Hair(y) Dresser Again

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My ex-husband had a fetish for underarm hair and he made me stay hairy. I had not shaved either my pits or my pussy for the last so many years that I have masses of hair in my underarms. My new boyfriend at first did not mind my hairiness but last night he said “Baby I love you but so much hair in your underarms looks unattractive why don’t you shave your underarms”.

I did not feel bad then as we made love but the this morning when I got up in my white nightie and went to the bathroom I raised my arms and looked at the long bushy jet-black hair in my underarms. I must admit that it was very long and thick and it grew in thick tufts all over my underarms. My pussy hair too was very bushy but surely I could not shave my pubic hair. But I loved Bill and I did not want to lose him because of my hirsuteness. I picked up the razor to shave my underarms but it was so thick and I had not shaved in years that it seemed impossible to remove my bushy armpit hair by using Bill’s razors. I thought I would need to trim it first to more a decent length before attempting to shave the long bushy hair. I pulled it out and it seemed to pull out almost six inches. No wonder Bill was turned off completely.

I remembered that my hairdresser did a bikini shave and did underarms too but I thought I would look foolish if I asked Denise to shave off my underarm hair. Anyway there was nothing to be done and I knew I had to get rid of the heavy pelt of untrimmed hair in my bushy armpits. I bid Bill goodbye as he left for office and I walked around the block to the hairdressers. I was told that Denise was not in but Shawn would take care of me. At first I baulked I could never get my bushy armpits done by a man. Then I thought I never used Shawn before and maybe it would be easier than asking Denise.

Shawn illegal bahis sat me down on the chair and asked me what I wanted I shyly told him that I needed to get my underarms done. He did not look surprised at all and asked me to undress. I stood up and Shawn unzipped my dress and removed it, he said it looked expensive and didn’t want to damage it. He carefully put it on a hanger and put it in the closet, and then he turned to look at me. I had worn a white lace bra, panty, garter and nylon set from Victoria Secret and my bushy armpits looked very hairy. As I saw it in the mirror. “Madam your armpits are so hairy why are you shaving it. It really looks gorgeous” Shawn said. It old him my lover did not want me to stay hairy so I had to shave it.

”your underarm hair is so thick that I will not be able to remove it without shampooing it first” he said and his hands moved slowly over my shoulders, down my arms to the elbow and then across my chest, his fingers stopped inches from my bra, my titties aching and the nipples hard. As his fingers ran through my underarm hair I felt a familiar tingle run through my pussy. My ex husband Rob used to put his hands in my underarm hair for hours sometimes even in public when I used to wear showing my bushy armpits in public. His fingers would invariably end up in my untrimmed armpit jungle and almost always people used to stare at us. He seemed least bothered though I would get embarrassed specially if he saw someone getting turned on he would whisper in my ears to raise my arms over my head or tuck my arms behind my head and show my unshaven pits. The jet-black pit hair would then be looked at sneakingly by the men/women who would continue to stare at the bushy jungle in my hairy armpits.

He made me slouch in the chair and illegal bahis siteleri I put my arms aloft behind. He put a warm sponge in my underarm hair and ran it along the length of my armpits. I found that we were not getting anywhere and I had the feeling he was caressing my underarm hair. I asked him how long it would take to remove my underarm locks. He did not reply and continued to run the wet sponge in my underarm hair.

I then saw a huge bulge in his pants. I was secretly thrilled that my unshaven armpits were turning him on. He saw me looking at his swollen penis behind his trousers. He said, “Madam can I just play a little longer with your beautiful armpit hair it looks so lovely. It’s glistening with the water and I love the thickness of your armpit hair”

He drew the curtain and I put my hands on his bulge. I removed his clothes revealing the muscles on his arms and his hairy chest rippled, his stomach was flat, his cock was hard and his bag and balls tight and firm, he looked as ready as I felt.

He told me he wanted me to suck his cock and I leaned over and began to stroke his penis through his trousers. Slowly he told me, hold it touch it, lick it, just don’t rush. Then Shawn made a loud noise and told me to take him, he kept his hands in my armpit hair as I moved up and down his long shaft. The rough exterior of his trousers made it difficult to imagine how large his cock was but I knew it was bigger than either Rod my ex-husband or even Bill’s solid 10 incher. I heard noises from the persons in the next cubicle, but he held me to him as he moaned louder and began moving with me.

Sliding up to him, I looked at him sideways, “Well, I’m not supposed to use my hands since you have my hands aloft and you are pulling and caressing my furry canlı bahis siteleri armpits.” Kneeling down in front of him, I kept my hands behind my back and leaned forward. Using my teeth, I unbuttoned his pants and pulled the zipper down slowly. Taking his pants between my teeth, I pulled them down slowly. I felt horny and excited, looking at this massive cock. It measured almost a foot as I stared in amazement at his 12 incher. “Big eh” Shawn said admiring his own monster cock as he tugged at my underarm locks.

I am no innocent woman. When it came to cocksucking I was a slut and using my tongue, I circled the head and licked down the underside of his shaft. I flicked my tongue over the tip, his cock springing up and down. My mouth closed around his erection and I sucked. His moans were quiet. “Ahhhhhhhhh” he whispered as I licked at his shaft “ I have never seen so much armpit hair don’t shave your underarms please”. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock, my mouth the only thing touching him.

I felt the tip touching the back of my throat as I sucked faster and harder. I looked up at him and knew he was close. I pulled my mouth back and then rammed in down again. I fucked his cock with my mouth and savored the taste. I heard him grunt and then I felt his cum shot into my mouth. I drank him down, my chin getting the excess. I licked him clean and stood.

My armpits were glistening with sweat and he stared at the matted hair in my bushy armpits. He said, “You look very sexy and your armpit hair is out of this world I don’t know why your lover doesn’t like your underarm bush”. He added “Why me even Denise here has very hairy armpits and her husband John who has an even bigger cock loves armpit hair too why don’t you ask them too”

“Denise will be here after lunch with John and you ask her whether you should shave your armpit hair or not.”

Should I shave or not was my thoughts as I squeezed Shawn’s cock. I have not shaved so long so another few hours would not make a difference I nodded to Shawn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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