Dad’s Little Room – Part 2

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Dad’s Little Room – Part 2
By: Q12Dad

(m voyeur mast)


What I didn’t know was that my father was thinking about it too. When I
left, my father went into the closet to get some clothes and noticed a small
chip of wood on the floor. He bent to pick it up and looked at it wondering
where it came from. It was the same type of paneling his panel door was made
of so he pulled his clothes away from the door and looked at the door.

He noticed the chip in the corner of door. I wonder how that got chipped, he
said to himself. I didn’t do that. He decided to check out his room to see
if anyone had found it. He remembered I was there this afternoon and
wondered if I had snooped around. He went in the room and immediately
noticed that the lock on the trunk was unlocked. God, I must have left it
unlocked when I left this morning he thought. What if my son saw the things
in there. What would he think? Would he say anything to anybody about his
father’s secret?

Maybe he didn’t see anything at all and just left everything alone. He would
check his security camera just to make sure. He had installed a camera in
the room hidden from view so he could see if anyone entered his room. He
re-wound the tape and put it in his VCR viewer which replayed the tape and
showed it on the wall where he had hung the white sheet for viewing “other”
tapes he had made. The tape started and showed someone with a flashlight
shining it around the room.

Then the light came on and he saw that it was his son John. He saw John look
around the room for awhile and watched in horror as John lifted the cover of
the trunk to see what was in it. He saw John lift the camera out and place
it on the bed. He then saw John pick up the magazine which was on top called
“Nice n Hard”. He remembered he had jacked off to that magazine this morning
before leaving for work and now his son was looking at the pictures of hard
cocks türkçe bahis on muscular guys just like he did this morning. He had no idea what
John was thinking while looking at the magazines and hoped he would just put
it back and leave the room. But John kept looking at the magazine page by
page. It was one of his father’s favorites because there was a lot of mutual
masturbation in it and John’s father just loved the feel of another man’s
hard wet dripping cock pressed tightly against his own, jacking off together
until both cocks would cum in sprays that would run down each cock and all
over the hands that were pumping them. His cock started to harden at the

He then saw something that shocked him. His son John reached into his pants,
into his underpants, and adjusted his cock! When he pulled out his hand his
father could see it was glistening with clear sticky fluid. His son’s cock
was seeping precum while he was looking at the pictures in the magazine!
Sam, that was John’s father’s name, couldn’t believe it. Was his son gay?
Was he bisexual? Or was he just curious like Sam once was when he was
younger and found out how exciting and erotic man to man sex was?

Sam then watched as his son pulled more magazines out of the trunk along
with his cum rag which he had wiped his own cum up with after an explosive
orgasm this morning. He then saw his son sit down on his bed with all the
sex stuff all around him and began looking through the other magazines. At
one point Sam couldn’t help looking at John’s crotch. The camera picked up a
small wet spot forming in John’s pants. John was really getting excited!

Sam’s own cock was getting hard fast watching the action on the screen of
his son looking at hard cocks. He next saw his son stand up and unzip his
pants, pull them down to his ankles and then he pulled his underwear down,
too! Sam was stunned! He watched as his son began to stroke his very hard 8″
cock which was completely wet with güvenilir bahis siteleri precum juice. John’s cock head was all
shiny and pink and his veins were fully engorged. He saw his son sit back
down on the bed and start jackin his hard cock. Sam’s cock couldn’t take
anymore of this so he took his pants off and sat on the same bed that John
was jackin his cock on the screen. It was very weird for Sam but it made his
55 year old cock as hard as rock and his precum was flowing like rivers just
like his son’s. Sam was strokin his cock to the same rhythm that his son was
strokin his and Sam was quickly getting very hot watching the action on the

When his son stood up and took off his underwear and t-shirt Sam got up and
took off the rest of his clothes too. He then watched his son walk over to
the trunk and reach in and pull out one of Sam’s rubber dildo’s, the one
with the vibrator. It was one of Sam’s favorites and now his son was looking
at it with the hottest lust filled eyes. At the same time, Sam reached into
his trunk and pulled out the lube so he could grease up his cock while he
watched his son’s hot cock action on the screen. Sam poured a bunch of lube
on his cock and smeared it all over the head and sides and on his big balls
which he kept shaved clean for smoother action.

Some of the lube dripped down under his balls and Sam worked it right into
his asshole while he watched his son working that big dildo on his cock. He
saw his son grab his cock and the dildo together and start jackin both
together. The dildo was covered with his son’s precum which was dripping all
down the sides of his big hard cock. His son’s cock looked a lot like his
own, cut, but about 2″ shorter than Sam’s 10″. John’s cock was thicker than
Sam’s and it drooled a lot more precum than Sam’s did now. After 45 or so
years of leaking precum Sam figured his was starting to run dry a bit. But
not completely, and right now, seeing his son güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri jackin off with his own dildo
was makin Sam’s precum flow more than it had in years. When he saw his son
touch the dildo to his hot hard cock and then move it down to his balls and
then to his asshole, Sam nearly came. He started strokin his hot cock fast
and harder keeping rhythm with John and then started pumping his hips just
like his son was doing on the screen.

They were both strokin hard, hot, precum dripping cocks with their legs
splayed wide and their breathing getting heavier and heavier. Sam saw his
son insert the dildo into his asshole and was amazed how easy it went in.
Sam had more trouble than that the first time he did it but then maybe this
wasn’t John’s first time. Was he fucking other guys? Sam watched the dildo
go all the way into John’s hole and saw how John pulled it out and slightly
jerked it into his hole about an inch at a time. Sam liked to do the same

He saw John’s balls start to tighten up and could tell John was going to
blow his wad any second so he really started strokin his own hard cock so
that he could come at the same time as his son. Sam began to moan, “Come on
John, stroke that big hard cock of yours. Let your Daddy see it come all
over you in big hot sprays. Make it hit your face and run into your mouth so
you can taste what man cream tastes like. Maybe you already know. Come on
stroke it, stroke it harder, faster, harder, faster. Work that dildo up your
ass, fuck yourself, fuck it hard. Oh, come on son I’m right with you, oh, Oh
Oh, I’m commmmmmminggg.

Sam’s cock exploded violently with his hips pumping up and down. The cum
sprayed all over his chest and into his hair as he watched his son’s cock
spray out huge shots of jism all over himself and he saw one shot hit the
wall behind his head. Sam looked at the wall and the big glob of white cum
was still there on the wall. It made his cock pump out another big wad of
cum which hit him right in the face and then dripped down into his mouth.
Sam was exhausted after that come drenching orgasm as he watched his son’s
cock still drooling cum out of the tip.


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