Bathhouse Nostalgia

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With the local bathhouse still closed after a long half year, remembering its particular attractions becomes unavoidable at times. A recent trip to a local porn complex did not change my desire to get off among other men at the baths, all drawn by the same unavoidable reality. One that starts with the fact that none of us can resist playing together naked and horny.

Group sex at large scale is one of the most amazingly tempting activities found within a male only sauna, one that can be indulged during most, if not all, visits. This particular aspect being the very first thing that appealed to me about such saunas when initially learning about their existence as a teenager. That such places existed for men was easy to understand, having already been involved in a couple of group jack off sessions.

Like all the times over years jacking off with a friend looking at Playboy and Penthouse, no touching occurred. However, the pleasure kept increasing between us in some incredible fashion, sharing something normally kept private. Something that we all knew felt fantastic, slowly becoming unable to stop ourselves after getting hard sharing porn mags. Noticing how other friend’s hands were rubbing over their pants, getting ever less shy when glancing around.

The initial sighs and moans made it obvious that naked cocks were being touched, and soon, we were all openly stroking. That first time was actually unexpected, though the following several times were not coincidental really. And definitely anticipated by more than just myself, as that first time had resulted in mutual intense orgasms. None of us at the time had ever had sex with anyone else, with this providing a glimpse at how much better things became with others involved.

The baths are explicitly a place to have sex, something everyone inside knows to be delightfully true. Within that space is a wonderland of possibilities waiting to be found and appreciated. Sex with another man can be fantastic, especially in a place where having such sex is normal. While there are private spaces, a bathhouse is basically open to anything happening between willing men in full view. In a certain sense, the distinction between voyeur and exhibitionist is not important. Watching others as you stroke is just as satisfying as being watched by others while stroking.

And often, through invitation or out of inevitable curiosity, joining in. As first experienced in those group jack off sessions, something changes when having sex with more than one person. Especially in a bathhouse, already naked and horny before starting to wander among other men with the same desires. Of course not everyone matches everyone, not to mention the definite differences in skills and abilities.

In a group setting, that becomes less important, especially when things are at their peak, multiple men playing with each other in ways that become utterly entrancing. An introduction to this came during my very first visit. Entering the dark room, a man reached under my towel, making me hard before guiding me over his face, then starting to rim me. This was the other thing I had always associated with bathhouses, and what he did to me was incredible for a first time visitor, beyond even my most intense fantasies.

At the start, then for an endless period of ecstasy after, we were alone on the platform in the darkness. At some point, another man entered, leading to me sucking his cock as my ass was licked. I actually ended up sucking another man, before they started playing with each other as I slowly canlı bahis şirketleri moved off the padded platform, more satisfied than ever imagined possible. Though fantastic, this was not exactly group sex, as I came to learn. Having multiple partners available is the first step, not the final one.

Though a fabulous introduction to joys of bathhouse sex, it took quite a while to learn how magical uninhibited group sex can be. The space plays a role, whether a dark room, or a porn theater with tiered platforms, or a whirlpool. The steam room is probably the best, certainly in terms of how often things arise between multiple men within the heated dimness.

Continuing to gain experience over the following months, varieties of group sex became possible to distinguish. Being used by a group is unbelievable, letting several people do to you as they wish, just submerging in the pure pleasure of multiple partners. Existing in a haze of mouths, hands, nipples and cocks merging in blissful perfection. This can be particularly delightful in a porn area, where watching gay group sex adds to the variety of senses being stimulated while floating in paradise. Such as two men going down on you as another licks your raised arm pit, and a fourth plays with your sensitive nipples, in open view of other stroking men, who may replace anyone that leaves.

That initial visit introduced a style that involves a group, yet the center of attention is another specific partner. That first visit, remaining focused largely on a stranger’s magical rimming tongue, keeping me captivated even with other men involved. The other men may change, but the pair is mainly focused on each other. Bringing new men into the fun is always nice to share with a like minded partner, taking advantage of extra mouths and hands together. This style happens quite often with highly skilled kissers, adding to a rarefied pleasure while getting extra attention from other men.

But in its way, that is more like enhanced sensations between a couple than actual group sex. A pair that is obviously well matched, understanding just how much more fun can be created when not caring about others participating. A pair familiar enough with how other men like to join in when provided the opportunity. Sometimes, groups form and dissolve around such a pair more than once.

Generally, group sex involves more than three. Threesomes are fantastic, but the word moresome covers the subject better. It is possible to be in a threesome, yet none of the partners you start with are the ones you end with. Even knowing how many men were encountered between start and finish is just hazy speculation. Of course it is not impossible to recognize when a new mouth envelops your horny lubricated shaft, but after four or five times, memories blur under the intensity of pure bliss.

Particularly in those areas where you never really see what is happening, a basic meaningless arises when trying to think whether the seventh mouth going down on you was also the third to deepthroat you like this. Even counting is deceptive with a mind overwhelmed by primal joy at freely playing with other naked turned on men. Whose own abilities reflect the fundamental truth that everyone knows what men find irresistible, from their own direct experience.

At the baths, such experiences are not the same as what a woman may think. Men at such a sauna are equals, in a certain basic sense (I have never been to true sex club, however – they are not the same as a bathhouse). And after being the center of attention, canlı kaçak iddaa it is quite possible to become part of the group now focusing on another lucky stranger. This is also fantastic, and likely women can imagine being part of such games easily enough too. However, the single woman I know who is deeply interested in group sex never seemed to understand being in a group where everyone is participating, no one asking nor giving permission.

Being equal is fundamental to the best male group sex, an opinion formed after years of avidly visiting bathhouses. No one owns anyone at the baths in any sense, making sharing effortless. Even couples that arrive together are fully aware that they will be having sex with other men too. Surrendering to the limitless freedom, allowing desire to take complete control among other naked men thoroughly experienced in the results of where such surrender leads. Luck plays its role, but the best encounters involve much more. The baths are a place where devoted lovers of male group sex come to indulge themselves.

The longer one regularly visits a sauna, the easier it becomes to recognize when other men with the same interest are going to be playing together. Though you need a group to have group sex, it is not the only requirement. Often enough, a group of naked men is clearly not about to start having sex, especially when a space is essentially too full. This is often the case on weekends an hour or two after opening.

Not that this is a perfect rule, the baths being a place of endless variety and chance. Even when you know that going through a crowd of individual naked men is not too likely to lead to group fun, other things are still quite possible. Finding the chance to play with another horny stranger, such as the type who appreciates the opportunity to go down on the stranger stroking his rigid length. Often enough, that initial pairing may lead to further expanding contacts.

More than occasionally leading to a true group forming, even in such an unpromisingly crowded context. Your cock sucker’s mouth finding another cock as you start to go down on him. Reaching out to the new man’s cock as it is sucked before drawing it closer, taking both sexy cocks into your mouth together. Then standing again, kissing both as their slippery lengths rub against yours, openly moaning, surrounded by other naked men who well know what is happening near them.

The best group sex involves pure sluttiness, and over time, sluts learn the best places to meet other sluts. Those being the sort of men that can no longer resist the pull of getting off in an orgy of available partners. This covers a surprising number of men, especially when things reach the proper level of visitors. Bathhouses may be discrete, but they are not hidden. Generally, there is at least one in even smallish cities. The sheer delight of having sex with other men is something with a long history, the bathhouse being a convenient place where group sex regularly occurs. Undoubtedly one finds other places where men get together to have hot group sex, but the baths are a reliable and comfortable setting, everyone inside knowing what is to be found there.

Meaning that joining or forming a group is a skill that can be practiced, even if many situations just happen, like a spark between everyone. A spark that people are looking to create in many cases. The resulting attractions when a group forms are irresistible, and knowing where it can openly occur is what brings many visitors to such a male only space. It is not difficult canlı kaçak bahis to find two cocks to play with in a steam room, especially when your erect cock is touched first.

A pair may not want other distractions, but a threesome is almost always open to more men joining in. Especially when the person that created it by stroking two cocks hard is interested in having group sex. By the time three men are getting off, even if one may not want another man to start playing with him, the other two are eager to have anyone join in, adding to the variety. After the new man starts touching and kissing and sucking, the initial objection becomes meaningless. By that point, no one cares whose mouth or cock has replaced the previous one.

This shared loss of control leads to glorious sex. Everyone willfully submerging into the incredible sexual sensations, minds filled with wonderfully mutual addictive pleasure, in a male paradise. Though details may be possible to recall after the spell ends, during that time, they remain hazy. After becoming part of such a group, losing track is guaranteed, knowing there is no reason to care.

It is difficult to straightforwardly describe what happens, though impossible to resist as it happens. A first time visitor likely knows that male group sex happens here, regardless of whether the idea attracts them or not. But nothing can prepare you for that first exposure of having sex with more than one partner, unable to control your desire as a group forms.

Passionately kissing a new stranger as you play with another man’s cock, a mouth sliding down your willing length, another stranger kissing your neck as his horny cock slides between your cheeks and against your balls. Then turning your head, leading to three strangers kissing each other as the other men keep sharing their talents in getting each other off.

After reaching such a point, it is amazing how it keeps going. Feeling another man’s cock against yours as you start to get sucked together, someone fingering your ass as you turn to lick another man’s arm pit, grasping a horny erect cock in each hand, slippery with pre-cum. The half dozen you are involved with being only a part of the number of people having sex at the same time all around, at least a couple you have already played with.

All in heaven, enjoying another glorious feast of slutty available bodies. Numbers are not particularly meaningful, as it is likely that I have been involved with 20 partners in exceptionally extended sessions more than a couple of times. Swimming in an ocean of sensations, mouths on nipples, cocks, other mouths, not really sure if they are the same ones as time passes. Cocks becoming communal, touching and grinding, or being sucked together. Bending down to take one cock after kissing a cock sucker’s luscious soft lips, and ending up with three sharing your wet soft mouth, filling it wonderfully, moaning as your cock is played with while a stranger teabags your balls.

The details are never precise, yet it is obvious that the possibilities lead in delightful directions. Feeling the tongue licking your balls slide towards your hole as new wet lips slide over your cock head, effortlessly using and being used by other men. All knowing how wonderful that becomes, without any concerns except continuing once it starts to occur.

Indulging in group sex after experiencing it in this fashion becomes a temptation that is simple to give in to by returning to the baths, and having a bit of luck. Even if, for whatever reason, you don’t encounter a group, there are more than enough men to get off with in perfectly acceptable ways. A fact that makes repeat trips ever more desirable, a simple path to follow while turning into a willing bathhouse slut, as so many other men have.

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