Closed Doors Ep. 05

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———Closed Doors———

Episode FIVE

“FILM (Part I)”


Hayley awoke at the sounds of the island birds noisily starting their day. She was immediately aware of Jack’s absence, but then she smelled the coffee brewing downstairs and knew that he had been awake for at least a little while. She sat up and felt the air on her naked chest. Looking down, she realized that the garment had shifted through the night, uncovering her breasts. Hayley thought it was a little weird, because she had slept in Jack’s bed, but the shifting had happened to her before, on occasion, so she just dismissed it as ‘one of those things’. Whatever, Jack saw me naked yesterday anyways. Sliding her arms back through each of the nightie’s straps, Hayley pulled it back up where it was supposed to be and climbed out of bed.

Walking down the stairs, Hayley pulled the bottom of her nightie back down to cover her naked hips and thighs, it had shifted in the night, too. God, what did I do? A striptease in my sleep? The air felt cool downstairs. It must still be early.

Looking around, she saw the backdoor was open. Jack’s legs were visible out on the deck in a lounge chair. She smiled and grabbed her thin blanket from the back of the loveseat. Wrapping it around her, she went out to join Jack.

“You know, if I keep waking up to find that you’re not there, I might start to think there’s something wrong with me,” Hayley teased as she walked up from behind Jack.

Surprised at the sudden voice, Jack jumped in the chair a little and jerked his head up to look. Hayley smiled down at him. The tension in his muscles quickly subsided and he smiled back.

“Oh, sorry,” he said. “I didn’t want to want to wake you. You looked so peaceful sleeping.” He didn’t want to tell her that he had slept out there on that chair.

“Well,” Hayley replied, sitting down on his lap, “I guess I could let it go this time.” She gave him a soft kiss and smiled. “Good morning.”

He smiled back and wrapped his arms around her as she curled up in his lap, snug in her blanket, and rested her head on his shoulder. “Good morning to you,” he replied.


“Wow,” Kara said, stepping out of the cabana’s beach door nearly twenty minutes later and seeing Hayley and Jack snuggled up under a blanket on a lounge chair. “You guys are getting into this whole boyfriend-girlfriend thing, aren’t you?”

Hayley looked up at Kara and smiled. “It’s just that Jack is so warm.”

“Uh huh,” Kara replied with a ‘whatever you say’ tone. She bent down and gave Jack a kiss on the lips. “Morning, Jack.”

Jack looked up at her and smiled at her liberal appearance. Her blonde hair was pulled into a ponytail with a scrunchie. She was wearing Jack’s white button-up shirt, but had not bothered to use any of the buttons. The shirt hung open slightly. Though it did cover most of her tits, it exposed about a four inch wide strip down the middle of her body from her neck to the pink panties she wore.

“You really like that shirt, don’t you?” Jack grinned.

Kara smiled back. “It’s comfortable. I had it on when I was packing, so I threw it in. You don’t mind, do you?”

Jack shook his head. “It’s all yours.”

“Well, thank you, Jack. You’re sweet,” Kara responded. She bent back down and pressed a slightly longer kiss on his lips. The shirt opened as she bent, allowing glimpses of the bare breasts underneath.

“Hey!” Hayley teasingly protested. “That’s my boyfriend you’re kissing!”

“Oh, sorry Hayley,” Kara said, a sly grin appearing on her face. She leaned over and planted her lips on Hayley’s. This kiss was longer and Kara probed her tongue against Hayley’s a few times. She pulled back a few inches from Hayley’s face. “Good morning to you, too, Hayley.”

Hayley was blushing and speechless. Then, she jumped a little and started giggling uncontrollably. “Oh!” she squeaked, giggling more.

“What? What’s so funny?” Kara asked.

“Jack’s getting turned on,” Hayley giggled. “I felt it twitch underneath me when we were kissing.”

Kara turned her gaze to Jack and gave him a knowing smile. Hayley doesn’t know that he knows. That story has to be part of it.

“Oh! There it is again,” Hayley squealed. “He’s getting hard.”


Stacy Marie wrapped the towel around her body and secured it with a strategic tuck at her breasts. Stepping from the bathroom, she heard, who had to be, Debbie in the kitchen. Stacy slipped into Sully’s empty room and found her t-shirt and slipped it on. She looked at her jeans, laid out over the back of a chair, and could see they were still wet. Tossed onto the bed, Stacy picked up her panties and was frustrated that they, too, were still soaked. Damn him. She thought for a moment about what to do. Grab some of Sully’s clothes? No, any of his shorts or pants would be way too big, they’d be falling off. Then, remembering Debbie out in the kitchen, Stacy Marie wrapped the towel around her uncovered bottom illegal bahis half and walked out to the kitchen.

“Hey, Ebb,” Stacy said brightly, cheerily.

Debbie, standing at the counter in her navy blue polo and khaki colored linen shorts, was filling a travel mug with coffee. She turned and smiled at her newfound friend. “Good morning,” she smiled. “Sleep well?” she added, teasingly, with a look just short of winking.

Stacy Marie blushed a little, for effect, and replied, “Just fine,” knowing that Debbie was purposefully not-purposefully referring to her wild romp with Sully the night before. “Getting ready for work?” Stacy asked.

“Yeah, just leaving, actually,” Debbie answered, fitting the plastic lid down onto the top of the mug.

“So, listen,” Stacy Marie spoke, getting down to business, “your brother spilled a whole glass of orange juice all over my lap this morning before he left for work and my jeans are still soaked.” She left out that her panties were, too. “Could I-, would you mind, if I borrowed something to wear until I can get home?”

Debbie nodded and shrugged while she took a sip of her coffee. “Sure,” she agreed, “help yourself.”

“Oh God, thanks.”

“No problem.” Debbie looked at her watch. “Oh, shit. I’ve gotta go.” She started heading for the door, calling out, “You know where everything is, right?”

“Yeah,” Stacy Marie replied. A moment later, she blurted out, “Hey, Ebb?” as Debbie was reaching for the door handle.

Debbie looked back at her.

“You want to watch a movie or something tonight? Sully said he wasn’t going to be around. We could have sort of a ‘girls’ night’ or something?”

Debbie’s emerging smile was large and heartfelt, genuinely appreciative of finally having a new friend, someone to spend time with. “That would be great,” she replied. She looked at her watch again and frowned. She didn’t have time to discuss any details. “I really gotta go, though. I’m going to be late unlocking the store.”

“Don’t worry,” Stacy Marie grinned, showing understanding, dripping with reassurance. “I’ll take care of everything.”

Debbie smiled. “Okay. See you later.”

Stacy Marie waved as she watched the object of her animosity turn and leave. As the front door shut, leaving her alone, Stacy Marie held her stare at it. Gears started whirring in her head. Everything.


Back inside for coffee, Hayley unwrapped herself and tossed her blanket back over the loveseat. When Kara saw her, she gushed, “Wow, look at you!. I love that nightie. It looks great on you.”

Hayley blushed a little at the unexpected attention being paid to her. “Thanks.”

“Let me get a look at that,” Kara said, moving to her.

Kara ran her hands over the thin, soft cotton material. “I love the way it hugs your body,” she stated, running her hand down Hayley’s spine and caressing over the curves of her hips and ass. “Your ass looks great in it.”

Kara glanced over at Jack, who was leaned against a counter watching as he sipped his coffee, and threw him a wink.

Kara slid her hand around the front and cupped a breast. “Your tits do too.” Kara made a point of allowing her hand to slide down Hayley’s front and brush against her groin. She flashed another knowing grin over at Jack.

Hayley’s nipples hardened because of Kara’s little inspection and showed prominently when the pliable material molded like a skin over them. Kara tweaked one and whispered into Hayley’s ear, “I’ll bet parts of Jack are getting hard again, too.”

Hayley broke into giggles.

“What?” Jack asked, wondering what had Hayley giggling like a little girl.

Kara smiled at him, and went back to her coffee. “Nothing, never mind.”


Around half an hour later, Kara was hungry. “Where are the keys to the Land Rover, Jack?”

“Over there on that table,” he pointed, “why?”

“I’m going to go get us some breakfast. I’m starving.”

“Kickass,” Jack commented.

“Come on, Hayley. Ride with me,” Kara suggested.

“Alright, let me go change first,” Hayley replied.

“Just go like you are. Come on,” Kara advised, wanting to get something to eat as soon as possible. Hayley looked down at her nightie and back up at Kara. “Yeah…no.”

“Suit yourself,” Kara replied with a sigh. “Hurry up.”

Hayley took a few steps then paused and turned back to Kara who hadn’t moved at all. “You’re not going to change? Or at least put on some more clothes?”

Kara shook her head. “Nah, I’m good.”

Hayley raised her eyebrow. “You’re going like that?”

Kara nodded. “Yeah, why not? We’re just gonna go through a drive-thru.”

“Because all you’re wearing is a little pair of panties and a shirt that’s wide open. Aren’t you worried about someone seeing…never mind. It’s you, of course you’re not worried about that. You’re such a tease.”

Kara rolled her eyes. “Alright, if it’ll make you feel better and get you moving, I’ll do some of the buttons. Go illegal bahis siteleri change.”

Hayley finally conceded the point and went to change. Kara glanced over at Jack and shook her head, amused by Hayley’s protests.

“I for one,” Jack joked, “think you have an excellent sense of clothing. I love your outfit.”

Kara grinned and quickly opened her shirt and flashed a tit at him before she closed the shirt and did a few of the buttons. Jack winked back at her, sipping his coffee.

Hayley returned a minute later wearing a snug little t-shirt. Providing evidence of her lack of a bra, her nipples pressed out against the material and her boobs jiggled slightly when she walked. To cover her bottom, she had chosen a little pair of loose, black cotton shorts.

“All right,” Kara said impatiently, “can we go now?” Hayley nodded and off they went.


Jack lit a joint and took a hit, sitting on the edge of the deck with his feet in the sand. He left it held between his lips and began absently strumming through some chords as he gazed out over the Caribbean water.

Some movement in his peripheral vision to his left caught Jack’s attention and he turned his head to investigate. About 50 yards away, walking along the sand in his direction was a gorgeous blonde.

Fuckin’ hell. Look at her.

Her hair came down past her shoulders a little, wisps of it fluttering around when a gust of breeze blew by. She wore a powder blue bikini top stretched tight and snug around her perky, full, voluptuous tits. Shit those are nice. A little bigger than Kara’s probably.

Wrapped around her hips, she wore a pair of denim shorts that Jack guessed was covering the bottoms to that blue bikini. Her curves were quintessential ‘hour glass’, enhanced by stunningly smooth, toned, flat abs. Fuck, she’s hot.

As she got closer towards him, she looked up and saw him looking at her. She flashed the prettiest, kinda shy smile at him and gave him a little wave hello with her fingers.

Jack took the joint from his mouth while he nodded his greeting silently and returned her smile. Oh, please come over here. I have to see you up close.

As if reading his thoughts at that moment, the girl took a few more steps along the line she had been walking, then changed her direction and moved directly to where he was.

Oh, hell yeah. Thank you, God.

“Hello,” Jack greeted when she had reached him. She stood about three feet from where he was seated, and slightly to his left. Jack was grateful that her position blocked his eyes from the sun, but because it was behind her, the silhouette of her body seemed to be surrounded by an angelic glow.

“Hi,” she replied with another shy smile. Her voice had a slight German accent to it.

An accent. Well done, God. Jack had a weakness for girls with an accent.

“I’m Jack,” he said, introducing himself. As he went to hold out his hand, he saw that he was still holding the joint in that hand. He switched it to the other and resumed his offer of a handshake.

“Zooey.” She shook his hand. Her eyes glanced at the joint the was holding. “Is that marijuana?”

Jack glanced down to the joint in his hand, then back up at her. “Yeah,” he answered, a bit cautiously. He had no idea what her position on that might be.

“Do you mind if I…” she began to ask, timidly, pointing at the joint.

She smokes pot as well. Well played, God.

“No, no. Not at all. Here,” he stammered, offering it to her, “by all means, be my guest.”

She took it and inhaled a long, deep drag. Jack scooted over a little and offered, “Do you wanna sit?”

Zooey smiled at him while she worked to keep the smoke held in her lungs as long as possible. She sat down beside him in the space he had just made for her. Finally, she exhaled the smoke, or what was left of it.

“Wonderful,” she sighed in a way that seemed to Jack to indicate that she was finally relaxing from some state of tension or stress. She passed it back to him. “My family is making me crazy,” she admitted while closing her eyes and tilting her head back.

Jack took the opportunity of her not looking to steal a closer-up look at her tits, held snug in her bikini.


“So he was a big letdown?” Hayley asked as the pair waited in line to speak their order into the giant Ronald McDonald statue.

“Oh, yeah,” Kara replied, absently scanning through satellite stations on the XM unit. “Let’s just say that when he told me that he was ‘very good at what he does’,” said in her attempt to imitate his accent and deep voice, “he was greatly exaggerating. To the point of fraud. I might sue.”

Hayley giggled.

“I mean,” Kara continued to elaborate, “if I hadn’t taken matters unto my self and rubbed the shit out of myself during the second fuck, I wouldn’t have had an orgasm at all to show for my night. I guess he thought if he just fucked me hard enough and fast enough that I would just automatically canlı bahis siteleri cum. But his dick just isn’t quite big enough for that to have been a possibility.”

Hayley started giggling again. “So I guess size does matter?”

“Sometimes,” Kara replied.


“Do you smoke cigarettes?” Jack asked as he flicked the roach out onto the sand. Zooey nodded, “Sure.”

Jack handed her one from his pack and lit it for her, then one for himself. “So, you were born in Germany?”

“Yes, Munich,” she replied. “My family moved here when I was five. After I graduated high school, though, they decided to move back. I stayed.”

“Do you get to see them often?”

Zooey shook her head. “Only once a year when they come here on holiday. Sometimes I go over there.”

“That sucks,” Jack commented. He was noticing the richness of the blue in her eyes as she stared out at the water.

“Yes. But that is why I am here now. On holiday with mother and father, and my 12 year old twin brothers. I love them, but they tend to annoy quite a lot.”

Jack laughed. Zooey looked at the acoustic guitar Jack was still holding. “So, you play?” she asked.

It took Jack a second to realize she was referring to his guitar. “Oh, that. Yeah. That’s why I’m down here. Playing at a club on the other side of the island for a few nights,” he explained.

“Wow,” Zooey said, impressed that he was good enough to get paid for it. “What kind of music do you play?”

“A little of everything, I guess. Some of my own stuff, a lot of other peoples stuff. Whatever songs I happen to like and enjoy playing. I like to find ways to make music my own.”


Stacy Marie sneaked in through Debbie’s bedroom door, though she was there all alone and there was no chance anyone would catch her. Besides the fact that she had permission from the room’s owner to be in here, it still felt a bit devious. Because it was.

It didn’t take long for her to pick out this light, pink, airy skirt that covered snug against her hips and flared out to it’s hem at mid-thigh. The black t-shirt she wore with it gave her kind of a punk chick wannabe sort of ensemble, and she recognized that fact. I kinda like this, don’t know why I haven’t tried an outfit like this before. Stacy stopped short of borrowing a pair of panties too, thinking, for no specific reason, that it might not be too cool to borrow someone else’s underwear. She didn’t know why, and really didn’t care to think about that too much. It’s just to get me home. I can make it home without any panties.

What caught her interest in Debbie’s room was what made her feel the shady way she did when she came in: Debbie’s laptop. The deviousness came with what she was going to use it for.

Stacy Marie sat down at the desk and flipped the screen up. Once she got it powered up, she opened the browser, went to Google and typed two words into the search box: hidden cameras.

A bunch of links popped up. The search took, according to Google, less than a third of a second to find several million hits. This is going to be easier than I thought. She read the first one, it was for a spy electronics store. Seems like a good place to start. She clicked on it.

Turned out it had a huge selection of hidden cameras: in lamps, clocks, teddy bears. The one that caught her eye was one that was hidden in a TV. That would totally see the whole living room. That’s like what I need. But I’d never be able to get a TV in here, not without questions. And seeing that the store was across the country in California, and there was no way she could have it today, it was pointless. She saw a DVD player with a camera in it, too.

She decided to refine her search for a store she would be able to get to that day. It turned out that there was a tiny electronics shop, The Matrix Box, that sold little inch-wide cameras that could be hidden. The site also noted they could be activated by smartphone, over Wi-Fi, which is were the video would also be stored. Perfect. She remembered her old VCR deck shoved underneath her bed. She could pick it up real quick and head to the Matrix Box.


“Jack,” Hayley called out, “food’s here!” She listened for a response, but didn’t get one.

“A hundred dollars says he’s out back on the beach with a joint,” Kara smirked. “I’ll get him.” She put the cupholder tray on the counter in the kitchenette, pulling a coffee out to take with her.

At the sound of the door opening, both Jack and Zooey turned to look. Kara walked through and her face flashed slightly with surprise when she caught the unexpected sight of a girl sitting there with Jack.

“Cool,” Jack replied. “Zooey, this is Kara. Kara, Zooey.” Jack and Zooey stood up and Kara shook Zooey’s hand. “Hello,” the new girl said, somewhat nervously.

“Ooh, Jack, an accent too? Here, Café Mocha, right?” Kara commented, handing the coffee to Jack. Turning back to Zooey, she leaned in and whispered with a grin, “He was always powerless before an accent.”

Zooey let out a laugh, and the girls turned to look at Jack. Jack just shrugged and nodded his acquiescence to that fact of life and sipped his coffee. “Come on inside you two,” Kara invited.

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