Librarian’s Hot Moves Ch. 2

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Big Tits

Copyright (c) 2001, by DiscipleN. All rights reserved.

This work may not be used for any commercial purposes without prior, documented consent from the owner.

* * * * *

Paul pushed his dick against her mound and rubbed her there gently. She swooned. Her clit had swollen until it was as hard as his cock. She hugged him as his cock spread her accepting labia. She sucked in her breath as Paul speared her hot cunt. She could feel the subtle vibration of the van on its suspension. Her ass pushed into the wall of books as Paul pushed his eager member into her wanting hole. She thought about all those precious books as she was being fucked against them. Her pussy ached at the thought. Her body boiled with need.

“Harder.” She whispered.

Paul pulled back and sunk his prick into her with a mighty heave. His meaty cock ripped her hymen and buried itself against her cunt walls. He rapidly fucked the greedy cunt and grabbed her shoulders. “God, you are incredible! Your pussy feels like a hot, wet, mouth.”

“Oh, Paul don’t stop. I need you. Fuck me harder.”

Paul rammed his dick into her and pounded her against the book rack. She moaned audibly and he groaned in response. This woman was an amazing fuck, her pussy was like velvet. Her body felt like an eager child’s. He wanted to keep fucking her forever.

“Oh no, Paul. I’m comming.” Alice whimpered. She held her eyes shut as the feeling ripped up inside her with his sawing cock compressing the feeling into her brain.

Paul’s balls trembled as if a geyser would erupt. His dick choked back in its rhythm as it prepared to hurl it’s white hot load into her convulsing cunt. He cried out in sudden overwhelming orgasm and pumped out every ounce of cum in his body.

They sagged against each other.

Alice didn’t know what to do. She had just fucked her favorite author, and she had wanted him like an animal. She panicked a little.

“My clothes, my clothes. I have to get my clothes on.” She tried to pick up or pull together her work clothes.

“Relax, everything is fine. Let me look at your tits more. You are beautiful. You were incredible. What are you running off to? We have company Alice.” Paul said with a powerful grin.

“That sure was something.” Harvey smirked from the steps in the van.

“Oh my God! Get out of here.” Alice turned in confusion and frantically tried to hide her naked tits and cunt.

“It’s okay, Alice. Harvey likes you. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. Don’t you like her Harvey?” Paul continued to grin at her like a demon.

Whatever bond she had felt with Paul, burst like a sack of moldy grain. This man was horrible. Who knows what Harvey had seen, and Paul acted like she was just some show girl. Alice kept trying to fit her clothes back on when Paul’s strong hand grabbed her own firmly as Harvey spoke.

“I like her just fine. She gave a great performance. Maybe I can give her a little something.” Harvey’s leer was worse than the old man’s.

“It’s okay Alice. He’s a friend. You want to help my friend don’t you.”

“Get away from me. I hate you.” Alice snapped.

“That’s not very friendly.” Paul gripped her harder and twisted her arm until she had to lean over.

“Let go of me or I’ll scream!”

“No you won’t. What would you tell anybody?”

Alice had to think. She had just fucked Paul before she found out he was a creep. She knew the law didn’t protect s-sluts. She had been his slut. She told herself and began to cry.

“Let me go. Please. I just want to go away. I’m ruined.” She pleaded.

“Hey there girlie, that’s not true. You are beautiful.” Harvey talked softly. He cupped her low face with his hand and patted her cheek. “You have such a lovely mouth.” He said, his hand trembling slightly. Paul’s free hand creeped between her thighs from behind.

“We are your friends and we just want to share something with you.”

“What?” Alice asked fearfully.

Harvey’s crotch was very close to her face. She heard the zipper come down before she saw his fat hand tugging the grip, exposing his bulging cock behind his jockey shorts.

Alice gasped. “No. I beg you.” She felt two fingers work their way into her vagina. They prodded the soft flesh stroking her outer lips into rigidity. She felt her clit harden and her breath rose and sank heavily. She was feeling that urge again. She knew that begging only made them more anxious to degrade her. There was nothing she could do.

Harvey unbundled his prick from the obscuring material. It ballooned out and smacked her in the face. “There you go girl. Meat fit for a queen! Doesn’t it look delicious?”

Looking down his shaft filled her with dread. So close, it looked like a giant sausage. It swayed gently rubbing on her cheek and lips. It smelled like a warm hot dog and its eye hole peered back her with a bemused smiling crown.

Paul’s fingers stole into her pussy. His ministrations ataşehir escort began to loosen her thoughts.

“See, we aren’t hurting you at all. Just look at Harvey. He really needs you now. He got really hard watching us. Don’t you think you should help him?”

“Oh please, let me go.” Alice looked hopefully at the two of her captors. Once again Paul’s fiery fingers probed sweetly into her pussy. It charmed her flesh to where she could not bear to fight it.

“Are you sure you want me to let your drooling cunt go? It’s so vibrant and slick. Even now it twitches merrily at my touch. You could forego this promise, my sweet baboon?” Paul spoke with a smooth tongue.

“N-no.” Alice couldn’t help herself anymore. Even the nature of Harvey’s fat cock seemed to change before her eyes as her newly ignited pussy demanded all that Paul could give. It became a ripe fruit of passion. waiting to stroke her lips and tongue.

At a nod from Harvey, Paul’s fingers stilled in her cunt.

“Oh, please don’t stop.” Alice cried softly, defeated.

“Then it would please you if I stroked your warm pussy flesh more?”

“Yes. Please.”

“Then you must please Harvey. Look how hard and in need he is.”

“Come now Miss Alice. It needs you as much as you need Paul. Aren’t you willing to give as you wish to receive?” Harvey chuckled and winked a Paul. Alice’s hungry look was obvious to them.

“Please, more.” Alice whimpered.

“Touch it first, kiss it, or…”

“Okay.” Alice didn’t want to hear her alternative. She closed her eyes and leaned forward pressing her lips gently on the fat cock head. Immediately Paul’s hands pressed into her pussy and rubbed her clit gently. A flash of delight rippled through her body. Her mouth opened involuntarily, and Harvey advantageously slipped the head of his cock between her warm, blushing lips.

“Like a greased whore.” Harvey said to Paul.

Alice was beyond their taunts. Her slobbering cunt drove sheet after sheet of pleasure throughout her skin, and her brain was lit like a flare. As Harvey pressed more and more of his huge dick into her mouth she gulped it down like sweet meat.


Paul could not contain his bulging cock. Even before the last inch of Harvey’s prick gulletted into the wanton librarian he fisted his own ruddy flesh and pressed its head between her ass cheeks seeking the watering spring of her cunt.

“Now suck it.” Paul commanded and he drove his cock into her.

“Alice choked on the fat morsel in her mouth, in response to Paul’s renewed intrusion. She grunted joyously and clamped her puffed lips upon Harvey’s pressing dick.

“Harder.” Harvey ordered. He forced his prick back out as she dragged her teeth upon it, and then he stuffed it back into her face.

With Paul’s cock plunging rapidly into her cunt from behind, she sucked Harvey greedily as he sawed his meat between her lips.

“God, her cunt is like a volcano.” Paul had gripped Alice’s firm ass and plugged his piece into her drenched pussy.

“She could suck a watermelon out of a faucet!” Harvey wiped his sweating face. Alice was giving him the best cocksucking he had ever experienced. His cum was about to be forced out of his dick without his consent, yet he desperately wanted to hold out longer. “What kind of hose monster are you, bitch?” He stared in awe at Alice stuffed full of his thick prick.

“Jesus, this is the second coming!” Paul grunted. He split her ass wide and dug a finger into her asshole. Alice nearly jumped, but instead she began to convulse as her second enormous cum filled her brain with cannon blasts and thunder.

Paul’s cock leaped inside her one final time and blasted her cunt with gallons of white hot cum lather.

Harvey bucked mightily trying to hold off but the crazed librarian pulled on his dick with the force of a vacuum and his wad of salty goo shot out of his prick and filled her mouth cavity until spurts of pure cum ejected from the edges of her lips.

They all sagged together down onto the cold metal floor of the library van.

Alice lay beneath them, feeling their cocks sag against her quivering skin. The last of the cum dribbled down her ass and back. She couldn’t get herself to move.

Then without a word, Paul and Harvey exchanged glances, pulled their pants back in place, and stepped victoriously out of the van.

Alice shivered, naked, in the tiny aisle of her vehicle. She could still feel the last pulse of her tremendous orgasm fluttering through her. Everything had changed. Two complete strangers had fucked her and forced her to suck a cock, and she had loved every minute. In a flash all the realization of her long forgotten needs flooded her brain.

As she tried to comprehend the surging feelings and thoughts, she struggled up and grabbed her discarded clothes.

What was I doing? I was mad. She told herself. kadıköy escort Like some horny animal, she had serviced the aggressive males of her species, and every moment had been delicious. She had never experienced such a raw force of nature. She had always thought she was above such barbaric cloys, but it had found her anyway and proved itself her master. What was she going to do?

Praying nobody noticed, inside the van she raced to wipe the spurts of cum drying on her skin and drag her clothes back on. Then she scrambled into the driver seat and gunned the engine into life. With a screech of tires she leapt the van back onto the street and headed for the library.

With a jolt she halted the large van into it’s reserved space before the grand entrance of the city library. The books almost flew off their shelf. She grabbed the two crates of books to return and she hustled inside the one place she could feel absolutely together.

The solemn atmosphere and reverent stacks helped her tortured mind relax just enough to remember to deliver the books to the appropriate receiving station, and then she walked quickly to her tiny office and locked the door, after hanging her ‘on break’ sign outside.

She pulled the shade over her small window and slumped down in her hardwood chair trying to bring her thoughts back into focus.

Alice tried to tell herself she had been wickedly abused and forced to perform horrible acts. The whole day seemed like a devious plot to drive her insane with sex. First she had overheard two women fucking, then a demented black boy had frightened her to fondle his youthful prick. Afterward, that horrid old man had extorted her to reveal her naked tits and cunt to him. Then finally, Paul and then Harvey had seduced her and reduced her to a quivering, soulless bitch begging to be fucked and suck cock. And she had found it all to be so horribly, incredibly, satisfying. What was she going to do? Already the memory of her ordeal lit new sparks in her twice fucked cunt. Soon her second run of the day would begin, and she didn’t know what she might be capable of. Perhaps she should call in sick, but the responsibilities placed upon her were a badge of honor. She never shirked the duty she had come to love. In quiet quandary, she lay her head upon the desk and closed her eyes from swelling uncertainty.

Her first clear thought was she thought she could smell her slimy cunt. Her panties were drenched with Paul’s cum and her own juices. She took a deep breath through her nose and sighed. The wet garment was useless and irritating. She was forced to take her pants off once more and tug the undergarment off her legs. There was a knock at her door.

“Alice?” Mrs. Beacon rapped lightly. “Your break is up.”

“Yes, ma-am. I’ll be right out.” She grabbed for a skirt she had brought from the cleaners yesterday, and she kicked the musty panties under her desk.

“The student help have reloaded the van. People are waiting.” Mrs. Beacon treated books with even more feverish religion than Alice. She was a widow of ten years and her second husband was the entire library.

“Yes ma-am.” Alice repeated for her superior. A flash of crude wonder made her imagine Mrs. Beacon being seduced inside the library van and forced to serve the lust of two men. A vision of the older woman on her knees sucking one man’s bloated dick and taking another from behind in her pussy hovered in front of her door. Her own cunt began to respond at the thought. There she was, half naked, and a fire crept into her pussy, she imagined more of the two men abusing her older, but still curvaceous boss. She wanted very much to put her fingers in her cunt and make herself cum, but the stern woman outside was not going to leave until Alice returned to her duties.

“Um, I’m changing. I’ll be out in a second.”

“What a ridiculous thing to say. Alice, come out this minute! If I have to use my key I will.”

“Okay, but I warned you.” Alice smiled at her own defiance of the older woman. She was really going to get the skirt on and leave the office, but first she had to press one finger into her cunt and rub her distended clit. It felt so good!

Suddenly, before she could react, the click of a key in the door lock sounded and the door was flung open.

Mrs. Beacon’s prim, calculating face glared at her for a second then it washed over with shock. “My heavens, what are you doing?” She stared uncontrollably at Alice’s hand busying itself at her crotch.

Alice snatched her hand away and crossed her legs in surprise.

For an uncomfortable moment, Mrs. Beacon met her eyes with an odd look of recognition before saying. “Uhh, uh. I have to go now.” She pulled the door back shut and as she hurried away, her high heels tapped loudly on the wooden floor.

Alice finally pulled the skirt over her naked pussy, and she almost ran out to the van. She desperately tried not to think bostancı escort bayan of the ramifications of that awful incident. She jumped in and roared back onto the streets.

It was all she could do to keep her mind on her next task. A small company had just closed down and wanted to donate its library for a tax deduction. She simply had to load their books and bring them back to the library. With all her mind set to the purpose she refused to think about what would happen to her when she returned.

As she drove, there came a rustle from behind her.

“Excuse me, but you didn’t give me a chance to get out.” A teenager, wearing thick glasses and a hopelessly unfashionable button shirt and jeans staggered up from behind and steadied himself on the empty bookshelves.

“Oh, my goodness!” Alice peeked back at the boy. “I wasn’t even thinking.”

“Well, just take me back.”

“I’d rather not.” Alice feared her return suddenly. She tried to make an excuse. “I can’t be late to collect the books, and I already am.”

“But I have to get back to school. Chemistry’s next period.” The boy whined in a geeky sort of way.

“Look, I can drop you off here or you can ride with me and help them load the books.”

“You’ve already gone too far. I’ll never get back in time if I walked.”

“Well I’m sorry, but that’s the way things are.” Alice said in a unusual determined voice.

“Oh darn!”

Alice could see the boy’s chemistry class was important to him. It was rare to see someone so dedicated to their education.

“Hey, it won’t be so bad…” She started, then she noticed the boy was peeking down her blouse in a ridiculous attempt to appear he wasn’t. “I-I could use your help.” On a inspiration she consciously adjusted her blouse so the vee was a little more open. The boy looked away, flush with embarrassment, but when she didn’t say anything he began to look into her top a little closer. His thick glasses hovered over her shoulder.

Alice blushed. She was using sex to persuade the boy, but she didn’t want to go back to the library until her last job was done, and she could sneak away from Mrs. Beacon. It would give the older woman one more day to think it over before she fired Alice. She turned and smiled at the red faced youth.

“That’s okay. I guess you deserve something for having been kidnapped by me.”

“You’re going to take me back, aren’t you?” The boy asked in an endearing innocent way.

“Of course silly. I’m sorry for taking off so suddenly.” Alice needed to keep the boy from demanding she return him. As she tried to keep her attention on the road, the idea of a boy looking down her dress began to reawaken the rudely dispersed hunger in her pussy. Once more she blushed, but she found herself saying. “If you wait until we get the books, I wouldn’t mind if you touched me.”

The boy’s jaws dropped open and he couldn’t speak. Alice giggled. “Silly, what’s your name?”

“Norman.” The boy stammered.

“Well, you’re very nice, Norman. I’m Alice.” The urge growing in Alice’s pussy seemed to control her voice. She was already breathing hard and she could feel warm wetness seeping into her cunt lips. “Do you mind waiting?”

“Uh- no!” Norman jumped. His eyes greedily locked onto her bulging tits and the chasm between her rounded mounds beneath him.

“Thank you. You’re so sweet.” Alice smiled at him and at her next opportunity to pay more attention to him, she took his hand and guided it to her shoulder. She wanted to let him figure out the rest without pressuring him. Alice wasn’t at all sure what she wanted, but her burning pussy seemed to claim her actions as well as her voice.

“W-what if someone should see?” Norman asked timidly.

“What are they going to see? This van is much taller than cars.” She answered hopefully and continued driving. “We’ll be there very soon.”

Norman seem to come to a conclusion quickly, but he moved his hand with nervous timidness. After a couple seconds, Alice could feel the boy’s warm hand reach into her blouse.

“That’s nice.” She encouraged the boy.

“Norman didn’t speak. He stroked it carefully as if it might break.

“If you like you can keep doing it until we get there.” Alice reassured him and she calmly turned a corner to make their journey longer. Her pussy was dripping with juice and she could hardly control herself from putting one of her hands up her skirt.

As she turned to look at Norman her eyes met his crotch. He had to lean over to reach down her blouse, and his cock was filled with passion and strained out through the material. Alice was suddenly afraid. She had been controlled by her own new and unfamiliar desire for sex, and here was a teenage boy, a good boy, touching her breast. Perhaps he had read her mind and he pulled his hand out of her shirt and stepped back.

“Aren’t we almost there?” He said nervously.

“Uh, yeah.” Alice’s cunt burned with remorse at his hand’s departure. She fidgeted on her seat trying to rub her clit through her silky skirt. It ached as if sex were suddenly a mandatory function. Alice bit her teeth together and drove her van into the company’s parking lot.

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