talking as it not only seemed funny to me but also seemed to turn her on even more. Is Marsha about to cum, I asked? OOHH Marrrshaa ssoo ccllossee, she said string out every word. OH OH Marsha gonna cum Marsha gonna cum she started saying over and over while ridding me. Cum Marsha cum you fucking cum for me Marsha, I shouted at her. Leaning back Marsha arched her back and shouted, OOHH Marsha cumming AH AH AH MMM AAHHRRR SSSHHHAAA CUM! It was hot and funny all at the same time.

Waiting for her to come down from her climax, I started to sit up. Wanting to be in control I slowly moved her onto her back. I spread her legs apart wide and grabbed her hips firm and arched my ass back. Looking at her in the eyes, I said Marsha ready to get fucked hard. Before she could respond I stared driving every inch in her as fast as I could. AH AH AH AH is all she could say as her voice shook with every powerful thrust. Marsha likes getting fucked hard don’t ya Marsha. Marsha likes a big cock in her hot pussy. Marsha loves fucking. My focus was on thinking of things to say and it was great because it was keeping me from cuming. All Marsha could do was moan and say yes Marsha like.

After a while my back was starting to give out and her pussy was getting dry. I think Marsha needs some lube for her pussy, I said slowly pulling my cock out. Quickly I made it canlı bahis siteleri to the bedroom for the lube and was back. Marsha was still on her back on the floor looking like she was exhausted.

Standing over her I started to lube my cock and said Marsha ready for more cock. Looking at me she said, Marsha wants you’re cum. I had her move in the doggie position with her arms resting on the seat of the couch. Sliding my cock back in her, she moaned as I started slowly pumping. Holding her hips firm, I pulled her to meet my thrust. Her wide hips and round firm ass shaking with every blow. Tell me what Marsha wants, I said. Marsha wants cum, she moaned. Tell me where you want my cum Marsha, I said feeling like I was close to shooting. MAH MAH MAH PPUUSSS was all she moaned in response. Marsha gonna cum, I asked. GAH NA AAAHHH, she screamed out as I continued my thrust rhythm. Her hands gripped the couch hard as I felt her pussy climax. It felt so good that I could not hold back a second longer. I started driving in her as deep and fast as possible. Pressing my cock all the way in I started to shoot my load in her. Marsha got my cum, I grunted as I flooded her with a big load. AAAHHH SHIT, she shouted. Slowly my cock stopped throbbing in her and started to shrink.

After I pulled out I had to get a towel to clean my cum that had dripped from her pussy onto the floor. Marsha stayed in place with her head down on the couch and her ass arched in the air. I wiped her pussy clean then cleaned the cum from the rug.

Oh my god you know hot to fuck a girl, she said starting to get up. Feeling like a stud, I said, next time I will give you a real hard fucking. We took a shower together and she started washing my cock. In her hands it started getting hard again. Now you did it Marsha you got me hard so now I have to fuck you again. Oh god no more she said going down on her knees. Opening her mouth wide she started sucking my cock and jacking me off. My back was to the showerhead so the water was running down my back as she sucked hard on my cock. Oh shirt Marsha suck it hard and make me cum, I said. She continued sucking like a pro and I was getting close to shooting. Who wants my cum tell me who wants my cum, I said feeling like a porno star. Looking up at me she said, Marsha wants you’re cum. AAAHHH FFFUUUKK, I groaned as I shot my load. The first squirt shot over her head and the second up across her cheek. The last went into her mouth as she sucked me back in her. Oh shit baby that was wonderful, I said gasping for air.

After cleaning off her face Marsha and I dried off and got dressed. She said it was the best sex she had in a long time and looked forward to more. I promised not to disappoint her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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