Loving Indraveni

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Loving Indraveni
Indraveni is a manager in my company. Met her in a office event. Our love for old Hindi movies brought us close. There were occasional exchange of message after that event.
She is probably in her forties. Tall, dusky and a mother of one. Being in same organization flirting was not an option. We took time to know each other.
Sometimes we exchange songs of Hindi movies over whatsapp. Her inclination to send me mostly sad songs gave me signal. I took a chance and we end up discussing our lives.

Eventually, our married lives were exposed to each other. Her unhappiness with her husbands disinterest and my sexual starvation because of an unattractive wife, both got exposed.
Her fears like old age, dark circles around her eyes were known to me. My fear of dying underfucked was known to her.
After few months of chat over whats app and photo exchange, we decided to meet. She was probably 10 years elder to me and we were madly is love with each others body.

Being a man i had to book the room in hotel. I started from home kissing by wife good bye.
Checked into hotel Lemon tree with purpose of business visit. She came around 9:30 AM, wearing the blue skirt she usually wares in office. We meet at the lobby had some coffee and cookies.
I was nervous but some how she looked more than normal; may be its the age factor which helps her to be calm. We decided not to güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri be seen together while entering the room. I gave her keys and asked to reach my room.
After she went, i started thinking for long I was waiting for this day. Now the moment has come and i am feeling extremely calm. After 15 minutes i made a move and reached my room.

She took some time to open the door.
We started talking, we had time and there was no hurry. After some naughty stuff i touched her seasoned legs; they were waxed.
I start kissing her legs and slowly move up towards her thighs. She shivered momentarily. When I reached her pussy and smelt her pubes; she dipped her fingers into my hairs. Her clit came out on my call and I moved up without overdoing the fellatio.
Her skin was aged but smooth. A natural sunburn duskiness was brushed all over her.
Tits were shaggy and I realized it will take time to make her nipples hard just by pressing the boobs.
Probably that’s what her husband also tries at home. I skipped that part and took a few quick deep breaths. I need to slow down and rethink my approach.
I moved further up and started licking her chin. She understood that’s I am in the middle of nowhere and needed a guiding hand. She initiated a mouth to mouth kiss and I cooperated. Her tongue was exploring my mouth, she was slow and compassionate güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri with the movements as if she wanted me to take the things forward with her lead. I felt confident now as I realized she will be there to put me back on track whenever I am lost.
I finished the french kiss and moved towards her ear and neck.
Then I realized she has already removed my pajama when our mouths were locked.
I got rid of my t-shirt and quickly disrobed her skirt too.
We were completely naked now. In this world. Two souls covered in flesh and skin. Rubbing, grabbing and sucking each other; in this vast world, challenging their mortality at least momentarily.
After we reached a comfortable level of intimacy. I asked her whether she would like a massage or not. She agreed. I came prepared with a yoga mat which I spread on the floor. She lay flat on her tummy. I started with toes and made my way up. she had a cute ass which needed moisture and love. I gave both.
In fifteen minutes we both were sloppy in lavender oil and she had her first orgasm.
Out of thankfulness she took my dick in mouth and slowly started moving her tongue around the head.
I was standing and she kneed in front of me, I was feeling her sharp nipples poking my thighs now. Just out of experimentation and her experience she started rimming my asshole slowly with her oily index güvenilir bahis şirketleri finger and asked me if I like it. A reply was not necessary and a sound of pleasure came out of my thirsty soul.
I didn’t want to cum in her mouth so I decided to get to the boring part. Turned her are around and slipped into her wet pussy. It was too wet hence, dried it a bit with tissues. And got in again with a comfortable level of sloppiness. Then few natural strokes with intensity and fingered her oily asshole. She had her second one.
I decide not to cum in this position. This lady has treated me well and deserves more than a doggy fuck.
We slowed down she was looking drained and tired. I asked if she is ready for more, she nodded with a smile and replied “How can I leave you fuming and roll away, I know you are yet to have it.”
I felt tears rolling on my chick. Nobody has shown this extent of care for me on a bed. She noticed it and pull me towards her chest, I tried to regain the stamina by sucking on the salty breasts. She took my head on her lap and started giving gentle finger touch on my abdomen while I continue sucking her saggy tits.
I was ready again.
After a brief blowjob, I was on top and of her with slow strokes and occasional kissing.
Then she came on top of me and took command like a bull rider. I was submissive and allowed her to run the show with varying speeds.
Within 5 minutes I released the floodgates with a long sigh of relief.
She was about to have another one so tried my best to stay hard.
Gods were with me and she managed to steal the third and final orgasm for the day with my support.
There was a long kiss, followed by a shower. We were surrounded by peace now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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