Insatiable Rob , Eric Ch. 14

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We always enjoyed running together. We both hated indoor tracks, but always loved being outdoors, running through the woods, a neighborhood or a park…but, of course, the shorts and lean, toned bodies could certainly be a major factor. Eric and I had numerous bouts of running-sex; usually we made it home, but on several memorable occasions we couldn’t wait and it happened along the trail.

On what turned out to be a warm afternoon, I was stretching out after our run and he came up behind to wrap his arms around my waist. His hand went under my shirt and pinched one of my nipples, while the other slid down over my abs, and pushed past the waistband, into my shorts. He grabbed for it and wrapped his hand around the shaft, now rapidly swelling to meet his needs. He kissed up over my neck and groaned, “Fuck! Rob…fuck…that’s what I fuckin’ need.”

I threw my head back and moaned, when I felt his dick from behind, pumping between my thighs and humping over my butt cheeks. I looked back to see he’d already taken his dick out. He asked and continued to thrust, “Feel how fuckin’ horny I am? You make me so fucking hard.”

“Let’s take this off the path…and into the woods.”

He laughs, “Yeah…let’s get comfortable…we may be here awhile…you know.”

I slapped my hand over his ass and we moved deeper into the woods to small glade, maybe thirty feet from the path. The musty leaves rustled when I stepped out of my shorts and pushed him to his knees. There, upright and arching, my dick was hard as a rock and demanding attention. It bobbed a few inches from his face and I steadied it by grabbing at the base. He grinned, “First, let me suck it…but you know we’re not moving from this spot, till you fuck the hell out of my ass.”

While he ran his fingers up and down the turgid shaft, a chorus of soft groans fell from my lips. Pushing my hand aside, he took over and stroked both his hands, up and down the shaft, lusting for the girth…and the pulsing warmth he craved inside. “No worries…I think I’m ready, dude…I think I can fuck the hell out of that ass.” He returned my smile and leaned in to rub it over his lips, while I pushed forward to part them. Jacking on the fleshy cockmeat, with both hands, he concentrated on the head with his lips, sucking and slurping at every inch. My hips started to roll into his face, “Yeah, that’s it…my hot man…ahhhh…ahhhh…you know what I like…that’s it…yesssssss.”

He teased, “Just wait…yer hot man wants it inside. It’ll feel so good, deep in my belly…fucking casino siteleri my tight hole.”

Moving in closer and kissing up and down the underside, “Your taste…it’s a man taste. My man’s taste.” With both of us grunting and groaning, his eyes focused on the towering shaft as he rubbed his lips over the broad, pulsing tip. He opened his lips wider and pushed the head deeper, stroking it with his tongue, pressed tight against the shaft. I groaned with intensity, putting both hands over his head and urging him to go deeper. Gulping and grunting, he tried and his spit ran down over my flesh. He gagged some, when I poked at his throat, but we had little trouble in syncing ourselves into a steady rhythm.

He dug his hands into my butt cheeks and put all his focus on face-fucking himself with my dick; we filled the surrounding woods with our moans. I trembled when he held my heavy, sex-filled balls with one hand, grabbed my dick with the other and ran his tongue up and down the shaft, tracing the veined surface. His tongue made brief passes over the swollen head, to collect cream that trickled from the tip. Running his tongue over the leaky crown and moaning, he swirled it around in his mouth for a moment, savoring it like fine brandy.

When I couldn’t take it anymore, I pushed him onto his back, over a big log. I pulled the shorts from his ankles and threw them aside. Hovering above his lean, muscled body, our eyes locked for a few moments, both struggling to look past the big, swollen dick, jutting from my groin.

His dick was solid, too and I stroked it for a few moments. I gripped him at the base, “I need yer cock, too…its big…hard…and fucking amazing!”

I leaned forward and felt my lips part over the head and travel down the shaft. He groaned and breathed hard as my mouth ran up and down over his cock. Eventually, I pulled his cock out and I worked my hand over the hard flesh, stroking the shaft, as my tongue washed over his balls. He rolled his head back and gazed up into the warm spring sun, running his hand over his abs and pinching at his nipples. I pushed his hands aside and ran my tongue over his nipples, slowly working back down to his big dick.

When I finally pulled off, again, “Give it to me, dude…gimme that dick…need it in me.”

I said in a low whisper, “Spread yer legs…and open wide for me.”

He lifted his legs and held them back with hands, digging into his thighs. “Fuck me, dude…fuck me.”

I smeared spit over the head, while he strained to pull his legs back. slot oyna He was begging, “Fuck me dude…fuck me good. My ass needs that big dick…soooo fucking bad…fuck me.”

As the swollen head poked through the tight, little bud, his squeals floated with a warm breeze, through the trees. “Ahhhh…I could fuck yer ass forever. Uhhhh uhhhh…that’s sweet…nice fuckin’ ass…so tight…uhhhh…uhhhh…Eric…fuck…that’s nice.”

I started pumping deeper in short, slow strokes. Our eyes met and he begged more, “Fuck me…hard…fuck me harder…deep…god damn…fuck me deep.”

I grabbed for his legs, pushed them back and pounded my dick deep into his belly. When it bottomed out in his gut, his moans increased and he threw his head back, “Ahhhh…ahhhhhhh…yessssss…ah…ah…ah…fuck good…feels good…fuck me.”

Reaching the depth we both craved, my dick throbbed and pulsed with the satisfaction, his tight, muscled, ass offered. Humping my dick deep inside, I took his in my hand and stroked while we fucked.

I picked up the pace, fucking into his ass…impaling him, over and over. Once he felt the skin slapping against his, he groaned, “Yeah…fuck yeah…just like that…fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…yesssss…fuck me like that…mmmmmm…Robbie…use that ass!”

With my cock pulsing closer and closer to release, I started to shudder with waves of pleasure. His muscle squeezed tight, as I plunged all the way in to spill my load, deep in his ass. “Fuckin’ cumming…Eric…uhhhh…uhhhh…cumming…cumming…in you…ahhhh…yessssss…yessssss!”

Flooded with seed, I humped into his ass and dug my hands into the tight muscled cheeks, as he milked every drop from my dick. Still groaning with need and pumping my hips into the cum, I felt him reach around to fuck me with his finger…and then a second finger stretched me wider. When he probed deeper, he said, “Dude sit on me…you need it…don’t ya?”

I moaned, “Fuck Yeah,” and pulled from the heat of his ass. It was still solid as a rock, but glistened in the warmth of the spring sun. As I turned to straddle his legs, he was coating himself with spit; I felt him push some into my hole. Then I felt the head pressing on my muscle. “Robbie…take me, dude…relax and take this big dick. I know ya want it.”

My hole is tight and I could feel that good stretch, as he pushed through. Eventually I felt my cheeks resting in his lap; buried deep inside, it was as deep as it could go. “Fuck, that’s good Eric…mmmm…now…let me fuck myself on that canlı casino siteleri big thing.”

Slowly at first, I rolled my body forward, leaving nothing but the head in my ass. Fucking myself on his dick, I moved back and forth, developing a steady rhythm. When I started riding faster and he was humping his hips up to meet me.

I knew he was close…he needed release and screamed, “Yesssss…ride me…fuckkkk…ride it…ride me hard…cumming…cumming…fuckkkkkkk!” He grunted hard, as his cock swelled and exploded deep inside; I felt three distinct pulses washing over my insides, and then I just sat there quietly, impaled on his dick. Listening to the breeze blow through the trees, it felt good to feel his cock slowly contracting inside me.

When I stood, my dick bobbed wildly and I stroked my fist over the head. It felt good and my needs took over, “Eric…I need to cum again…watch me stroke…watch me cum.” The sun splashed over my body, while I ran my hand up and down over the shaft.

Yeah…that’s it…stroke for me…pump out another fuckin’ load, dude.”

I was so fucking hot, and horny, from riding his dick, it must’ve been like three minutes before I was jacking wildly and spraying seed out over the sun-dappled ground. “Cumming…again…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…alread…eeeee…cumming…cumming…cumming!”

“That’s it bud…get it all out…cum hard for me…cum good for me.”

Licking some from his wrist, “Nice shower. Dude, look…I think you hit those trillium. He laughed, “Bet they fuckin’ double in size now.”


When we got back to his place, we had a beer and Tina called.

“Hey sweetie…”

“Yeah, I’m having a beer with Eric. Be home shortly…and I can stop and pick it up…no problem. Love you.”

“We’re having a nice dinner together…and I’m picking up some arugula.”

“Sounds fun…maybe yer getting lucky again?”

“I hope so…you know it’s been around an hour since I dropped two loads.” I laughed, “I think my balls are feeling heavy again.”

Eric was still laughing when Karen walked in to tell us that Jay would be late. She hinted that, if we were around, she might be up for something.

“Well Rob, here, has more offers; you might have to take a number.”

She giggled awkwardly, but then we explained what was up. She smiled, “You crazy fucker…you need to get home to that woman.”

“I know…you’re right…I just wanna finish the last of my beer…she’s well aware of the timeline.”

She sat down with a big satisfied grin, “You know…somebody’s gotta keep you guys in line…and where’s my beer?”

Eric responded, “Well, princess…gimme a second…I’ll get you a damned beer.”

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