Money Matters

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This is a fictional account.

Beth Carr found herself walking home on the last day of school her senior year. She was between boyfriends and did not own wheels of her own. The bus, as a graduating senior, would have been to degrading to ride. As she walked, she thought about her life. She was graduating from West Little Rock High School in two days but without a future to look forward to. Her alcoholic dad was in jail again after another DWI conviction and her waitress mom could not afford to send her to college while taking care of her two younger sisters.

She was deep in thought about what she would do when she heard her name being called.

“Beth, wait up.” Teisha Wells called from behind her.

Beth turned to see her best friend Teisha trying to catch up with her. As she waited, she thought about the two of them. Teisha had been her closest friend for three years. Their mothers worked together at the “Travelers Bar & Grill”. Teisha was also between boyfriends and her family was in the same basic financial shape as Beth’s. Her dad had left her mother with four kids when Teisha was ten. Teisha was not headed for college either. They would probably end up getting jobs together as waitresses or store clerks. At least until they could save money for college. Neither had been a good enough student to win an academic scholarship or athletic enough for a sports scholarship.

As Teisha neared, Beth looked at her friend. Teisha was a good looking black girl. She had shoulder length hair which she wore straight or in a ponytail. Her clothes were modest and mostly old but her great figure still made the boys look. Teisha’s best feature, besides her bubble butt, was her 36C breasts that threatened to bust out of her old undersized bras. Her skin reminded Beth of chocolate ice cream. Her father had been black but her mother was Thai. The combination gave Teisha a mocha complexion and a cute sultry face. Teisha had a tight waist from running track. At 5′ 8″ and around 130 pounds she was fit and great bikini material.

Beth watched Teisha’s tits bounce as she neared and slowed to her side. Beth wished she had tits like Teisha. Hers’ were quite a bit smaller. Beth was white, 5′ 10″, and about 125 pounds. She only had 34B breasts but they were perky with great nipples. At least, that is what her first boyfriend had said. He had liked sucking on her nipples. Beth’s hair was blonde and about half way down her back. She also wore it straight or in a ponytail. Her best features, at least from the opinions of her three past boyfriends, were her deep blue eyes, her pouty puffy lips, her nipples, and her long shapely legs. Beth had played volleyball and had a models figure. Beth wished she and Teisha could afford good clothes like other girls in school. If they could, maybe they would both have new boyfriends by now.

“Beth, why’d ya leave without me?” Teisha said.

“Sorry Teish. I guess I spaced. I just assumed ya had a ride,” Beth said.

“Yeah, it sure is embarrassing that we have to walk home, huh?” Teisha said.

“Yeah…but more embarrassing we have nothin much to look forward to except working some meaningless jobs. What are we gonna do?” Beth said.

“Not sure. It would be depressing to have to be waitresses like our moms. We got to figure a way to get outta this worthless place,” Teisha said.

“Yeah, I wish I was going to college but I guess I’m going to have to earn the money myself,” Beth said.

As they walked along towards home, Teisha reached into her book bag.

“Hey, I took a copy of this job opportunity from the school bulletin board. Whatcha think about this?” Teisha said handing the paper to Beth.

They walked along as Beth read the ad. The title of the advertisement was “Girl(s) wanted for Domestic Helper”.

“This just sounds like a glorified maid,” Beth said.

“Well, sort of…but do ya recognize the name at the bottom?” Teisha said.

“No, should I.” Beth said.

“I saw somewhere, maybe on the news once, that guy is fabulously rich. He owns Prate Drilling and a bunch of other companies. Charles Prate is the richest guy in Arkansas besides the Waltons. He owns most of the oil and natural gas wells in this state and many in the gulf.” Teisha added.


“Well, nothin but wouldn’t it be interesting to see how the filth rich live for a while?” Teisha said.

“What the hell are ya saying? We should work for this rich bastard as maids for the summer or somethin?” Beth asked.

“Ya got a better idea? I sure as hell don’t want to be a fuckin waitress like our moms!” Teisha said.

“Why the hell not…what is wrong with that!” Beth said.

“Well…with your skinny ass maybe nothin but I don’t want every freakin dirty old trucker and undersexed bastard pinchin my ass all fuckin day. Ya can have that!” Teisha said.

“Good point!” Beth laughed. “But fuckin maids…

“Hey, at least he lives away from here. Did ya see the address at the bottom?” Teisha said.

Beth looked again at the illegal bahis paper and saw that the address was a large estate out near Hot Springs, about 30 miles to the west. It was called “Eagle’s Lair”.

“Wow…ya mean we would move out to there?” Beth said.

“Yeah…I think so…

“But he is only hiring one maid?” Beth said.

“Look again; it says girl or girls sought.” Teisha said.

“Ya think we could do this together?” Beth asked.

“Why not, we just need to pass the interview.” Teisha stated.

“What the hell do we know about being a maid?” Beth said.

“Haven’t we both been cleaning for our moms for years while they work?” Teisha stated.

“Yeah, with a bunch of punk ass messy kids too,” Beth said.

“Right…so whatcha ya think?” Teisha asked?

“What the hell we got to lose anyway. It’s just an interview. Do ya think many will apply?” Beth asked.

“I don’t know but I did see two others taking copies. We would make a good team though and we can talk that up.” Teisha said.

“True…I guess we should try it.” Beth said.

“Great!” Teisha said. “Let’s call for the interviews right away.”


They arrived at Beth’s house two minutes later. Teisha’s was two blocks further down the same street. They called the number on the page once inside. A woman answered the call. They explained they were calling on the ad and both were given dates, times, and where the interviews would be held. It was a hotel not far from their mother’s restaurant. They could get rides there in the morning but might have to walk back. There times were early in the morning and back to back. The interviews would be the Monday after Saturday’s graduation ceremony.

“Well, that’s done!” Teisha said excited.

“Yeah, maybe we found our summer jobs.” Beth cheered too.

Teisha stayed a little while after calling her mother to say she was over Beth’s house. The girls listened to music and played video games.

“I like this game,” Teisha said.

“Ya should ya always win,” Beth shot back with a smile.

“Yeah…guess I do at that,” Teisha said smiling too.

“Which graduation parties should we go to this weekend?” Beth asked.

“I think we ought to go to Mary Jane’s. Most boys will probably be there with the pool and all,” Teisha said.

“Yeah…you’re probably right.” Beth said. “Any others?”

“Well, maybe Jimmy’s if ya want to drink. I heard he is somehow getting a keg.” Teisha said.

“Yeah…I heard that too but I don’t know about that. The guys can be such fools when they are all drunk on their asses.” Beth said.

“True, they act like such dickheads drunk,” Teisha said smiling.

“Yeah, and I hear alcohol makes their cum taste bad!” Beth blurted out.

“Ya would think about that ya slut!” Teisha joked.

“Yeah…like you’re not as much of a cumslut as I am!” Beth retorted.

“Well, I need it to keep my complexion clear,” Teisha said and they both howled.

They finished their last game and Teisha gathered her things to leave.

“Hey, how much longer we going to keep up this virginity pact,” Teisha asked?

“Well, we can stop anytime but we both agreed to wait until we graduated or met the absolute right guy,” Beth said.

“Yeah…I know but it’s just that…well Mindy told me her and Carl are doing it.” Teisha said with a frown.

“Yeah…so, that is her…

“Well, it’s just that she said, other than hurting the first time, its awesome!” Teisha said. “She said it makes your fingers feel like a toy compared to the real thing.”

“Really…that good huh…

“Yeah…better…Mindy says her orgasms before were nothing compared to those from a cock inside her,” Teisha said.

“Wow, really…that is so cool. Carl must have a nice cock.” Beth said.

“I guess but it’s got me itchin down there somethin fierce!” Teisha admitted.

“Well…thanks. I’m going to be thinking about that all night now cunt,” Beth joked.

“Ya going to be pounding that pink ass pussy of yours?” Teisha kidded.

“Probably, ya biatch,” Beth shot back.

“Well, I might have to find the pink inside of my black pussy with my fingers too,” Teisha joked and they both laughed.

“Seriously though, are we going to keep this virginity thing going?” Teisha asked.

“I’ve been ok with just giving blowjobs so far but now ya have me thinking,” Beth said.

“Yeah, I know. But having a cock up your cunt is sounding better and better all the time!” Teisha exclaimed.

Teish that is how girls get pregnant ya know!” Beth stated.

“Yeah, your right, but Mindy says they use condoms and she seems happy and feelin safe.” Teisha said.

“What are ya saying? If the right guy comes along ya want to do it? Or ya just planning to spread your legs for some guy at the parties this weekend?” Beth asked.

“No, I want to wait for the right guy but I’m just saying is all, we may be missin somethin good.” Teisha said. “Well…your right it sounds it. illegal bahis siteleri Don’t ya go fuckin somebody without telling me first though,” Beth stated.

“You’ll be the first to know if I decide to give it up.” Teisha told Beth.

“Besides, I gotta say I still like sucking cocks and need to perfect takin one deep,” Beth said.

“Yeah…me too…” they both chuckled.

They left Beth’s room and walked downstairs to the front door. Beth let Teisha out and headed for the kitchen to see if her mom was home yet. Her younger sisters were doing the morning dishes in the kitchen at the sink while watching TV.

“Mom home yet?” Beth asked.

“No but she called. She is on her way,” Megan said.

Megan was the second oldest at sixteen and Tammy was fourteen. The girls usually got along together fine but occasionally, like any sisters, they fought about something. Beth left for her room again thinking about what Teisha had said about fucking.

Saturday came quickly and the graduation exercises were held in the school gym at 2:30. The graduating class was just over three hundred so the ceremony lasted close to three hours. When it was over the classmates all cheered and hollered and gathered in small groups of close friends for parents to take pictures. Teisha’s mother and Beth’s mother took the families to their restaurant for dinner. They had a nice dinner to celebrate and the owner of the Travelers Bar & Grill provided a cake for free for dessert.

Teisha and Beth were anxious to finish with the dinner so they could go to some of the parties. They planned to start at Mary Jane’s then maybe go to Jimmy’s from there. A good friend Shelley had agreed to pick them up at 8:00. It was already 7:00 and the two girls wanted to change clothes first so they pushed everyone to hurry up. They made it home by 7:30. Teisha changed quickly at home and made it back to Beth’s house just before 8:00. Beth was ready. She had on a tank top and some very short shorts and high heels to emphasize her great legs. When Beth saw Teisha she was immediately jealous.

“God…ya fuckin fill out that tank top much better than me ya big tit wonder,” Beth joked.

“Yeah, well look at those fuckin legs,” Teisha shot back smiling. “One of these days your gonna be wrapped them around some guy,” Teisha joked.

“Not tonight!” Beth said. “But I might wrap these lips around a cock or two…

“Ya cocksucker,” Teisha laughed. “Look who’s talking,” Beth smiled.

“Yeah…I guess your right,” Teisha said and they both laughed.

Both girls had become pretty good at giving boys head since turning eighteen. Beth had three boyfriends senior year and kept them happy by sucking their cocks for them. Teisha had one long relationship but it was never serious enough to last. She had broken up with Ricky two months ago. She missed sucking his nice black cock but had sampled a few others since at a couple parties. The two good friends discussed openly their cocksucking adventures. Both swallowed and were learning to dismiss the taste. They also were trying to take cocks into their throats. Neither had successfully deep throated a cock yet but they were working on relaxing their gag reflex to the point they could.

“I think I see the headlights of a car coming,” Beth said as they waited on the front porch.

It was not yet fully dark but Shelley had her lights on as dusk approached. She pulled to the curb and the girls hopped in with Beth in front and Teisha behind her. They headed out for Mary Jane’s house. Supposedly, her parents were out for the evening and they would be alone until 11:00 at the party. The three girls talked about graduation and who they hoped to see at the party as they drove. Beth was looking at Shelley, admiring her dress as they talked. Shelley’s parents were still together and her dad had a good job at the electronics plant outside of town on the highway. They could afford two cars and nicer clothes than either Teisha or Beth had. Shelley wore a summer dress which hugged her breasts and came to mid-thigh. Shelley’s tits were bigger than Beth’s but not as big as Teisha’s. Shelley was shorter than her friends at 5′ 5″ and about 135 pounds. She had a nice face with relatively short curly brown hair.

The drive took only fifteen minutes. When they arrived at Mary Jane’s, the party looked to be in full swing. The party was mostly out back near the pool with many kids already jumping into the water. The girls had packed their swimsuits but chose to put them aside to mingle first. Teisha ran into Ricky and she sat to talk with him for a few minutes. Shelley and Beth kept mingling. Beth saw two of her ex-boyfriends and said hi but she did not stop for long continuing to explore the party with Shelley. Shelley ran into Kristen and stopped to talk with her. Both were going to Arkansas State in the fall. Beth continued to roam. She grabbed a coke from the kitchen and said hi to Mary Jane. They talked briefly but then Mary Jane had to attend to some party matter and excused canlı bahis siteleri herself. Beth was about to go get her swimsuit to change when someone grabbed her elbow.

“Hi Beth,” Michael said.

“Oh, hi Michael,” Beth answered. “Where’s Julie?”

“We broke up yesterday. I guess ya didn’t hear with graduation and all. I think she’s over Jimmy’s. I may go over there later but not to see her of course,” He said.

“Oh wow, sorry Michael. I hadn’t heard and the day before graduation too,” Beth said. “Yeah…well, it’s probably for the best. I don’t see her staying loyal to me when she goes to the University of Illinois. It was fun for high school but couldn’t last I guess with me staying here and working for my old man,” Michael seemed to pout.

“Well, it’s a shame nonetheless. Hey, want to go for a swim. Maybe that will cheer ya up,” Beth said.

They headed back to where Beth left her swimsuit.

“Where is your suit? Did ya bring one?” Beth asked.

“Yeah…I have it on under my shorts. I’ll just wait here for ya.” Michael said.

Beth walked off to find a bathroom to use to change. She had to go upstairs to finally find one. She could hear some noise coming from one of the bedrooms and guessed some couple was already sampling each other. She changed quickly into her baby blue bikini. She looked pretty hot she thought as she admired herself in the mirror before leaving. The blue of the bikini was a nice compliment to her tanned skin and blonde hair. Beth decided to just carrier her towel rather than wrap it around herself. She wasn’t opposed to getting some looks as she walked out to the pool. Though no sooner than when she had exited the bathroom, that she felt a tap to her shoulder.

“Lookin hot Beth!” Jamie said.

Beth turned to see Jamie Richards, one of the stars of the football team standing there. She had always liked him secretly.

“Hi Jamie,” Beth said. “Ya thinkin about going in the pool?”

“I was waiting a bit but now that I see what I am missin, I may just jump in soon,” Jamie said with a smile.

“Don’t wait to long,” Beth joked. “It might get crowded.”

“Well, save me a spot next to you will ya,” Jamie said.

“Maybe…maybe,” Beth said turning and walking away. She put a little extra wiggle into her step as she walked to the steps and descended.

She got a bunch of stares from several guys as she walked through the house and exited the back door. Michael was waiting by the pool already in his swim trunks. He watched closely as Beth approached him.

“Wow Beth! That is a great bikini,” Michael said.

“Thanks Michael. Shall we swim,” Beth said taking his hand and walking to the shallow end steps. The water was warm and they walked down the steps into the pool. Several guys and girls were already swimming and talking and playing around in the pool. Beth tried to keep her hair dry but it was next to impossible with it half way down her back. Soon she gave up and dove under the water like Michael had several times. They challenged each other to see who could swim the farthest under water. Michael won but Beth put up a good effort with her long legs and sleek body. They had just finished the challenge when Beth felt something grab her leg from under the water. In seconds Jamie surfaced next to her.

“Hey Beth,” Jamie said.

“I see ya decided to join us,” Beth said.

“Won’t miss it,” Jamie stated eying her up and down again.

Beth thought Jamie was acting much friendlier towards her than she could remember and it put her on guard. She turned to Michael to see how he was doing. He seemed a little disappointed Jamie had showed up but quickly recovered.

“Hi Jamie,” Michael said.

“Hey Mike. How goes it?” Jamie said.

“Passable,” Michael said.

“Yeah…sorry to hear ya broke up with Julie.” Jamie said with what seemed genuine concern.

“Yeah…well like I told Beth, it was bound to happen, so now is as good a time as any,” Michael said.

“Sure, now ya can get to know Beth here, right Beth,” Jamie said.

“Ah, well…sure but Michael and I already knew each other,” Beth said.

“Sure ya did,” Jamie said and he dove back beneath the surface to swim to the other side.

Beth looked at Michael. She could read the same consternation on his face like she felt. Out of nowhere a beach ball dropped next to them and they started tossing it around. Jamie joined in and soon they had a three way beach ball toss going. After a while, Jamie came up with the idea of playing monkey in the middle. The two people on the outside would try to throw the ball over and around the person in the middle. Jamie went first in the middle but he was quick and soon got the ball from Michael on a poor throw by Beth. Michael was in the middle for a few minutes but eventually caught a ball meant for Beth which bounced off her hand when she tried to catch it. Beth went into the middle and fought hard to try and steal the ball away from the guys. She had trouble and tried standing closer to one or the other on each throw. Jamie tried dunking her under one time and she had to fight to get free. His hand had cupped one of her breasts for a second in the struggle. Eventually, Beth gave up and they decided to get something to eat.

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