Nancy Is Being Blackmailed

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“Please don’t make me do this,” Nancy pleaded, her gorgeous green eyes filling with tears.

“I’m not making you do anything,” I told my pretty neighbor, leaning back into the couch, legs spread, waiting for my show. I was ready, wearing only panties and a bra.

Her eyes flickered to the side, once again taking in the collage of pictures on the coffee table.

“You know that if John ever saw those pictures he’d kill me.”

“So am I supposed to lie to him?” I asked her, pointedly.

She stood quietly, firming her resolve.

“One lap-dance, and you’ll give me all the copies of those pictures, and we’ll never have to talk about this again. Right? That’s what you’ve promised.” We both already knew she was going to do it. But she was still waffling.

“I promise. One GOOD lap-dance, and I will give you every copy of those pictures, and I promise that John will never hear about them from me.”

“Why are you doing this, Heather? I thought we were friends.”

“Sure we’re “friends”. I want to stay “friends”. Really good “friends”. Close “friends”. Special “friends”. Ever since that night you and the girls came over trashed and went skinny-dipping, I can’t get those images of you out of my mind. I think about you all the time. I want you so bad I ache. I want to hold you, feel you, touch you, kiss you, taste you. I just can’t stand it anymore.”

“Just this once, right?” She asked for the umpteenth time tonight.

“You heard the deal.” With that, I pressed play on the remote, and put the CD player in motion.

Once committed, Nancy seemed willing enough to make the best of a bad situation. She started awkwardly, and had a bit of difficulty trying to act sexy while peeling her t-shirt off over her head, but the end result was worth it. Her breasts are very nice, very much an attention grabber, and to see them swelling out of her lacy bra brought on the first twitch in my shorts.

She did a much better job with her shorts, opening up a button, then lowering a zipper, exposing nothing but skin to the eye. She peeled the two sides outward and I was finally rewarded with a hint of black material where her panties started.

Nancy completed a leisurely turn, ending with her back to me, before teasing her shorts over her hips. After just an inch or two a thin black string was exposed, funneling down to the crease of her full ass, where the two side strings met and disappeared between her cheeks. Once her shorts were midway down her hips and the going was easier, she bent over almost in two, and slid them down to her ankles, then held that pose a few seconds, letting me take in her all but naked, oh-so delicious, ass.

The naughty thong, worn by such a goodie two shoes of a lady, was in so many ways very much not like her. It always seemed a bit odd to me that such a pretty woman had so little experience. She’d only been with one man in her entire life, her husband of 12 years, who she’d married just out of high-school. She was a good little Southern Baptist wife, no drinking, no swearing, and little in the way of hijinks. Yet she wore very tight and revealing clothes that accentuated all of her amazing assets to their best advantage. She would be very proper and virtuous, and then tease men out of the blue, in a flirtatious almost brazen way.

A mother of two, with the body of a 20 year old, she could maked my blood boil. I had rehearsed this scene for weeks, and then carefully planned it out, before I lured her up to my study, and set the whole plan in motion.

Her husband was insanely jealous, and on top of that I knew that their sex life left a lot to be desired. They were on a calendar, and she agreed to let him have sex with her once a week, in order to keep the peace.

Then one day after her kids left for school and her husband left for work I saw a man go into her house and not leave till almost noon. So when this happen again I snapped pictures and recorded her affair.

And now she was delivering her very best lap-dance, in order to keep her night of skinny-dipping and affair a secret.

“That’s nice,” I told her, gazing on her heart-shaped cheeks and thinking how nice it would be to bury my face in them.

She stood back up and danced a bit longer casino oyna before she reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, releasing her full, ripe tits, swaying to the music’s beat.

I saw her eyes glance down at the pictures on the coffee table, then at the wet spot of my panties, then back to my face. She was suddenly blushing madly as she tried to cover her breasts somewhat, while turning and dancing before me.

“Come closer,” I encouraged her, and she hesitantly did, straddling my leg, dancing with her hips to the beat.

She suddenly spun, her back facing me, all but naked. She leaned over, hands on her knees and wiggled her ass at me, now no more than a foot away. She turned to see my reaction and gave me another glance at her pendulous globes, now unfettered by bra or hands.

I reached out and ran a fingernail down the outside of one cheek, slowly, and I could see the goose bumps explode all over her body. She gasped, and I could see her legs trembling. I reached one hand out to each hip, and turned her, so she would face me once more.

As soon as she turned her hands went back to her breasts, doing a poor job of covering them.

“More,” I whispered softly.

She slowed her movements down to a simple weight shift on every other beat, and languidly slid her hands back, until instead of covering her tits, her hands were pushing them together and out. Nancy leaned forward, her shoulders performing a mesmerizing figure eight, her hands now offering up those amazing mounds for my examination. Her eyes were closed and her head thrown back, as she undulated before me, her breasts a hesitant gift.

I leaned forward in my seat, matching her leisurely pace. Her nipples were small and very hard, begging for attention. Up close I could breathe in her scent, and count each little bump surrounding her aroused nipples. A tiny freckle just below the right one was framed inside her tan line. I wanted to kiss that tiny spot and make it mine. She must have felt my breath on her skin. Just as I was about to touch, she inched back, making me lean forward even more.

“Just this once, right Heather?” she breathed.

“Then they’re destroyed. No more hot-tub pictures.” I assured her once again.

She leaned back over me, her breasts rubbing against my face. I reveled in the sweet smell of her skin, as she rubbed her full tits against my face, cupping my face in the valley of her untanned skin. I only got a few minutes of this treatment before she backed away again.

I wasn’t sure what she was up to, until she climbed forward and put her knee next to my left thigh, and straddling me, she placed her other knee beside my right thigh. I grabbed her hips and roughly pulled her forward, until her hot crotch was firmly pressed against my hot tongue.

I got a moan from her at that, and she tilted her hips, rubbing her barely covered slice up the length of my tongue. My pussy was still in my panties, but desperately begging to come out and play. I bent down and took her nipple between my teeth and pulled on it, before sucking it deep into my mouth.

“Just this once Heather,” she said “you know that I am not a lesbian.” It was amazing. I worked on both her breasts, teasing, pulling, nibbling, and sucking. It was almost beyond comprehension that this innocent beauty was in my lap, those picture perfect breasts available to me. And the shy innocence she displayed on a day-to-day basis disappeared as the sexy, playful, horny Nancy made her appearance. She seemed in heat. She was pressing herself hard against my tongue, rubbing up and down against it rhythmically. I let my kisses wander upward from her breast to her neck, my hands replacing my mouth on her tits. My lips continued their journey to her ear, and she became even more animated, nearly humping me. I reached my right hand behind her, grabbing her ass and pulling her even harder against me, and with my left hand I turned her face and covered her mouth with mine. I kissed her mouth with my tongue so she could tasted herself and she screamed out into my mouth, grinding her pussy against me, coming explosively.

When her body stopped shivering, she pulled her face away from mine, and shifted her hips back just a bit. Our foreheads touched as slot oyna we both looked down to where we’d been connected. My pussy had leaked from the confines of my panties through the handy fly, and I could see where it was soaked in her juices from about an inch down below to where I disappeared back into the panties. Her pussy was uncovered, her thong shoved to one side, her lips red and swollen, sticking out lustily, and coated in white juices.

She was breathing heavily, and she slid her hand between us, running the edge of her index finger up and down my pussy.

I was afraid to say a word. This wasn’t part of the deal, but it was the goal I’d been dreaming of. I held my breath, and waited to see if she’d take the next step.

Nancy pulled her face back about an inch, and looked into my eyes before bestowing a small kiss on my lips. Then she was sliding off of me, between my legs, her eyes locked on the angry wet spot rising forming in my panties, her fingers bracketing it but not touching.

Her hands crept forward, encircling, and then grasping me, and she slid them up in an unhurried, teasing fashion, and then all the way back down. She repeated this several times, her two hands traveling the full length of my pussy. Then she leaned forward and pressed the side of one cheek against me.

“It’s…wet,” she said softly, stroking it again, and then brushing her lips against it, just under my clit.

I knew her husband had a small dick. He’d stepped out of the hot-tub once, and he sported an erection that barely made a dent in his bathing suit.

“Suck me,” I asked her gently.

“I don’t do that,” she answered firmly. I am not a lesbian.

“Then I will keep the pictures, and send them to your husband’s work.”

“Please I’ve never done that for John or anyone.”

“You will do as I say or the pictures go on the internet.”

Nancy looked from my panties up to my eyes and then back to wet spot she caused by stripping.

“No, you will not,” she said with a grin, and started to get dressed. I ripped off her clothes and told her that she is my bitch. She better get used to it, as I slap her ass and carried her to my bedroom. I tied her to my bed spread eagle as she was screaming. I then tied a dildo to her mouth to shut her up and so that I could fuck her face with my pussy. She moved her head side to side as I started to lower my pussy on the dildo, then I pushed my pussy on the dildo and started fucking it.

I pulled my pussy off of my dildo and leaned back, moving her hair back with a toss of her head.

“I am going to keep fuck you.” I told her honestly.

I laughed out loud. “Oh, I know that’s go to happen and “I want to suck you off.” I said it almost plaintively.

“Please Heather, suck me. Take me in your hot little mouth. Let me watch my pussy disappear into that beautiful face. Suck me until I come.”


I dived onto her pussy as she is taking me deep in her mouth and used her hands to get more.

I take the dildo and push it into her mouth. She can only take about half the length, and she gagged several times at that, but she worked hard to pleasure me, breathing deeply through her nose, her hands pumping, occasionally looking up to enjoy the sight of me hypnotized by the show occurring at my waist.

She pulled back a bit and licked up and down the dildo before playing with my clit. She took it in her mouth, tugging and sucking gently, and then licked even further below. I watched her in awe as she pulled my clit up and out of the way and licked all the way down to the edge of my ass. Her tongue tickled that sensitive place between my pussy and ass, before treating my starting to lick.

Once more doing her best to swallow me whole. I was still in control, and my hands worked her like a piston, tight, firm and fast, dragging me to my climax.

After all the dancing and anticipation I couldn’t last long, and I stiffened, pushing my hips forward, advertising my impending explosion. She pulled her mouth back, looking up at me, and stroked me fast and hard with both hands. With a cry I launched my cum into her hair, and after the second spurt, Nancy plunged forward and took the dildo in her mouth, letting me finish there. When canlı casino siteleri I relaxed and settled back into the couch, my ejaculation complete, she pulled her head back, her lips wet with my cum, and looking into my face she swallowed deeply. making a bit of a face, and then smiled. She took the dildo back into her mouth, and this time sucked it clean, before she leaned back on her heels and smiled at me again.

“Looked like you enjoyed that,” I said.

“Now that’s an understatement.” she laughed.

“Not bad for my first time then?” I asked, and I could feel an underlying plea for approval.

“Incredible. You are an incredibly hot and desirable woman, and your mouth is a thing of beauty and unlimited pleasure,” she said

“I’m glad you liked it.” I said, and she blushed.

“You know I did.”

“So, a deal’s a deal, right?”

“A deal’s a deal.”

She went over to the coffee table, and picked up the pictures of her and her friends. She was totally nude in all of them. In one she was sitting on the edge of the hot-tub, her friend Marie climbing out beside her. In another she was leaning back, and Marie was rubbing her tits against Nancy’s; an unidentifiable blonde was turned away from the camera in the background. The third was by far the most incriminating. Nancy was in the house, lying on my bed, her eyes open wide and her mouth forming an ‘O’. Marie was lying beside her, on her stomach, her legs spread with a clear view to her closely cropped twat. In this one, Nancy was sitting on the edge of the bed drying her hair with a towel, her breasts nicely displayed.

“They’re really pretty good. It’s almost a shame to destroy them.” She giggled.

“You don’t have to,” I said, “John will never see those from me.”

She folded the pictures and put them in her purse, and then grabbed her clothes and rushed out to the bathroom to get dressed, suddenly very aware of her state of undress.

When she came out she looked radiant. I had put my skirt back on, and was waiting for her. She walked right up to me, pulled my head down to hers and kissed me firmly. She tasted minty; must have found a bottle of mouthwash in there.

“Ok, but now it’s over. You have had your fun, I am married. I can’t be doing this.” She almost sounded like she was trying to convince herself.

I then gave her a cell phone and said, “You are now my bitch when I call you, you will do as I say, and if John is there you will tell him you are going out with the girls.”

“But you said that if I would do as you said today that you would give me these pictures,” Nancy said.

Yes I did and I gave you those pictures. And I have lots more so you have two choices, either we keep going or I will show them to everyone”

“This is not nice. You know you ask and I am sure that you could have join me and then you would not have to blackmail me.” she told me, as she was playing with the buttons on her shirt.

“Maybe! But this way you know that I am a lesbian and I am not into men.” I then reached out, and placed my hand on her breast, giving it a squeeze.

Nancy didn’t answer her. she wasn’t about to agree to that statement.

Nancy finally said, rolling her eyes upward, “It was really rough.” Heather took her hand in hers and walked through the house with Nancy.

“You looked like you enjoyed it there, just a little, at the end.” Nancy teased, giving her hand small squeeze.

“Maybe I did and maybe I did not.” Nancy said.

“I know you that,” Heather joked.

Heather turned to Nancy at the door. “But we can’t do this again. I don’t regret it, but I’m afraid of what might happen.”

“No regrets. Drive safely,” I told her as she stepped out the door. “I would hate for anything to happen to the prettiest girl I know.”

She turned away, walking with a sway in her step, Heather thought that teasing bitch wait till next time.

I locked the door and ran upstairs to see how the movies had turned out. I had two separate cameras on us, one from the overhead lamp above and behind me, and one from the bookshelf to my side. I was aching to review them, and was already pondering how much she’d pay to get rid of these.

If naked pictures of her in a hot-tub with her friends earned me this afternoon, I wondered what a movie of her stripping and sucking her first cunt were going to be worth. But first things first. I had something to do and, some new home movies that needed watching.

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