My Night of Lesbian Passion

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Although I’ve only ever had boyfriends I have always known that I find people, not just guys, attractive and since I’m a little touchy-feely and friendly (I guess), I’ve had a few flirtations and invitations from girls. It’s not gone any further very often, but when it has, it’s been a delight.

I remember it being in the winter. I was on a short break with my boyfriend, staying with his family in the countryside where he grew up, and we’d met up with some old friends of his for a night of partying. I was new to the whole party scene; he’d introduced me to it. Before, meeting him I’d always led a sheltered, studious life. Even as a student I’d concentrated more on my grades than going out. Dancing, drinking and having a nightlife had been a revelation, and I was a convert.

His friend’s mum was super-chilled and we were all in her kitchen, chatting, drinking, getting excited for the evening ahead. Randomly, I remember we were shelling peas for a bit. Anyway, I ended up sitting next to Annie. She was the younger sister of my boyfriend’s mate Charlie, and this was their house. Charlie was a cool dude indeed, and was busy organising a rave at a disused factory nearby, we’d be heading over there after the pub. Unfortunately, it had been raining, a lot, and there was some issue about flooding at the site. He was ringing around to confirm the sound systems were ok and that we could actually get into the factory without getting soaked through. The scene was busy, gregarious and fun…

Annie was easy to talk to, as we sat shelling peas, listening to the rave preparation and downing some local ale, we found that we had plenty in common, not just a love of partying, but interests at university, hobbies and similar taste in clothes and shoes. She was slim and pretty with mid-length curly brown hair (another commonality) and great skin. She and her brothers had been friends with my boyfriend for years and we all chatted about the fun they’d had playing together as kids. I loved this new crowd and Annie was helping put me at ease.

We headed off into town for some drinks and dancing. It was going to be a good night. We bumped into more old friends in the pub and since she was a local Annie knew most of them. She was enchanting, chatting, laughing, giggling; she was wearing skinny blue jeans, ripped at the knee to reveal a little skin below. I was getting glimpses of her small waist as her loose vest lifted each time she absent-mindedly pushed her hair back from her eyes. I wasn’t sure why I kept looking at it, but it certainly was beautiful.

Whenever she looked my way, she would smile, and when she came over to chat, she’d touch my arm, and I realised she was sending tingles through my body. To start with I thought it was a sign that I really liked her as a friend, but as I kept seeking her out in the crowd, I realised it was more. I could tell she was feeling it too, as her coming over to check I was ok was becoming a habit, and when we left to go to the rave we were arm in arm. We squeezed into the back seat of the car and I was next to Annie, our thighs were pressed together and I could feel her hip against mine.

My boyfriend been distracted with his mates at the pub, but by the time we got to the factory we were all hanging together again. The flooding was pretty bad. As we could hear the thumping bass inside, we were taking turns trying to find our way round a waist-deep puddle in the car park, in the pitch black, drunk. It was freezing and pretty smelly too. God knows what they used to make here…

Grimy and cold from our foray through the wilds of the abandoned car park, we finally made it inside. I was expecting trance, but this was much hipper, drum and bass, with a live MC in a back room. And we were there to meet the guy running it. I felt so cool! Annie was blasé about the whole experience; this was a regular weekend for her. We checked out the party, but mostly hung out with the others chatting, drinking, smoking, laughing. My boyfriend noticed the frisson between Annie and I, and I could tell he was enjoying it. With a naughty twinkle in his eye, he came over and stood between us, an arm around each waist:

“You two have certainly hit it off.”

I looked at Annie and we smiled at each other awkwardly, for a moment we were looking into each other eyes, and then looked quickly down. I was blushing. I looked back up at her and she was still staring back. I wanted to kiss her. With Dutch courage, I blurted it out:

“Shall we kiss?”


I glanced at my boyfriend and his eyes were on stalks; at my brazenness, casino siteleri or the thought of the kiss I couldn’t tell. His arms still round our waists; Annie and I moved together and kissed. She was so soft, so much softer than the guys I’d kissed before. It was little more than a (lip tingling) slow peck. We both felt awkward and drew back a little. As we did so, we looked back into each other’s eyes. Hers were gleaming and I could tell she’d enjoyed it; I was getting tingles of pleasure below. We weren’t even inches apart before we moved together again. We lingered over a soft, wet kiss slowly relaxing into the arousal. Our lips parted, we started to explore with our tongues. She tasted of lemonade and smelt a little of coconut. She was delicious.

I opened my eyes to look at her, breathless, and was suddenly aware we had an audience. Fuck this is embarrassing. Fuck that, this is hot! I smiled as I kissed her once more, I closed my eyes and we embraced, our arms were around each other we were kissing passionately. She felt so tiny, my arms wrapped round her little waist, right round, we were exactly the same height. We came up for air, to see my delighted boyfriend. Suddenly I felt guilty and we both pulled away. We smiled sheepishly at each other. I could still taste her. He grabbed my hand and smiled, I grabbed hers and we went to find somewhere a little quieter.

We found a room set-up for chilling out. There were groups of people hanging out, smoking and drinking. A couple of pallets were a make-shift table, and we sat down together on the concrete floor. I was in the hottest position in the room, sandwiched between my hot guy, and this hot, hot girl. Feeling more than a little moist below, in the thumping beat of the dance music, I leant over and kissed my man deep and long. He ran his hands up the inside of my vest top, feeling the sweat on my back. I looked over and Annie was smiling at us. I didn’t want to leave her out. I sat back and pushed her together with my boyfriend. They kissed softly and smiled at each other.

That looks like fun… I lean in to kiss her again and grab my boyfriend round the neck, pulling him in to join us; our lips, our tongues all exploring one another. I was enjoyed his prickles and her softness. This was hot. We all sat back and smiled. I wanted more. I suggested we head off and go to bed; all of us, together. Annie agreed but my boyfriend was being practical and mumbled something about, maybe later. I couldn’t work out why, but by this time, there was no way we could get the car out through the flooding anyway, and it was way too far to walk. We went to dance.

We drifted in and out of the rooms, hugging, making new friends. Annie hooked up with some mates from before and we left her to it. My boyfriend was a hot dancer. I love a man who can move and I danced with him. We kissed, lots, and as we were having a passionate moment on the concrete ‘dance floor’, he didn’t resist the temptation to slide his hand down the back of my jeans, into my pants. As I kissed him harder, I rose up onto my tip toes so that he could reach round to finger me. God I can still remember it so well. It felt so fucking good. We were dancing, kissing, fingering and gyrating. I was getting wet and short of breath. I reached down and grabbed his crotch, his erection bursting to escape. His finger still inside of me, I pushed my mound against him, feeling his cock against me moving up and down, arousing him as he aroused me deep and hard. We knew where we were and, while people were oblivious, lost in their own pleasures, we could wait until later to finish. I headed off to find somewhere to pee and leave him to dance some more, knowing he smelt of me.

As I got lost in the maze of abandoned concrete hallways, I could hear the MC in a room ahead. As I walked in, the place was jumping and Annie was up on stage with Charlie. She spotted me and smiled, beckoning me over. Did Charlie see what we did earlier? Does he hate me? I joined them behind the MC on stage and watched the crowds bouncing up and down before us. Annie put her arm around my waist. The MC started to rap about the pair of us. I was blushing, but loving the moment. I was on stage, with an MC, with a hot girl who was kissing me earlier, the crowd were in front of us, the music was deep and loud, the MC was rapping about me, I was at a rave. This was so much better than the library! We savoured the moment for a while and I relaxed into dancing up on stage. Moments, minutes, hours passed and I realised I still needed to pee. I didn’t want to get lost again and asked Annie slot oyna if she knew where to go. She smiled, took me by the hand and led me from the stage.

Once we’re out in the corridor again. I can feel the sexual tension between us. We move away from the noise towards a door. It’s ajar and leads into a dark room, there doesn’t seem to be anyone inside right now, and we head inside. I really do want to pee and head to the farthest corner to relieve myself, asking her to watch the door. She needs to go too and heads over to squat next to me. We are both squatting, jeans and pants down, pissing in this room, no one around, muffled music thumping. It’s inevitable that my mind wanders to our kiss before, and I look across at her. By the smirk on her face, she is SO thinking about the same thing. She is an old raving pro and produces tissue from her bag. We clean up and stand up, close to each other. I’m in no rush to do myself back up. I look at her and feel suddenly awkward:

“Erm, sorry about before, I hope you didn’t mind.”

She smiles and responds with actions rather than words. She steps towards me and we are kissing again. Soft lips touching, we are both enjoying the moment. I reach out for her waist as she puts her arm around my neck and we are embracing passionately, deeply. She’s had a smoke now and I can taste a little smoke with lemonade, sweet and delicious. Our tongues are exploring. Our bodies are pushing together. I can feel her breasts against mine. I love the pressure and push mine into it. I am feeling the heat in my groin and find myself pushing towards her there too. I move my hands up her back towards her neck and hair. I love the feeling of it in my fingers. I gently push into her hair as I kiss her, she has her hands in mine and we are kissing like lovers. My head is tingling at her touch, and as our breasts push together, I know I want to feel her skin against mine.

I’m not sure how far we’re going to take this. It’s one thing sharing a kiss in public with your boyfriend there, another to be alone in a dark room. Oh fuck, this feels so good. We can go find him after and bring him back to the room… We can repeat whatever we get up to now for him.

I tentatively move my hand to her waist, pull up her top a little and touch her bare skin beneath. Wow, she’s hot, literally, she’s smooth and she’s getting goose bumps as I touch her. She is so small. Her hands are still in my hair as I move both mine up the skin of her back, past her bra, making me think about her breasts. Should I touch them too? I want to. She pushes against me, her groin against mine now, and I think I can feel her nipples, mine are like bullets too.

I pull her tighter against me, not sure what to do next. We are still kissing, now her hands are moving up my bare skin on my back. I am shivering, it’s cold in here, but this is pure pleasure. The bass beat is muffled and I can hear our breathing. I know I want to see more of her, but I ‘m not sure if that’s really what we’re up for. It’s like she’s reading my mind as she starts to pull up my top. Shit this is hot. As she is pulling my vest over my head, she leans down and I feel her kiss the skin just above my bra. It is so soft, so sensuous! I am nervous someone is going to walk in. She senses my nervousness and stops, looks at me and smiles as she pulls off her vest. Wow, she looks amazing. Her bra is white, with a lace edge, and I can clearly see her erect nipples beneath. We are both standing there in our bras, our jeans still undone, breathing, taking each other in. Nervous to brush against her now, I lean in to kiss her again, softly. She responds with equal tenderness. She wraps her arms around me and pulls me close again. We are flesh against flesh, breast against breast. I am starting to lose my inhibitions.

As we kiss deeply again, I can feel her fumbling to undo my bra. I start on hers. It’s difficult from this angle. We manage to unclasp them almost simultaneously and pause momentarily before we each pull them off to see and feel what’s beneath. Our breast are bare against each other as we continue to kiss, it is so arousing. I move my hands up and down her back, pushing my breasts against hers, and then I go for it. I stop kissing and move back a little so that I can gaze at this beautiful body.

Her breasts are firm and perfectly round, maybe a C cup. Her nipples are small, pink and erect; she is covered in goose bumps and a sheen of sweat. I reach down and gently, gently take her left breast in my right hand. It feels a little colder than her back, firm and soft. I want to warm her. canlı casino siteleri I squeeze slightly and she takes a sharp breath. I look at her face; it’s pleasure. I want to taste her. I bend down and gently kiss her nipple. She groans, and I take a little lick. She is as good to taste as she looks. I fondle her right breast with my left hand as I lick and gently suck at her right; I play gently with her nipple. It’s as good as I’d hoped, I want more.

Her hands are back in my hair, and then she’s pulling back up to face her. We are kissing again as she takes my breast in her hand and squeezes me. My nipples are tingling; she pinches and pulls a little. I feel it in my groin. I kiss her deeper and I’m pulling her closer to me again, my hand on her tiny waist. I want to be fucked; so badly.

Lost in the moment, I start to slide my hand into the back of her jeans. She is wearing a thong. My hand runs round over her cool, round, smooth bottom. She is enjoying it and thrust herself towards me, squeezing my breast harder. I tentatively move my hand around, down deeper into her jeans. My fingers are at the base of her bottom, the top of her leg, I move towards her crotch. I can feel the edge of her hole. She feels warm here. She gasps; pauses. Have I done something wrong? She kisses me firmer again and arches her back. Naughty girl, she is pushing her ass into my palm, my fingers towards her vagina. This is better than I’d imagined, all those night furtively touching myself in bed, wondering what it would be like to give this pleasure to another woman. It’s a tight squeeze, but I move my hand around the inside of her skinny jeans, the inside of her thong, so that I have my hand on her mound and my fingers on her clit. She takes her hand from my breast, sliding it down my stomach. I realise she is going to return the favour.

As her fingers reach my open fly and the top of my pants, I am wet with anticipation. I am slowly rotating my fingers on her clitoris, hoping she likes this as much as I do. By the way she is rocking, and the wetness on my fingertips, I think she is. As her fingers slip inside my pants, I stop kissing her. I open my eyes to look at her. She is looking at me too as we slowly push our hands further. She is warm, so warm, and moist and soft, a little pubic hair on her labia; less than me. She is pressing her fingers on my clit, we are building to a rhythm. I think we’re in time to the muffled bass beat. As I move my fingers towards her hole, she slips her along my inner labia. We both close our eyes and kiss deeply again as we push our fingers inside. I have never felt so aroused in my life. Fingering and being fingered, kissing soft, lemonade lips and being kissed.

She is tight, tighter than me. I don’t want to hurt her. She grinds down onto me, forcing my finger deeper. I move it in time to the rhythm she’s using on me, fingering her g-spot. I manage to use my thumb on her clit, rotating it and squeezing my thumb and finger towards each other a little in pulses, arousing her clit and g-spot in time. She is enjoying it; she repeats the same motion on me. We are kissing and finger fucking, our rhythm getting faster, harder. Are we actually going to cum? Together? The though arouses me even further. I love what she’s doing with her hand; she’s squeezing my nipple again and I cum. I am spasming against her hand on my mound. The feeling of it brings her to orgasm and she is lost in furious rhythm as I bend down and suck her nipples. It’s so soft, so delicious. The moment of ecstasy seems to last forever.

Slowly the beat is bringing me back to my senses. As we slowly withdraw our fingers. We kiss tenderly. I take her breast in my hand again, softly squeeze and then bend down to kiss her mound, feeling the hairs on my lip. I am saying thank you. I am saying good bye. I stand up and she is smiling at me again. She bends down, kissing my left nipple, my right and then she kisses me just above my pants line. I tingle again. I could let her do that to me all night.

We get dressed, completely relaxed now in each other’s company. She makes one and we share a roll-up. I ask her if this is something she’s done before and she laughs. This is both our first times. Fuck I could get used to this. We finish up and head back out the door to find my boyfriend. Shall I tell him? Will he be jealous?

By the time we’ve found him again, he’s trashed. I tell him Annie and I have been kissing and he shrugs it off. I ask if he wants to join us for a 3-way fuck, but he’s says he’s happy with a 3-way kiss. We comply and I’m the happiest girl in the room. I touch his cock and find that Annie is there too. We caress and kiss him on the dance floor, our fingers touching each other as we touch him. The song changes and he’s distracted by the new beat. We dance until it’s light.

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