My First Glory Hole Experience

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The following is a true story and the experience took place in August 2017 in London. This is my first story for Literotica and I hope you enjoy it.


It was a slow and long day. I’d been out the previous night as one of my colleagues was leaving the company and going traveling around the world.. A few drinks turned into a lot more than my body can cope with at 35 and I ended up getting home around 2am to an angry wife.

Me and my wife have a good enough relationship. We have three children together and have been married for 13 years, but sex doesn’t happen often and even when it does it’s not particularly amazing. One thing that has always been a challenge in the bedroom is her complete refusal to give blow jobs.

I’d got into work a bit late and after getting a big breakfast to try and cure the hangover and drinking about 20 pints of water, I was still feeling terrible and decided to book the afternoon off and go home… But then I decided that perhaps I’d have a bit of fun first.

I loaded up website I’d recently found which is essentially a big database of escorts and looked at the profiles I’d saved to look at another time. I’d never actually gone through with any of these and it was just a fantasy but a coupleof of nights ago whilst looking at the site I found a profile that I couldn’t stop thinking about.. It was a profile for a European girl who had created a home-made glory hole in their flat. I LOVED the idea of a glory hole and it’s one of the top searches casino siteleri I’ve made on the porn sites I visit, plus some of my favourite Literotica stories are (straight) Glory Hole stories.

The site showed that a visit to this home made glory hole would cost me £50 and that it was a glory hole ONLY service – a blow job, hand job, but definitely no intercourse.

So knowing my wife was back in a mood back home, having a distinct lack of blow jobs (ever) I decided to go for it and book in to see this lady. Looking at the details it seemed you had to call on the first time rather than use the booking system so I found an app that allowed me to have a “second” number and gave her a call. She answered straight away and we arranged for me to visit at 2pm and just after the call she sent me a message with the details of how to find her place.

The rest of the day went slowly but eventually I said my goodbyes in the office, telling them I was off for some sleep and went straight to the flat, following the directions I’d been given. I was pretty nervous about doing something like this and also paranoid that it was a trap and that I was going to be robbed at gunpoint!

At her instructions I phoned her when I was downstairs in the block of flats and I was given her room number and told to go straight in when I got there and to be quiet out of respect for the other people in the building.

I entered the apartment and the first thing I saw was that the door immediately slot oyna to my right after walking in had been removed and in it’s place was the home made glory hole. It looked a bit like a curtain with a hole cut out at crotch height. I also noticed that there was a TV (on mute) right next to the glory hole with a porn video playing, which I thought was a nice addition. I heard a voice from the other side and I asked to visit the bathroom first as I wanted to freshen up a little first. The bathroom was the only other door open so I did this and returned back to the hallway.

I handed over the money and all I could see her ample breasts on display. I reached into the hole with my hands and felt the breasts. They were clearly natural and seemed a good size. She let me squeeze them and I ran my hands under her bra, squeezing her nipples in the process. She then took the bra off so I could get a better feel. Now it felt like time for the main event.

An important note to add here. Whilst I am no stallion in the bedroom, I do normally last quite some time and often don’t actually orgasm during sex. I think this is probably because I generally try and masturbate at least once a day (helps keep the doctor away) and also watch a lot of hardcore porn so vanilla sex seems a little boring at times.

I pulled by trousers and boxers down and inserted my ragging hard on into the hole. There was no way of seeing what was happening the other side and this gave me a huge thrill. Immediately I felt my dick canlı casino siteleri be put into her mouth – the feeling was amazing as she started to suck on me.

Next she took my dick out of her mouth and started rubbing her hands across it, I could feel and hear her spit on my dick to as she started to pump on it.

She then continued to swap between these two methods and within just a few minutes I was starting to feel like it wouldn’t be long till I would explode. I tried to think of other non sexual things to try and last longer but it was doing no good as she continued to suck on my dick and massage my balls in her hands.

She must have known that I was about to cum because (and I’m making an assumption at this point) she then took my dick out of her mouth and starting to rub it across her ample breasts, giving me the perfect tit wank.

It was time to orgasm and that I did – the feeling was amazing as she took my dick back in her hand and kept pumping, extending the feeling for as long as she could.

Remember I told you I normally last a while? This whole thing probably took around 5 minutes and was one of the best sexual experiences I have ever had.

After finishing she passed me through a baby wipe to clean up my dick and I gladly accepted and threw this in the bin provided; I noticed in doing so there were quite a few wipes in there so I’m going to assume she’d service at least 5 or more men already and it was only early in the day.

I left feeling great – it had certainly sorted out the hangover that I had been experiencing and when I got home my wife was also in a better mood but I can’t help feel that I’ll be back and hopefully if I am, I’ll last a bit longer next time.

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