Life’s A Beach

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Picture yourself, lying on a sun-drenched beach, the sun cloaking you in its warm rays, the quiet sea gently lapping against the golden sands. As you lie there face down in the sand, feeling the soft grains gently cushioning your body, your eyes closed, relaxing, listening to the soft whispering of the wind through palms higher up the beach.

Through the stillness you hear the sound of someone approaching, their feet crunching through the damp sand at the water’s edge, listening as they slowly come closer.

You keep your eyes closed, expecting the footsteps to pass, leaving you alone once more.

Suddenly you realise they have stopped, silence. Then with mounting tension, you listen, alert to the slightest sound. You begin to feel the warm sea breeze brushing across your back, softly combing the fine hairs of your skin, leaving an electric fire floating, millimetres above your body. Your muscles tense, your fingers stiff in the hot sand.

You here a cough, a male voice, and slowly turn to see who this stranger could be. As your eyes adjust to the bright light of the sun, momentarily blinding you, you begin to make out a familiar shape. I smile at you, my eyes locking with yours.

“Nice bikini, you need some cream though” You see the laughter in my eyes, a gentle challenge. Without a word, you turn back, lying face down once more in the hot sand.

“Well, what are you going to do about it then?” you laugh. As you lie, your body relaxing, you gasp as you feel the sudden shock of the cool cream dripping onto your back. Relaxing once more, lying back into the soft sand, you feel your nipples, hard against the warm sand.

“Must have been colder than I thought” you joke to yourself, quietly wondering if it was indeed the shock of the cream that caused that reaction, or the tension you feel in the air around you. Slowly my hands begin to make broad strokes across your back, my fingers gently following the contours of your shoulders, smoothing the cream into your skin.

As your feel my practised hands, gently rubbing the cool cream against you, my hands keeping a steady rhythm, stroking your back, massaging the muscles across your shoulders. You feel my fingers cupping your shoulders, gently working the muscles into relaxation, softly rubbing against the base of your neck. You begin to feel more relaxed, letting your body flow into the sand.

My hands continue to rub your back, reaching across your side, softly

pulling the cream down across your smooth back. You feel ataşehir escort bayan my hands pause, and then my fingers unclip the top of your bikini, letting the elastic straps fall to the sand, your breasts flattening against the sand as they are released. Then, as my hands return once more to those broad strokes, you feel my fingers brush across the sides of your breasts.

No doubt now, your nipples press hard into the sand, as you roll your head feeling my lips press softly against your neck.

I continue to massage your, my hands rubbing across your lower back, my thumbs pressing into your muscles.

“hmmmmm” you sigh, as you feel my hands working slowly back up your spine, then slowly across to run down your sides, brushing against your breasts as they pass.

My hands begin to cross your hips, running down your thighs, my fingers cupping your legs as they slide down. You feel the cool cream, warmer this time, dribbling onto the backs of your legs, as my hands work the soothing oils into your skin. Each hand running across your thighs, my fingers reaching down the sides as my thumbs playfully run down the inside of each legs. As my hands cup your calves, rolling the muscles in my broad palms, they begin to trace slowly back up the inside of your legs. My fingers tracing across the smooth, sensitive skin. Slowly you push your legs wider, letting my hands continue their slide upwards, fingers brushing against the smooth skin. You wait, feeling my hands reaching higher, wondering when they will stop, if they will stop. You press yourself harder into the sand, feeling the grains pressing against your hardened nipples, rubbing against the loose material of your bikini.

My fingers reach the tops of your thighs, pausing, before sliding higher, softly rubbing against the tight material of your bikini. I can feel your heat as you push your legs wider apart, letting my hands slide easily across your smooth legs. My fingers slide harder against you, the tips of each finger slowly sliding against your warm mound, feeling the dampness though the thin material of your swimsuit. Slowly I trace one finger along your moist clit, hooking it slightly, just pressing harder against you, feeling how moist and warm you are. My finger begins to slowly roll against you, massaging your clit through the tight thin material of your bikini. You press your self harder into the sand, feeling the sand pressing against your breasts like fingers of warm grains.

You begin to press your hips escort kadıköy against my hand, rubbing yourself against my eager fingers. Slowly I turn you over, rolling your body across the warm sand, your bikini top falling free onto the beach, leaving your breasts uncovered, exposed to the sun’s warm embrace. As our eyes meet, you feel your mouth dry, excitement running up your spine, knowing anyone could walk along the beach, at any time.

Without breaking your gaze, you let your hands slide down your body, feeling your hard nipples against your fingers, the heat of your body in the bright sun. Smiling as you look deep into my eyes, you slowly slide your bikini briefs down, flicking them away with your feet.

“That’s the back” you say “are you going to leave a lady only half finished?”

Smiling I reach for the cream, letting the cool drops fall across your chest. I look deep into your eyes, seeing the lust dancing there as my hands begin to slide the cream across your skin. My broad hands massaging your breasts, your nipples flattened by my palms. Slowly I begin to work the cream, into your skin, my hands massaging your shoulders, then sliding down to cup your breasts. I squeeze them together, as I lower my mouth, letting my tongue flick across each hard nipple. My lips softly enclosing each nipple, as I gently suck on them, letting my teeth playfully tug at your pert nipples.

I kneel between your legs, reaching up with my hands to slowly work their way across your smooth stomach. My fingers brushing across your navel, letting the tips of each finger trace across your hips. You watch as I begin to drip cream onto your taught thighs, letting my hands slowly work the cream into the smooth skin, my hands slowly sliding against the inside of each leg.

You raise your knees, as my hands begin to slide up your legs, my fingers tracing inexorably higher. Slowly they brush across the fine hairs of your cunt, my fingers slowly pressing into the soft flesh either side of your swollen clit.

My hands begin to massage you, my fingers sliding along each side of your clit, pressing it, feeling your moist heat.

You gently lift your hips, pressing your wet mound against my hands. You reach up with your hands, massaging your breasts, squeezing them, rolling your nipples between your finger.

“yesssss” you gasp, as you feel the heat of my breath brushing across your wet cunt. You squeeze harder on your breasts as you feel my mouth gently close around your swollen clit, my tongue bostancı escort slowly pressing into you.

As I begin to softly suck on your wet cunt, my tongue pressing against your swollen clit, you push your hips harder against my face, grinding yourself against my probing mouth. You feel the heat of my tongue as it presses deeper into you, flicking from side to side within you. your hands reach down, tearing at my light shirt, pulling it up over my head, your fingernails scratching across my broad strong shoulders.

“Fuck me” you gasp, “now, hard…..I want to feel you inside me”

You lie back, your mouth dry as you watch me stand, letting my shorts fall to the sand. Your hand reaches down, feeling how wet you are, one long thin finger slides into yourself, “hmmmmmm, I want you”

Your eyes fall down my body, seeing my broad chest, my strong thighs, but mostly my stiff cock jutting out, swollen and angry.

The thought of feeling that cock ramming into you on this open beach, under the heat of the sun, with the danger of anyone catching you drives you wild, you feel the heat in the pit of your stomach, the ache the runs down deep inside you.

I kneel in front of you, parting your raised knees with my hands.

Smiling, I look up, “You look so good” I smile, as I push my hard, stiff cock into you.

“hmmmmm” we both moan “that feels sooo good”

I feel you gripping me as I push into you, slowly thrusting deep inside you, feeling how hot and wet you are.

I lower myself towards you, our mouth meeting, hungrily kissing each other, our tongues entwined together as your fingers scratch across my smooth back.

I begin to thrust into you, pushing deep into your wet mound, then pulling slowly out, before crashing back deep inside you.

“yes” I moan “you feel so good”

You wrap your legs around me, pushing against my back as I ram into you, feeling you wetter and wetter. You thrust your hips against me, grinding your cunt against my hard cock as I thrust deep into you.

My hands grip your shoulders, my fingers squeezing against you, our mouth still locked together, tongues lashing into each other’s mouths.

You feel me getting harder inside you, as I begin to thrust harder, more urgently. With each stroke you feel the orgasm building inside you, growing from the ache in the pit of your stomach, you grip my prick as I push deeper into you.

Faster, and faster, fucking each other, no thoughts except of each other, pushing ourselves harder together, desperately feeling the climax building.

Your hands scratch wildly across your back as you begin to feel yourself starting to come.

“yessss” you scream “yesss…now…” your neck arches backwards you voice screaming across the empty beach.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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