Losing Control

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Powerless, I have been mesmerized by those eyes that tell me to drop to my knees and suck his dick as he watches my every move that matches incredible sensations emanating from his powerful cock and balls.

Not satisfied with only using my mouth for his pleasure, he stands me up, spins me around and yanks down my jeans before I can even resist. Now that you know you are my cock sucker I will also claim your ass as well! His large spit slick finger slides into my hole while his other arm wraps around my chest holding me tightly in his grip. His hot breath and raspy words fill my ear and any hope of escape melt away. As one becomes two fingers then three I begin to open up to this necromancer’s will. Trepidation fills my being but I do not, I cannot run.

My mind races as I hear only phrases of what he plans to do to me, all the while his granite-like drooling cock rubs up and down my ass. His precum flows down the crack of my ass and lubricates his fingers and my hole turning me on more and more. I can no longer hide my lust and I find myself pushing back against him.

Yeah, I figured you out the moment I saw you! I knew you were a cock sucker! You are, aren’t you? Tell me that you are my cock sucker! Tell me how much you love what çıtır escort I am doing! Tell me, he demanded in my ear!

Completely defeated, I could only softly admit to him that I was indeed his cock sucker and the only thing that escaped was all hope of independence from this lust-filled man.

After my admission he said, “good! I’m glad you know that are my bottom man from now!” With that, I realized he had replaced his fingers with the tip of his huge drooling cock. My hole slick with spit and precum was ready as it could be and I felt him push his cockhead into my hole stretching me further but my own lust blocked any pain I should have felt. Calling me his cock sucker, his bottom man, he pushed in further until finally the entire length of that huge prick slid in all the way to his balls! I gasped feeling so completely full of his thick hard cock! He shoved it all the way in lifting me to my toes, he asked, “you like that don’t you? You like feeling my big dick filling up your ass, don’t you? Yeah, I’m gonna fuck you so good that you cum all over yourself, you little cock sucker!” My answers of submission fueled his lusts and he began to fuck me hard. I pushed back and gripped his cock with my muscles, milking demetevler escort his drooling prick. He was so horny and what my ass did to his dick pushed him towards the edge.

The moans turn into grunts and I feel his hot breath on my neck as his hand rakes through my hairy chest finding my nipples hard as rocks. He knows he has me so turned on from being fucked by him and it drives him to a point of no return. One last thrust as he buries his dick as far up my ass as he can get and he grunts into my ear, “take my fuckin’ cum my little cock sucker!” Tell me you want me to cum up your ass! Tell me! And while I utter those words my balls empty without touching my dick as my ass clamps down on his rock hard cock and it explodes deep into my ass feeling like hot honey is flooding my guts! He shakes and grunts with each spurt of his hot cum until finally, he slows down having emptied all of his hot manly sperm deep inside of me. The sensations on his cock in the tight cum filled tunnel surrounding his prick is too much to ignore and he relishes the feeling by continuing to slide in and out of my well-fucked ass, cum dripping from my ass and his balls!

Trapped in a dream state I cannot believe how incredible dikmen escort it feels to have this man slowly fuck me causing jizz to leak out of my ass and run down the backs of my legs into my boxers and jeans below.

Slowly my cock starts to stiffen back up having not gone completely soft to my amazement and then shock when his hand wraps around my slimed dick pulling the foreskin back tight, my balls give up a little more of my trapped cum. He brings his hand to my mouth knowing he wants it licked clean so I do. My soft moan does not go unnoticed.

You like that, don’t you? You little fuckin’ cocksucker, you love that, don’t you? I can only nod in agreement as I feel his prick starting to swell still buried deep inside of my jizz-filled ass!

His filthy talk has filled me with a deep lust that few have ever drawn from the depths and he knows this! There is no mistake his hard fat cock is once again claiming my ass for his own! The sounds of him fucking my cum-filled hole turns us both on so much that he fucks me even harder than he did before!

Much much later as I’m driving home in my truck, sitting in a pool of his still oozing cum, my ass radiates sensations of satisfaction, a phantom fullness left by his manly cock, tingling warmth, and a need to be there again, with him, with his filthy talk, with his violent thrusts, with his explosion of hot sperm, with him!

Only two more days until he takes me, his cock sucker and bottom man, camping in the mountains. I’ll tell you this cock sucker can hardly wait!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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